Here is a system that Brian (one of our members) has been using to make a profit over the past 3 years.....

Right guys, this is the way I bet, you will see 5 figures below which are after the race time, the 1st 3 are my LAYS if below 11 on betfair, the 2 to the right is the order I expect the race to finish! so example 7.55 4,9,5 – 2,1 …. means I will look to lay numbers 4,9,5 if below 11 on betfair( usually not!) and horse no2 to beat no1. I have been doing this for 3 years and it is profitable, I split it into 2 groups and have found the ‘unofficial’ is 2 times more profitable than the HCP!!, reason being smaller fields and AW is profitable. Anyway have fun and do not forget a cheeky R/F on the backs!


3.30 9,8,7 – 1,2
3.50 13,7,15 – 4,1
4.00 6,9,10 – 3,1
6.35 6,9,8 – 4,1
6.50 12,13,14 – 2,11
7.55 4,9,5 – 2,1
8.05 8,7,4 – 1,5
9.00 8,4,11 – 3,1
2.30 5,4,3 – 2,1
2.40 7,5,3 – 1,6
2.50 3,7,8 – 1,6
4.30 2,1,5 – 4,3
5.00 5,4,6 – 2,3
7.45 7,1,6 – 2,4
8.40 8,5,4 – 2,1

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198 thoughts on “Brian’s System”

  1. re the numbers in the lays and back selections are they the numbers from the racecards in the daily newpaper as there seems to be some variance?

    sorry rookie question


  2. Your Comments hi brian i have allways put on ew lucky 15 i look for what i think the best bets of to day are my selections to day are 3.25 hay lexi.s boy 2.55 hay great heavens 3.10 san starscope 3.45 san farhh

  3. @ Pat all comments are welcome of course, if its a bad day its my money that has gone as well, I am not ”SELLER” who doesn’t do the selections. It is fate at times, you follow someone who always wins, you then decide to and you lose, sod’s law that’s called!.

    @Andy, be careful with the ‘bots’ LOWER your setting on the lay side to 9/10 instead of 11, around 1 min to off time.

    @ John f, your right mate I would not post if I was a loser!, that’s the facts, no sense, I have retired from the rat race, live in Brazil, and just helping, if anyone following is looking for a quick fix, sorry gambling is not for them.
    @Stephen cheers mate.

    Anyway see you guys on the new page!!!

    Happy punting

  4. Well said John In any form of gambling there will be good and bad results and the only result that matters is the one at the end of the month when you see the profit or loss. Thanks once again to Brian for all the hard graft and help he has provided to us all .GOOD LUCK REGARDS N.

  5. As with all gambling there will be up and down so guys can we stop posting things like ‘bad day today’ Im sure the people who are betting know how they got on, as for the rest – they can check when Brian posts his p/l.

    Got to remember Brian is giving this info away for free so please let’s have less negativity towards losing days cos I’m sure there will be plenty winning ones to come.

    Keep up the hard work Brian!

    1. So you think we should not comment when we have a losing day, it is not negative it is fact.,folk need to see we have bad days as well as good ones.

      I’ m sure Brian will agree with this


  6. I tried it with a bot today, but must have had the settings wrong as not one triggered, but it sounds as if there were qualifying races. I will wait to see the results and look again at the settings.


  7. Darren, the boxes you need to look at are the BLUE box for BACKING and the PURPLE box for LAYING which shows the current available price for each selection. The two white boxes to the left of the blue box, and the right of the purple box, show the money available to match at those prices. Remember, the market price on betfair can move rapidly depending on money.
    eg if you see a back price of 3.7 and a money value of £40 underneath it that is the amount you can bet at that price to guarantee a matched bet. The white box immediately to the left of this might show a price of 3.65 and a value of £500 which shows the amount available to be matched at that price etc. Similarly for the lay (purple) box and the boxes to its right!
    As Pat says be careful laying until you understand the liability on the lay as you could lose a lot quickly if your lay wins. Have a read through the betfair help section for plenty of info.

    Bit of a loss today and Fflos las abandoned reduced the chance of recouping or going into profit. Thats racing! Tomorrows another day!


  8. Good morning Brian,
    Just read through your thread and needless to say its excellent work.
    I am a relative newbie to the horses having only followed for a year or so.
    Think I will give your selections a go, looks a no brainer!

    The one question I have just now is: are the results you post backing all qualifying bets (I am guessing yes) or when you have decided to stop at a happy profit level for the day? If its all backing all then are your actual profit level higher adopting the stop at profit strategy?

    Many thanks for posting your selections and to Jason for providing the platform for you to do so.
    All the best,

  9. bad day at office, neva mind re-coup tomoz

    darren, don’t know what you are looking at, advice not to lay unless you fully understand the implications of laying, especially at such low odds


  10. Darren

    You should look at the first Lay one which is normally Pink… it will show the lowest available price and how much money is available at that price. the blue one is the backing price and gives the same info for backing.

  11. this is what i see but there is 6 boxes so what do u look at to see if under 11? as says backs above one box n lays above the next but there is 2 boxes b4 the back and 2 after the lays so what am i looking at anyone could help me out be appreciated
    thanks darren

  12. Hi Brian
    I think I may have got confused with he non runner bit, do you mean that if one of your picks is a NR then you do not bet as opposed to a NR in the race. If so then if it is a lay non runner then no bet on backs either and vice versa.


  13. @Joe no problem
    2.30 2,3,11 – 6,5
    2.30 race lay No2,3,11 if under 11 on Betfair( 1 min to go)
    so, Shaloo Diamond qualifies at the moment as around 10

    BACK no6,5 = Strike Force & Scamperdale

    Hope that helps mate, I use numbers as it is faster for me to scan what I do, I do not use software.

    Good Luck

  14. Your CommentsHi im looking for system to lay as backing sees me going forward then back again and staying about same , but any chance of an example naming the horses and the one to lay and what u mean by the backing as well, numbers confuse me and need clearer example step by step to put the two together, hope u understand, cheers

  15. July 2nd Selections

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 2,3,11 – 6,5
    3.00 12,9,3 – 6,1
    3.30 12,6,4 – 8,1
    4.30 7,6,8 – 3,5
    7.55 10,7,5 – 6,3
    8.55 8,1,7 – 6,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.45 9,1,6 – 3,2
    4.45 8,1,7 – 5,6
    5.00 11,12,5 – 4,3
    5.15 12,8,11 – 1,3
    5.30 2,5,4 – 3,1
    5.45 4,10,9 – 5,1
    6.00 12,10,11 – 1,2
    6.25 8,9,6 – 4,1
    7.10 11,7,5 – 8,4
    8.25 1,2,7 – 3,4

    @ Carl cheers mate, good luck

  16. Cheers Brian,

    Your records for the 1st same as mine, although I don’t use Betfair to lay,I use Betdaq and use guaranteed price Bookies for win bets, find its ok.

    many thanks


  17. Your Comments Just started looking in and watching your results last few days, what time do you normally post your selections ?
    Regards, Bob

  18. Brian,

    Congratulations and well done on an excellent and reliable system. I have sat back for the last month just watching, and you have definitely lived up to your word.

    I will start backing them as of today hoping the outcome is the same as last month.

    Well done again mate, and all the best,


  19. July 1st results
    2.35 No1 wins@ 6.60,= 4.6 profit
    2.45 -2 points
    3.05 no5 wins@ 7.60 = 6.6 profit
    3.15 -1 point
    3.30 no4 wins@ 7.35 = 5.35 profit
    4.25 -2 points
    4.35 -2 points
    5.00 -2 points
    5.40 -1 point
    5.50 no9 wins@6.4 4.4 profit
    profit 20.95
    minus 10
    Official +2.6
    unofficial + 8.35

    @ Pat, sorry to confuse you Pat, but I have testing different staking plans!, profit is as above for today. Remember also just use betfair prices never sp as it varies so much on the lays.

    @ Gary, will do my best to ensure we get a gradual increase to the 100 points per month, anything above is a bonus!.

    @Ian, glad your into winning ways, everyone is different and use the selections different, but profit is profit, that’s the goal.

    @Alan I post here around 1pm UK time.

    Cheers guys thanks for the support

  20. Hi Ian

    It’s all about choice really. My take on it is if you get 5 or more points profit a day you are looking at 150+ points a month. If you choose not to stop and bank the profit then you get the next 3 bets as losing bets on the 4th bet you need an 8-1 winner to claw back your stake. Admittedly the next 3 bets could all win! My aim is to build a bigger bank and lock in long term profits that’s why I do it that way!



  21. Hi Guy’s looks like I picked a good day to restart 20 points outlayed and 29 points returned. I still cant understand why anyone would stop after 4 or 5 backs and stand the chance to lose out on winners?

    Prosperous punting

  22. Hi Brian

    Good start to the month, I stopped after Emmas Legend won the 3.30 at Uttoxeter. Lets hope we can build on today with the drier weather and better ground



  23. Hi Brian, not many lays today, I am a bit confused at your 15 points profit
    at what point did you stop?. maybe i’m doing something wrong?.

    I only lay below 10-1 and take guaranteed price, got 3.30 winner at 9-1.


  24. @Tony, well done mate, well I stopped when I was 15 points up, just watching how the rest run, see what happens, best of luck for the rest of the races.

  25. Your Comments1-7-12
    Hi brian backed all selections early, in profit after 5 races so have 5 more running for me, anything else now is a bonus. keep up the good work brian and thanks again.


  26. @ Larry Exactly right, always take your profit, I only show the selections and results doing all by the rules, you may miss some winners but profit is the name of this game.

    @Betifo24 Cheers

    @ Gary, yes mate we will have another good month I am sure of that.

  27. By any standards Brian, that is an excellent return! Great stuff. Winner in the first today, think i’ll take my profit and watch the remainder! 🙂

  28. Sorry forgot to give the final figures

    JUNE 2012
    Official +141
    Unofficial +48

    MAY 2012
    Official +95
    Unofficial +213

    Very disappointing end to the month of June, but another month starts today, I am sure more profits will be coming my way.


  29. JULY 1st Selections
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.45 12,3,10 – 1,2
    3.05 11,10 8 – 3,5
    3.15 4,7,2 – 1,3
    5.40 8,9,5 – 3,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.35 12,13,4 – 2,1
    3.30 14,16,8 – 2,4
    4.25 9,5,8 – 2,1
    4.35 11,2,10 – 5,6
    5.00 12,8,10 – 4,3
    5.50 6,4,13 – 7,9
    Good Luck

  30. Saturday 30th June

    Hi Guys the last day of my paper trading. Backs 48 points minus 2 x 7/1 winners and an 11/4 winner = 16.25 points.

    Happy & prosperus punting

  31. Hi Brian

    Its been a really hard week this week with the weather etc, lets hope the ground dries out this week and we can get July off to a good start, lets hope that July can turn out as profitable as June!

    Had i been at home today i would have stopped after the 2nd race but carried on as i had put the first 5 bets on to cover me until i knew i would be home.

    Unlucky today with some of the bigger priced runners, some of them ran really good races.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  32. June Results

    Friday 29th Official +6 Unofficial -9

    Totals Official +152 Unofficial +42

    Hope we can get back over the 200 points profit for the month.


  33. Saturday 30th June
    Sorry guys, I am late , the internet was down in this area!!
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 9,3,8 – 5,1
    2.45 10,14,6 – 1,2
    3.20 19,14,6 – 8,5
    3.30 4,6,2 – 1,3
    3.45 10,6,9 – 3,1
    3.55 9,4,11 – 1,3
    4.15 13,9,12 – 2,6
    4.35 13,16,14 – 4,1
    4.40 12,2,15 – 1,3
    5.05 11,8,3 – 1,5
    5.15 8,9,10 – 1,6
    5.35 12,11,6 – 1,4
    6.40 8,15,16 – 3,2
    7.15 13,2,11 – 12,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 5,4,8 – 1,6
    3.00 5,8,6 – 1,3
    3.35 6,7,5 – 3,2
    4.50 5,8,3 – 4,1
    4.55 10,8,5 – 2,6
    5.25 11,7,10 – 3,4
    6.50 3,2,11 – 5,1
    7.25 10,8,7 – 9,4
    8.15 14,11,15 – 1,6
    8.45 16,11,14 – 3,13
    Good Luck

  34. Hi Gary Thanks for your response to my question, i was by no way being critical of you i was just wondering how you laid your bets.As i said i am paper trading but i am picking 1 or 2 of my own choice and have been doing not too bad.

    happy Punting Ian

  35. If u look at it from another angle then this has been a good intro into betting horses. The weather has been crap and horses haven’t run as expected but as Brian said if they all do what’s expected it would be too easy.

    This week has proven that u cant win all the time and this should not be forgotten.

    If Brian’s system had been flying this week(which I’m sure it will in the near future) then it would have lead to people thinking that it’s too easy and people then over betting and losing loads.

    You should always aim to protect your bank at all times.

    Keep up the good work Brian.

  36. Ian
    I did back everything today as after the first winner, the other winners came later so I was minus for most of the day then the 12-1 winner went in (industry sp 9-1) this was then followed by another couple of winners, I also do the lays and I had the reverse forecast in the 1st race which gave nearly 5 points of profit unlike Brian I include these in my figures. I don’t do many R F/C but did one in the first and one other race I pick and choose which races I do these. I haven’t made profit this week yet Ian I have a small loss I haven’t said I have made money every day but if I have lost a couple of points in a day I don’t see it has anything major as it is long term profits that I want and to build a larger bank up. On Thursday when I didn’t like how the weather had turned if you see my previous comments you will see I never even placed a bet because I thought it was best to leave them alone. If you want to know anything else, please ask away.

  37. Hi Brian
    Still paper trading and still today while you picked some big priced 14s 9s 5s 4s and a 9/4 shot had I picked all of the backs which I would have to have done to catch all of the winners I would still have been 10 points down on the day.
    This is the highest number of winners in this past week and today is the lowest points I would have been down.
    Gary H There does not seem to have been a day when you have not either broke even or like today made a small profit I wish I knew how you can do this as there is no way you could have caught all of today’s winners without betting everyone of the backs the way the winners were spread out?
    Today is my last day of paper trading I hope I can see something in today’s selections that will give me confidence for the future.


  38. Hi Brian
    Real roller coaster today lol but the 12-1 winner was a big help then another couple which followed turned what could have been a bad day into a small profit! Well done!



  39. ok now i know what you mean about the 1 selection i changed which meant i had a losing selection instead of a winning one the ratings are done about 6 in the morning i change many horse before the final selections are made. also as i said in previous post i did not ask for results to be posted jason had the results and he posted them not me im only too happy to be judged on long term results and as for proofing it was to a large internet based betting site and i was doing it because it was the first system i had developed and i wanted to get other peoples views on it they they wanted to promote it but for various reasons i declined i then had some discussions with jason and we decided to put it on here. Thats it no big hidden agenda not trying to rip anyone off just putting my selections on a forum.

  40. So speaking the truth does not make me a gentleman?, you did change your original selections and then posted all your ratings, which you have not posted in your June results. Why?.

    I can look through your words and see your going to try sell the guys your system shortly, that I have no doubt, I have my selections here everyday for people to judge, I will not post previous results as I said they can be ‘backfitted’.

    If you have been proofing them for months, what is the angle?.

    I doubt if your genuinely trying to help the guys beat the bookies for FREE, time will tell.

  41. Well think i was wrong about you been a gentleman. Why you having a go at me? for a start i havent changed anything my selections are my selections which made a loss yesterday the ratings are there if anyone wants to use them and they made a 23 point profit yesterday as for backfitting results ive never even posted any results that was Jasons decision and all my results have been proofed for months.

  42. Friday 29th June
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.45 7,6,8 – 2,3
    3.55 13,10,8 – 5,14
    4.10 6,7,9 – 2,8
    5.30 10,9,6 – 3,2
    5.40 2,3,5 – 1,4
    5.50 11,4,10 – 2,3
    5.55 13,12,10 – 3,5
    7.35 11,1,2 – 9,4
    7.55 2,12,6 – 1,5
    8.25 12,6,11 – 1,4
    9.00 5,16,17 – 8,1
    9.10 2,7,8 – 3,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.10 9,8,7 – 4,1
    3.35 2,9,8 – 1,7
    4.20 8,6,7 – 1,5
    5.05 8,9,6 – 3,1
    5.20 10,11,9 – 1,8
    6.50 16,17,15 – 5,7
    7.25 2,5,6 – 3,4
    8.05 7,4,6 – 5,1
    8.40 10,11,13 – 1,8
    Good Luck
    We will get some nice profit today I am sure as ground is drying out.

    @ Gary, Yes I am sure we will hit a few today.

    @ Dean, I was wondering how long it was going to take until we had another ‘system’, I always seem to attract them when I get a few people following me because of my success, I wonder why?, I do not post past results as that is easily ‘backfitted’ I let people judge also I see that you changed your tactics after your original selections didn’t hit the net. Best of luck, it will be interesting month for the forum at least.

    @ Pete the numbers are Time, the next 3 are LAYS, if under 11 on betfair, the LAST 2 are Backs.

  43. Brian,

    I thought I understood your bets but now I am unsure with the back bets.
    Are you placing back bets as shown or are you place the 1st bet number to beat the 2nd bet number (horse). And if so where are you place one number horse to beat the othe, Betfair?

    Thank you


  44. Hi brian just wanted to pop in and say hello ive been following your system for quite a while now without coming on and commenting but ive got to say it looks very profitable long term. and what a gentleman you are ive been on forums like this for nearly ten years and never known anyone as helpfull and polite as yourself just hope i can provide the same sort of service ive just started publishing my own system on here with pretty much the same sort of goals all in all a bit of a washout today here’s hoping for some better weather tomorrow.
    good luck for the future Dean

  45. Brian

    Good luck today! I chose not to play today with the way the weather is! Had a few things I needed to do so thought today might be a good day to do them!

    See you have had a nice couple of winners though! Keep up the good work.


  46. Thursday 28th ”WHEN IT IS WET DO NOT BET”

    Yesterday Official -7, Unofficial – 1, June totals Official + 138, Unofficial +67, (Betfair sp)

    With the weather as it is, moving rails to get ground to run on, personally I will be on vastly reduced stakes and will trade all of the selections to be honest.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.00 2,11,9 – 1,3
    3.10 1,6,13 – 7,8
    3.40 6,10,9 – 13,12
    4.10 13,12,10 – 1,9
    4.30 6,8,9 – 1,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 1,4,5 – 2,3
    2.50 16,14,15 – 2,3
    3.30 3,9,5 – 2,4
    3.50 2,1,11 – 5,6
    4.00 15,14,11 – 1,2
    4.20 12,5,13 – 6,3
    4.50 8,9,4 – 1,5
    5.50 5,7,6 – 4,3
    8.20 2,6,5 – 3,7

    Good Luck

    All the races will be included in the final results, only delete if less than 2 backs and 5 or less runners.

  47. Hi Guys
    Yes must say it was poor quality and half a dozen ran that way, which didn’t help, we had a decent priced outsider which went to 2.4 from 40s, but disappointing overall.

    As long as you budget accordingly you will be fine, I have moved my ‘insurance’ up to 2.0 for all horses over 10 and 1.5 for under 10, to recover my stake.

    One or two winners and we will be back on track, just unfortunate we have 3 barren days together, which is unusual, although we have hit the bar on a few occasions

    Its a monsoon here tonight, hope it is dry in UK and settles a bit and get the quality animals on the track.

  48. Hi Brian, not bad results today on the backs, with a couple of forecasts coming good. To add to the comments of other members, the work you’re putting into this is much appreciated.
    I know this isn’t the right forum for this (and I apologise to other members for the distraction ) but do you happen to share the same surname as the fellow who roasted the abbot of crossraguel a while back?

  49. Hi Brian
    Tough day again today but a few winners and I did a couple of forecasts came up so all in all not that bad a day.
    The rain seems to have settled down a bit an hopefully the ground will start to dry out a bit.

  50. Hi Brian,
    Sorry, meant to confirm earlier and may seem a silly question- Are your numbers for your Lay and back selections saddlecloth numbers or stall draw numbers?

  51. Wed 27th June

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.30 2,8,16 – 6,11
    4.05 15,14,17 – 9,2
    4.25 13,12,9 – 1,3
    5.05 1,4,8 – 2,5
    7.10 10,7,12 – 13,5
    7.40 4,7,9 – 6,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.00 12,11,2 – 6,1
    3.40 11,4,5 – 1,6
    4.15 4,5,11 – 2,9
    4.35 8,4,7 – 6,1
    6.10 8,13,12 – 1,7
    6.20 9,11,10 – 6,1
    8.40 4,1,7 – 6,3
    Good Luck

    Quality of racing is poor that is why we have less selections, I will answer the questions as I read them.

    @ Darren W I will post the selections here around 1pm, I will not email anyone with any information or selections, if you wish to start a thread I am sure Jason will accommodate you.

    @Gary, Agreed we were so unlucky a few times but again its the nature of the game, if it were easy, well!!!.

    @Dean Cheers mate

    @Ian I still cannot work out what your doing wrong, others are making money on the selections, but you cannot?, yet you want to start with cash????

    @ Larry, Cheers, no I do not keep a record at sp, for example yesterday a winner at 10/1 industry sp was 14.7 on betfair, giving 3.7 points extra profit.

  52. Hi Brian,
    I’ve been following this thread for a while now and paper traded your selections and as someone who has given a lot to so called tipsters I must say I’m very impressed with not only your selections but also your generosity in providing a free service! Keep up the good work!

    Can I ask how profitable the back only selections are if I were to use them at traditonal bookmakers instead of BF?


  53. Hi Brian still paper trading which goes against my liking for a small flutter.
    On Tuesday’s backs even with 5 winners i sill finished 4 points down and had I decided to stop after 3 winners I would have lost out on a 10/1 winner. I will continue to paper trade and start again from the 1st July.
    Happy and successful punting to all newbies.


  54. Hi Brian

    I felt lady luck again deserted us a little today, but the day was such a tough day! Rylee Mooch at 16-1 in the last would have made a huge swing to the days fortunes when they hit the furlong pole i thought we were going to get our rewards but unfortunately the winner eventually held him well! But no damage done and tomorrows another day! Lets hope lady luck decides she wants to be on our side tomorrow. Couple of nice winners though in Tenancy and Bougatti!



  55. hi brian i think ive worked it out just im a newbie to all this is they any chance u could email me a couple what u have for tomorrow from 1pm on see if match with the 1s ive tied see if same if dont mind thanks for ya time cheers darren

  56. Have just come back from holiday and seen your system for the first time today . Not only am I impressed with your selections but the fact that you put in all the hard work to share your system with us all. thank you very much .regards N

  57. Your Comment
    hi brian,
    just a quick question, do i back just the one selection from the two backs, or do i bet the two, ie a dutch.
    thanks for your time.

  58. Hi Guys
    Tuesday 26th June
    The rules for any ‘newbies’ starting to follow.
    After the race time you have 3 LAYS, the next 2 are BACKS
    Do not lay ABOVE 11 on betfair
    You must have the 2 BACKS, if not delete the race
    No less than 5 runners.
    LEVEL Stakes on all bets that qualify.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.15 10,9,7 – 4,2
    3.45 9,8,2 – 4,1
    4.00 13,3,12 – 1,6
    4.15 – 5,4,3 – 1,7
    5.00 9,10,8 – 5,7
    5.15 8,11,13 – 1,6
    6.20 3,8,6 – 4,5
    8.00 4,11,6 – 3,9
    8.35 4,7,8 – 3,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 8,2,7 – 1,3
    3.30 4,3,2 – 1,5
    4.45 10,7,9 – 1,4
    5.45 7,11,8 – 2,5
    9.05 13,11,12 – 10,1

    Will ask Jason to tidy this up for us when he has time, I have no control over the management of this site

  59. Tuesday 26th June
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.15 10,9,7 – 4,2
    3.45 9,8,2 – 4,1
    4.00 13,3,12 – 1,6
    4.15 – 5,4,3 – 1,7
    5.00 9,10,8 – 5,7
    5.15 8,11,13 – 1,6
    6.20 3,8,6 – 4,5
    8.00 4,11,6 – 3,9
    8.35 4,7,8 – 3,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 8,2,7 – 1,3
    3.30 4,3,2 – 1,5
    4.45 10,7,9 – 1,4
    5.45 7,11,8 – 2,5
    9.05 13,11,12 – 10,1

    Hi Guys
    Terrible quality racing today, but winners to be found!

    @ Gary, yes you will see the benefit, I call it ‘insurance’ if you lay out around 1.3 you are still be left with plenty of profit, as we have hit the crossbar so often the recovered stake makes up for the difference on the lay outlay on the winners.

    @ Raz, good one, well if you can remember the First bookies (Grandfather & Father) in Maybole you will have my surname if you want to catch me, try Facebook.Small world!

    @Shane, I only put times as I use the racing post to check out my ‘variables’ and then oddschecker, so quickest for me is to put the time, I will only ever be interested in HCP races as we then have a reasonable line of form to use.

  60. Hi Brian, this looks like a great long term system (even though the short term results look good month on month)
    Being new to this i noticed that the hcp races had times on your picks but not venues , or are they the only hcp races for that day at all venues.
    Sorry to sound like a newbie but i am.

  61. Hi Brian,
    We chatted a few times previously on this blog re. the Templegate system. Interested to hear you’re from Ayr – I’m a Maybole man myself and I also spent many happy days (if not often profitable ones) at Ayr races!
    Have followed your system with interest and joined in yesterday doing just the “backs” for the present (I’m not too confident yet at working with “lays”).
    Here’s to steady profits over the long-term!

  62. Hi Brian
    Yes I am going to try laying some at the 1.3 mark to recover some stake as I have noticed how some do go really low then get beaten on the post I prefer that option to place betting.

    Yes it’s been good since I have been following and slowly and surely is the game! You can’t win every day Brian and people know that! If they don’t there playing the wrong game. How can you win all the time in a game that has so many variables, the new guys will soon see how good the selections are Brian. Keep up the good work.



  63. Morning brian, and all, been following for a couple of weeks now only playing to small stakes £2 betfair per selection, i dont play the lays or rfcs but i do play the place market on some of the bigger priced selections,nothing more frustrating than a big priced selection placing and returning nothing,this also helps in stake recovery.

  64. Absolutely correct Gary lady luck deserted us today, in the 7.40 our selection with a sp of 18.3 traded at 1.12 (1/8 on) along with the 7.50 @ 6’s and traded as low as 1.26 (1/4 on ) and beaten again by a whisker!!, -2 for the Official and -12 for the Unofficial. Again we will get it back, maybe put in some lays Gary around the 1.3ish mark to recover stake will help as it would amaze you how many actually go really low and do not win or if you prefer the same stake on a place bet?, just a thought. Disappointing but well been a really good month so no complaints, just do not like it when folk join in and I do not perform as per expectations.

  65. Hi Brian

    How are you? I felt we were a little unlucky today with some big prices finishing 2nd just one of them going in would have changed everything but heyho thats the way it goes! I got called out unexpectedly this afternoon so couldn’t get all my bets on! I finished the day -10 points but not to worry tomorrows another day onwards and upwards.


    Gary H

  66. Hi Brian
    Love your system but as I work during the day and can only get out to put a bet on could you give your top four if possible never moan about tips as there is no garrentees but so unlucky with Pressburg keep up the good work

  67. Monday 25th
    Hi Guys
    Just the rules for any ‘newbies’ starting to follow.
    After the race time you have 3 LAYS, the next 2 are BACKS
    Do not lay ABOVE 11 on betfair
    You must have the 2 BACKS, if not delete the race
    No less than 5 runners.
    LEVEL Stakes on all bets that qualify.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    5.00 5,10,7 – 3,2
    6.50 6,10,7 – 9,5
    7.10 8,10,11 – 2,5
    7.50 8,5,10 – 3,2
    8.40 3,6,1 – 2,7
    9.20 19,11,10 – 9,14
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 6,5,4 – 1,2
    2.45 8,7,9 – 2,4
    4.00 3,2,1 – 4,5
    4.30 1,5,4 – 2,3
    4.45 5,13,12 – 2,1
    5.15 2,12,11 – 8,4
    5.30 11,7,9 – 3,4
    5.45 12,1,10 – 3,2
    6.10 15,4,3 – 2,1
    7.40 7,10,3 – 2,1
    I take Betfair Sp and place any qualifying LAYS about 20 seconds before the off.

    The objective is long term profits, just because the ‘bottom line’ looks good each month, does not mean I win it in a day, nor do we win every day, but when you ‘feel’ its right, ie an early winner that gives 10 points profit on racing, STOP, forget about the rest, I will give you more winners tomorrow, my personal goal is around 5 a day, if it does not happen, do not worry as long as at the end of the month I have around 100 points profit,(never NOT happened) I am happy.
    Good Luck

  68. @Ian, as I have indicated previously a few times I do not include the forecasts with my P&L, only if a lay is successful that gains 1 point and whatever the sp is on betfair on a back if it wins.

    I have run this very successfully for 3 years with the biggest loss being 17 points at the end of a days racing, as I have said if you get 3 or 4 points up, just stop take the profit and tomorrow is another day, I have indicated that the strength of my selections is that I always recover very quickly, but stop with profit when you ”feel” it’s right.

    It is long term Ian, small profits of 3 or 4 points a day is around 100 every month, may not sound a lot, but 50 quid a point is 5k a month, now with respect I think your trying to play the casino and win the jackpot, it will not happen, yes we do very well occasionally but average is around the figures of the last 2 days.

    Paper trade at betfair sp, with all the selections that qualify and you will see where your going wrong,

    You always seem to mention industry sp, do you not use Betfair or Betdaq which gives better long term value?.

    I do hope you have more luck this week Ian, as I know we are all making money and want you to join the party.

  69. Hi Gary, thanks for explaining to me your way of backing i will try your way next week and see how it goes. Brian you are asking me to explain so i will. I am like any other punter and I would Like to make a profit from the system. At present I am only doing backs no lays or R/Fcst on Sat my outlay was 42 points as there were 42 backs. The results were 6 winners @ 5/1-7/2-2/1-11/4 and 5/2 with 1 non runner this resulted in a return of 26.25 therefore sustaining a loss of 15.75 points. On Sun there were 13 backs and up to and including the 12th back i was 12 points down and fortunately a 12/1 winner on the 13th back meant sustaining only a 1 point loss. So this is what I meant by a few more days like Saturday and only by continuing on Sunday to the last race I managed to get by on a 1 point loss. Now I presume Brian you are counting your lays and F/casts where there has not been a F/cast on Sat or Sun. I was asking Gary how he new when to stop doing the backs and he has given me his explanation. I am maybe unlucky by following the backs through to the end, or maybe i am being greedy either way I think I will go back to paper trading and see how things go.

    Cheers guys and profitable punting Ian

  70. Hi Brian

    Really unlucky today with the 25-1 shot just didnt last home but ran a cracking race! A nice 12-1 winner though but at the end of the day the job was done! Nice profit again!

    Gary H

  71. @Pat I place ALL bets as close to the ‘off’ as possible, with the lays, if its around the 11 mark, just leave it, I do not include it in the figures if it is 11 or 11.5,,,,,,,,,,,,,you will make money, the lays were how I started off, then I got pretty good doing it in reverse, picking value backs, anyway, the proof is there for people to see.

    Just be careful with lays and the forecasts until you get a bank and more experience of the selections.

    Have a good evening

  72. didnt lay that winner @ 10-1 thanks to good advice from Brian, got the last winner at 14.5 bsp nice one.

    cheers brian


  73. Sunday Results Official + 10 Unofficial -3

    We nearly had a nice 25/1 (38’s for me on betfair!) winner but just failed to get to the line, trading at 1.2 on betfair!!. Anyway guys job done 7 points profit. Cheers.

    June Totals
    Official + 133.3
    Unofficial + 108

  74. hi brian,

    excellent information and advice to any one who is following your excellent system.

    may i ask, when do you lay?, early or just before the off when the betting has settled down,.
    The 10-1 i had, i layed early at 7.8 so it wasnt to bad, however before the off it was 12.5 which would have made it a no bet, using common sense now i should have bailed out at a small profit.


  75. @ Ian can you please explain ”’I done all of the backs on Saturday an a few more day’s like that could be hard to take,i know it is up to the individual but the system is there to follow”’.

    If you followed the system doing ALL the selections to the rules you make 6.3 points MINIMUM, now if you stopped after a few races we were up 15 points, a mule spoilt the party as Pat said, therefore although I provide the selections and count all selections for clarity to give an accurate p&l, surely you must have made money?.

  76. Hi Ian
    I hope you are well, my reasoning is that if you back 2 or 3 winners in the first 4 or 5 races and you have made 4 or 5 points profit, for me thats job done if you can manage to replicate that over 30 days its an average of 120-150 points a month which is great by anyones standards! I know that it won’t happen every day but when it does i think its wise to take the money watch the rest of the racing and bank the money has tomorrows another day! I carry on Ian if i havent made any profit but once i hit the 4 or 5 points its time to stop. I know some days i will lose out as the system might have lots more winners but i’m happy enough if i have made my money.
    Gary H

  77. Sunday 24th selections

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 13,1,10 – 4,3
    3.50 6,13,11 – 5,4
    4.10 3,9,10 – 1,2
    4.50 5,10,8 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.10 10,5,9 – 1,2
    5.10 13,8,5 – 7,11
    Good Luck

    Sat results Official +3.3, Unofficial +3

    June Results
    Official + 123.3
    Unofficial +101

  78. Hi guys it good to see a few new faces coming to take advantage of Brian’s system good luck to you. Gary can I ask what makes you want to stop after a couple of backs have won and you then give up the chance of some more winners? What do you do if there are no winners in the early races do you continue until a winner comes? Just asking to see if you have a system like stop at a winner or such like. I done all of the backs on Saturday an a few more day’s like that could be hard to take,i know it is up to the individual but the system is there to follow.

    Happy punting to all Ian

  79. Hi Dean
    Glad your going to join in now, firstly unless you have a ‘bot’ already, why not just do it manually until you have enough profits to offset the monthly cost of a ‘bot’?.(The Grey Horse Bot is what I use or go to this link and choose

    Yes use ‘Betfair’ as the prices are much bigger, infact you can just place your bets using the ‘keep’ and take SP, which all the results are settled at.
    If you open an ‘Betdaq’ account you will be eligible for the new account offer so use their money to win with is a good idea, also you can use smaller stakes if you wish.

    @ Gary you will make a lot of money as your now thinking like a winner and long term as you now see the advantage of taking profits and stopping.

    @Pat please remember that unless a ‘mule’ is under 11 on betfair do not lay it, also until you build a bank why not concentrate on the backs, leave the lays and if you do any forecasts alone?.

  80. Brian I have read all the comments above and followed the system on paper and it shows to be profitable systems.

    I am going to start tomorrow on betfair/betdaq

    A couple of questions;

    What betting bot should I use?

    Should i Use betfair who i have an account with or set a new one with betdaq?


  81. Yes it’s been a good 2 weeks, some big priced winners, a few good forecasts to boot as well including 4 in one day! I don’t always bet till the end if I am 4 or 5 points up in a day I sometimes stop! The last 2 days have been clear examples with job done in 3 races yesterday and even quicker today with the first 2 winners at 11-2 and 7-2 keep up the good work Brian!

    Gary H

  82. Cheers guys, its tough and there will always be the one that ran a different race, to what I had planned for!.

    The aim is long term profits that even the best cannot attain on a regular basis, one off results I do not need to know about PAT, tell me about the big priced winners!?.

    We are doing well as Gary, who has followed me the last 2 weeks on here will vouch for, the worst day was a 17 point loss, no big deal if you make over 100 points in less than 14 days!.

    Hope you have made enough Ian for a few beers today, as most of the tipsters have struggled all week.

    Have a good evening and be back around 1pm Sunday with another bash at the bookies.

  83. Hi Brian
    Ive been paper trading this and have to say im very impressed with the quality of your selections. Outstanding work. Many thanks for sharing this. Im going to start with real cash at the start of next month

  84. Great start today Brian a nice 11-2 winner I’m tempted to stick with what i have got today +4 1/2 points. Hmmmm!! decisions decisions!!

    Gary H

  85. Saturday 23rd June

    Fantastic day yesterday with a lot of nice priced winners and we also had a couple of mules (Lays) that won as well but still we burst through to +218 points for the month.

    Official + 51 Unofficial -, so +42 points profit doing all the selections as per rules to betfair sp.!!!

    Today with the weather / ground I suggest CAUTION as we have done well, no sense in giving it back easily.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.55 – 2,5,10 – 4,9
    2.25 13,15,1 – 6,10
    2.40 2,7,13 – 10,5
    2.55 1,3,10 – 8,4
    3.05 3,5,6 – 12,9
    3.40 3,2,9 – 6,7
    4.25 17,7,5 – 1,6
    4.40 4,2,8 – 7,5
    5.15 10,2,5 – 1,8
    5.40 14,2,12 – 4,7
    5.55 15,14,10 – 3,5
    7.50 6,10,7 – 2,5
    8.05 13,12,10 – 2,3
    9.20 10,2,9 – 4,8
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.45 15,13,9 – 2,3
    3.10 5,6,2 – 4,9
    3.20 8,5,6 – 2,3
    3.45 7,15,3 – 11,12
    7.05 9,4,13 – 2,7
    8.50 4,7,2 – 1,6
    9.05 7,12,11 – 3,6
    Good Luck
    June Totals
    Official + 120
    Unofficial + 98

  86. Hi Brian 2 more winners at Ayr 5/1 & 9/4 and a 3rd @ 8/1 so a successful night there. I think the horses will be swiming today instead of running.

    Happy punting Ian

  87. Hi Brian , thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I think I know where I am going wrong. Because I am paper trading I check the days results in the evening using sporting life. Looking at the race cards it shows the number of the horse as well as another number in brackets. I think I am looking at the draw number by mistake. Thanks for all your help , will try again tomorrow. Tom

  88. Hi Tom
    Please BACK only the 2 horses to he right hand side of the 5 I give, the 1st 3 are LAYS if the price is under on 11 betfair, providing you have the 2 BACKS running.
    3.20 10,15,13 – 1,3…..no3 wins @industry sp of 8/1
    3.45 2,1,6 – 5,4 ………no4 wins @ industry sp of 12/1
    5.35 19,1,11 – 3,6…….no3 wins @ industry sp of 14/1

    Higher Betfair sp’s are available.
    So to clarify after the time you have 3 LAYS, the next 2 are BACKS
    Hope this clears it up for you

  89. Gary / Brian
    Hi guys , I’ve been paper trading for the last 2 days as I have only just found this system. Could you tell me which 2 horses you backed at 8-1 , 14-1 as I think I might be doing this all wrong ? Sorry if this question seems a bit obvious , thanks , Tom

  90. As long as your enjoying it Ian and making some money for a beer, Ayr is my hometown and know every blade of grass as I lived straight across the road from it for many years.
    Good Luck

  91. Hi guys this is a good friday only done the backs up to the 16 25 but I will have to do any you have at Ayr. well done Brian the the boy done good!

    C ya Saturday ian

  92. Another 20s winner!!!, hope your making plenty Ian, good day after a ‘sticky’ few days, remember if there are not 2 backs in the race, delete the race.

  93. Well done Brian 2 winners in the first 3 8-1 and 14-1 for me happy days 18 points up today job done!
    Gary H

  94. @ Ian, not at all, please ask as many questions as you like, what I was meaning was, I had stopped playing for cash after the 4.45 race, same as Gary, although I do not know him or anything like that. I just felt that with some of the runs and conditions take the profit and PAPER TRADE all the results for the day, to keep an accurate record.

    2 horses one was 20s and another was 30s in different races later in the evening, went as low as 1.5 and 1.7 on betfair, which means they had a very good chance of winning as that was the price to back them!, unfortunately they didn’t win, if they did it would have been a nice winner at 20s or 30s for my selections, do you not think?.

  95. Hi Brian the weekend is almost here, I love to bet on various sports on the Saturday mainly just break or a few sheckles down but it is the enjoyment of watching them on the box. I am a bit lost by your last response re “with a 20s and a 30s priced horses that went to 1.5 and 1.7 on betfair, if they had won well that would have been fantastic. But always wise to take profit. Well done” I dont know what you meant by that. Sorry if you think i am a bit of a Dont know anything pest?
    Regards Ian

  96. Friday 22nd
    Well yesterday Official -4, Unofficial +5, if playing all the selections within the rules, Gay and I stopped early with more, but it is up to yourself.
    A lot of non runners today and poor quality.
    Hcp Lays& Hcp Backs
    3.20 10,15,13 – 1,3
    3.45 2,1,6 – 5,4
    4.45 8,12,14 – 1,2
    5.00 9,8,12 – 5,1
    5.35 19,1,11 – 3,6
    6.25 2,10,5 – 4,13
    7.45 12,13,6 – 1,2
    7.55 1,8,7 – 5,3
    8.15 10,6,7 – 3,1
    8.50 5,2,6 – 7,3
    9.10 8,7,5 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.05 3,6,5 – 1,4
    4.00 6,4,5 – 2,7
    4.10 7,4,1 – 8,9
    4.25 1,8,6 – 7,9
    4.35 6,11,9 – 5,7
    5.10 14,19,18 – 5,3
    6.40 8,10,11 – 1,2
    8.05 11,14,8 – 10,2
    9.20 7,5,4 – 3,1
    Good Luck

    June Totals
    Official +70
    Unofficial +108

  97. Funnily enough so did I Gary, thought it was wise, but there were 2 races later with a 20s and a 30s priced horses that went to 1.5 and 1.7 on betfair, if they had won well that would have been fantastic. But always wise to take profit. Well done.

  98. Hi Brian
    I decided to stop after the 4:45 at Warwick today! I was 6pts up and thought with the weather and previous advice I would watch the rest of the racing

    Gary H

  99. Thursday 21st Selections
    Hcp Lays& Hcp Backs
    3.45 3,2,1 – 4,9
    4.10 5,11,7 – 1,2
    5.10 9,7,6 – 3,1
    5.35 17,10,15 – 1,11
    5.50 10,6,4 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.45 7,1,6 – 3,4
    3.20 3,6,4 – 1,5
    4.25 14,9,27 – 6,29
    4.40 5,4,1 – 2,6
    4.45 1,11,8 – 5,6
    5.00 6,10,7 – 9,5
    5.20 9,8,4 – 6,1
    5.40 12,4,8 – 3,1
    5.45 10,2,7 – 1,4
    6.20 5,8,9 – 2,4
    6.40 3,7,6 – 2,1
    8.20 5,4,3 – 1,2
    8.50 10,5,1 – 2,7
    Good Luck
    Having looked at the weather and ground, where is all the sunshine for summer?.

  100. Hi Guys
    Well what can I say, the worst day in 3 years!, still doing very good for this month and since I started posting here but no help to those that just joined, although please remember its only 1 winner and were back with a bang!.
    @Rob M, I watch all the races via betfair linked to my TV, The figures quoted are actual as per betfair sp and bets placed within my rules although No f/c. I have done this for 3 years so I will show you the success rather than show you what are just names and numbers over that period. I retired young, worked as a bookie, hotelier, and odds compiler, my house is literally on the beach, plenty of fun is available here!.
    @ Gary, yes watched them all we were unlucky in a few races, but overall very poor I thought.
    @ Ian, do not despair Ian, just stick to what your doing you will be in profit soon.

  101. Hi Brian/Gary
    Bet only the backs and R/fcs yesterday but not a good day for punters and with the weather forecast not that great for today winners might be hard to find although the going at Ascot is given as good.

    Good luck and happy punting Ian

  102. Hi Brian,
    VMThanks for your reply and explanation, it is much appreciated, wow – the monthly stats are amazing, are you in +profit every month?, can you give us brief or any record at all please?
    I shall follow you and do your bets every day when posted where possible now, it is great that you want to share your great system with members on here and help a few punters to benefit , thanks.
    Can you watch your uk racing from there?
    Do you get any gg’s in Brazil, are you are retired there and living close to the beaches with beautiful babe sights to behold too!?

  103. Hi Brian

    Real tough day today, I placed my bets but never got to see how they actually ran in there races as i was in and out most of the day! Tomorrow is another day as they say lets hope for a change of luck tomorrow!

    Gary H

  104. Hi
    @ Rob M, I post here around 13.00 UK time, I live in Brazil and its only 9am just now!, also it helps get rid of non runners so works in my interests as well. The site is Jason’s and I have no control over any of the posts or content etc, maybe Jason could look into it to make it easier to find with dates etc.

    @ Ian, please just follow my rules, with respect I have been very successful over a sustained period, if you cannot place a bet, leave it there is no harm in that, but do not do the opposite of what I am trying to do and that is give you money!. Just do the backs, leave the lays and r/f until you have a bigger bank or as suggested just follow all the horse results on paper until you find an angle you want to use.

    Was very happy that Most Improved ran his race yesterday winning at 9/1 for us, watch this one, trainer thinks he can topple the mighty Frankel, we will see!.
    Good Luck today guys

  105. Hi Guys
    Yesterday’s results are Official +15, unofficial +3.5, bringing the monthly totals to Official +91 and unofficial +103, getting to 200 soon!
    Wed 20th Selections
    HCP Lays & Backs
    2.30 18,20,10 – 16,11
    2.55 8,9,2 – 1,4
    3.20 8,2,9 – 6,4
    4.10 4,8,6 – 1,10
    5.35 18,17,13 – 3,2
    7.50 8,9,1 – 4,6
    8.20 4,1,6 – 3,5
    9.20 4,11,8 – 1,5
    UNOFFICIAL HCP Lays & Backs
    3.05 11,8,5 – 1,6
    3.45 8,4,7 – 9,2
    4.45 6,11,8 – 3,12
    5.20 6,3,1 – 2,5
    5.55 7,8,3 – 4,2
    6.50 3,7,2 – 4,6
    8.40 1,12,9 – 7,8
    9.10 6,3,10 – 1,8
    Good Luck

  106. Hi Brian, can you confirm how your lays went yesterday please?
    Are their any tips for today, what time do you normally post?, as there is no indication on the site, also, everything posted is dated 10th June!

  107. Hi Ian

    How are you? Are you saying you have not had a winner over the last couple of days or do you mean no winner at a big price? The last race yesterday generated a 12-1 winner or 9-1 at SP and there were a few other winners during the day!

    Gary H

  108. Hi Brian yes I did try betting on all of the selections there was a chance of one of them coming in at a big price and as I could not lay them I thought i would have a small outlay on them to win. It is unfortunate that over the past couple of days none of them won.

    Cheers Ian

  109. Hi Brian

    I havent really after this week I am off for 3 months so i may consider one after my break! Up and down day today but I did the last 4 races as 2 singles and reverse forecasts so all turned out really good with a 12-1 winner in the last and the forecast.



  110. Hi Gary, have you thought about a ‘bot’, there are some about that will allow you to stop when your target is reached and only do it one bet at a time, I know its another monthly expense but just a thought.
    I do stop myself when I feel its right, there is no wrong time as the results will prove over time, but I feel from experience that if you can achieve 3/4 points a day, your in the elite of betting.
    Cheers Bri

  111. Hi Brian

    I normally put on the bets from the afternoon meetings on in 1 block and then put the evening ones on later. I may start doing them in blocks of 4 or 5 so that if i get 4 or 5 points up during the day, i will then paper trade until the next day!

    Gary H

  112. Did anyone stop when you were 7 points up after a couple of races?, or do you play through everything?, remember 3 or 4 points a day gets 100 a month!

  113. Ian

    I may be reading your question wrong, but you do ONLY the TWO horses to the right hand side as BACKS?. is that correct?

    I do hope your not doing the 5 selections as the 1st 3 are my selections to get beat!, which was the ‘offset’ for my stake on the BACKS!

  114. Sorry forgot about yesterdays(Mon) results Official -1 and unofficial +0.7.

    Ian in my results I have done every qualifying race and selection but as I said I do not count r/f as they seldom hit and you will get a feel for them when you have more experience in time. I suggest you do not do R/F and ONLY the backs until you become used to it.
    It is difficult as everyone has different levels of experience with horse racing/betting hope this helps

  115. Hi Brian the afternoons are whizing past but I still cant make up my mind what is the best way to bet the system, I tried doing singles on all of the horses but you need a couple of big prices to come in. Don’t know if anyone has tried betting the backs as singles with a r/fcast on each? I look forward to hear from u all tomorrow.

    Happy punting ian

  116. Ian
    BETDAQ have a 50p minimum stake and a ‘new account’ opening offer, I think it is 30 quid!.

    Hope your enjoying the ‘roller coaster’ and it is passing your day with more excitement than before.

  117. Hi Brian

    You won’t get any gripes from me if we get losing days as you say there is a risk and with so many variables you just have to take the rough with the smooth!
    I am trying to build a bank up over a sustained period of time! Keep up the good work!

    Gary H

  118. Hi Ian

    I use http://www.racingtraders to lay, you can lay there from 10p a time. I thought the ground had dried a bit but it hadn’t and I think lady luck deserted us a bit with a couple of races first an third! Lets hope we get a bit of luck today.
    Good luck

    Gary H

  119. Hi well what a roller coaster ride yesterday!, it was eventful but as long as you follow the rules, there would be no loss, I usually find that because of the success of what I do, the expectations of those that follow go into orbit. We will not win every day, we will make nice profit every month.

    Yes I only post here as other ‘systems’ had failed in their threads and just wanted to give you guys a chance to get some money back, I used to post in OLBG, and win the prize money every month!, but stopped when a few people who were betting more than they should have, had a ‘rough’ day, (I had no winners in 6 races and 2 lays had won at big prices!), there is a risk in everything but I do try to minimise that risk and I do feel the hurt when I do not win as well.
    Tuesday 19th
    HCP Lays & Backs
    3.45 11,3,15 – 12,10
    5.15 9,3,4 – 7,1
    5.45 12,14,7 – 1,3
    7.00 10,3,11 – 4,1
    8.00 1,3,5 – 8,4
    9.00 7,8,4 – 1,5
    UNOFFICIAL HCP Lays & Backs
    3.05 21,23 8 – 2,18
    3.25 7,5,8 – 1,2
    4.00 8,2,7 – 1,6
    4.40 8,10,1 – 6,3
    6.15 9,10,8 3,4
    8.10 4,5,3 – 6,2
    Good Luck

  120. Hi gary I think what Brian says is correct “when it’s wet don’t bet. Gary can I ask where do you do your LAY bets? i have been doing mine with Betfair and as well as a £2 minimum stake they also have a liability amount depending on the price of the horse, it costs more than you win for most bets.

    Happy punting Ian

  121. Hi Brian

    Tough day today Brian again i thought lady luck deserted us a couple of times especially with the forecasts! The last race really helped out and the ground still isnt right but it is getting there! Lets hope tomorrow brings a bit of a change of fortune!

    Gary H

  122. Hi fellow punters it’s a beautiful sunny Morning hope the ground is drying out and we all have a profitable day.

    Cheers Ian

  123. Monday’s 18th
    HCP Lays & Backs
    2.45 9,8,3 – 4,2
    3.15 8,7,5 – 1,2
    3.45 1,2,9 – 5,6
    4.15 2,5,8 – 1,6
    5.15 8,7,4 – 2,3
    7.40 9,10,4 – 5,1
    7.55 3,2,5 – 6,4
    8.10 3,9,10 – 1,2
    UNOFFICIAL HCP Lays & Backs
    2.30 12,6,4 – 3,2
    3.00 7,8,4 – 6,5
    5.45 4 9 8 – 1,3
    8.25 11,3,8 – 6,1
    8.55 6,2,1 – 3,4
    Good Luck

  124. Yesterdays figures guys Official +1 Unofficial +7, not brilliant but I look at 3 points a day, is roughly 100 a month!!, very tidy profit.

    Anyway as you know I followed RAY’S Temps system on PAPER and as I thought a ”professional” tipster cannot be as good he said, well here are this months (June’s)results -53 points and staking plan -343 points since the start -79 and staking plan -464.

    Tony only LAY the selections if under 10s, if there are a NO non runners and the 2 backs are running. In smaller fields I can have the 3 lays and 2 backs with money on them, no problems.

    Anyway I will post MY selections very shortly

  125. Hi Guys

    Ian, yes a forum is a good idea, but this is Jason’s site and I have followed him for a few years as he does give ‘value’ selections, so maybe he could answer that for you.

    I will post these for as long as you guys want to use the selections any way you wish, only reason I would not post is internet connection has failed.

    Yes Gary, I felt in a few races the horse was not ridden to its potential, but hopefully we will get more settled weather soon. but overall this week we have done reasonably well.

    All I ask is do not get over confident with your stakes as some days are roller coasters and you may feel like its stupid to put your money on a 25s shot that hasn’t won for a year, then it pop’s into the winners enclosure and your wallet is bulging!!.

    Always LEVEL stakes and if the weather / ground has caused a few horses to be withdrawn, just sit and watch, there is more races and I will find selections for you.

    Cheers guys have a good night and here’s to a profitable week.

  126. Hi Brian
    I felt we were a little bit unlucky today especially with the 4:00 race! But still a good few winners and unlucky with a few forecasts! The rain has eased a little since the onslaught of last week so hopefully things will get more normal at the courses!

  127. Hi Brian, excellent system, can i ask how long you will be posting your picks, not used it as yet as you may stop posting selections,

  128. Hi Gary thanks for the info on paper trade, it’s good to see a few people taking interest in the system, maybe Brian will be able to start a forum on it?

    happy punting Ian

  129. SUNDAY 17th
    Hi Guys
    Well as expected ”when its wet do not bet” hit again, anyway June’s figures are Official+77 Unofficial +93.
    This years from Jan 1st, Official +172 Unofficial +305( I reduced the lay MAX price to 10s in May after getting hit with a 40s+24s+3s winner in 1 day)
    HCP Lays & Backs
    2.00 1,6,12 – 9,4
    2.20 10,7,8 – 6,1
    2.50 8,7,6 – 1,2
    3.35 11,10,17 – 3,9
    4.00 9,4,7 – 6,3
    5.05 7,8,9 – 2,3
    UNOFFICIAL HCP Lays & Backs
    4.10 14,5,13 – 2,11
    4.40 12,10,13 – 2,1
    5.15 3,6,4 – 1,5
    5.35 12,10,11 – 3,1
    Good Luck
    I personally have reduced my stakes today, until we have better weather/ground, I know some may say its the same for all, but believe me I hate the rain and running in it doesn’t appeal to me either.

  130. Hi Ian
    Paper trade is where you follow a system without placing actual cash bets so you can see how it performs before making a decision whether to use it or not!

  131. Hi Brian

    Ive just found this and am really interested in the idea. Sorry for my ignorance but i would like to fully understand this. Am i correct in thinking lay the first 3 selections if under 10 on BF and then back the last 2 on BF all at level stakes?

  132. Hi Brian
    Really tough day today, with the ground changing at most courses! It’s been a good week though Brian and I look forward to more good days. Keep up the good work and tomorrow is another day!

  133. Hi Rob M

    Well not a good day to start following!, anyway I will answer as best I can

    HCP is Handicap

    Official is Turf only, more than 8 runners, no non runners.

    Unofficial is Turf, All Weather, less than 8 runners.

    I live in Brazil, so around 1pm UK they will be posted as we are 4 hours behind here. Did a few posts, but was given a page so that people can see them and choose for themselves whether to follow or not.

    RF is Reverse Forecast which hopefully is the 2 backs coming 1st and 2nd in any order!.

    Just paper trade until your happy with it or not!, I know it works long term and as you can see we will not win everyday, but people need to remember that this sport has so many variables, some days we would be better looking at the stars!!.

  134. Your Comments

    Hi Brian,
    Just come across this, it looks different and nice to hear – successful, so you have my interest! I am a 12 month newbie to HRacing so please excuse my green questions!
    What does HCP mean?
    What differentiates your Official and Unofficial tips?
    When, where and what time do you post selections as i can’t see any
    after 10/6/12?
    Can you explain what you mean by RF with your selections please?
    Thanks in advance.

  135. Hi Brian,
    Following with interest. Forgive me if it’s covered elsewhere but do you have a breakdown of the results for the backs and lays?

  136. Cheers guy’s yes as always ”when it’s wet do not bet” was what my father told me, he is right!, yesterday was typical but again if the race changes with non runners ect and weather , do not bet, just watch!, there will always be more bets.
    HCP Lays & Backs
    3.10 19,11,17 – 20,2
    3.15 3,4,12 – 8,1
    4.15 14,16,20 – 4,8
    4.20 13,5,12 – 1,3
    4.50 16,4,13 – 1,2
    5.15 15,10,20 – 17,5
    UNOFFICIAL HCP Lays & Backs
    2.05 16,20,17 – 4,14
    2.20 6,1,4 – 3,2
    3.25 7,2,6 – 5,3
    4.00 8,6,1 – 4,2
    4.05 7,8,3 – 2,4
    4.30 5,3,6 – 2,1
    5.30 8,2,4 – 1,5
    8.05 10,12,7 – 1,5
    Good Luck

    Ian try ”gruss (Betting Assistant)’ or racing traders (Betting Evolution) the geek (The Geeks Toy) some have trial periods racing traders is free forever but slow in comparison, depends what your after really.

  137. Brian you say that there is software available that lets you bet as little as you wish on betfair, can you tell me where I will find it please.

    Ta Ian

  138. Thanks for your advice Brian but I am afraid that the bookies weans will go hungry if he is depending on the money I give him,lol I again bet every horse today on a single bet plus a r/fc on the 2 you give as your main fancies,on an outlay of 40p singles and 10p r/fcast I was down about 5 pounds, I am still in profit from yesterday and maybe tomorrow will bring some more joy. Either way it passes the afternoon for me as i recently had my 2nd leg apmputated and at 65 dont go out much. Good luck to all your followers and i dont want to hear gripes about the system if they are not happy with it stay away and leave the rest of us to get on with it.


  139. Carrying on

    I never layed anything today as I was not about to watch them. Well done the weather is going to be wet over the weekend Brian.

  140. Hello Brian
    Hope you are well! I thought today was a tough day with the weather changing and a few none runners! 4 nice forecasts and 6 winners though and finished the day in profit! I never layed

  141. Hi Ian, you can use software freely available so that you can bet 10p on betfair if you wish!.

    Please remember that I do not LAY above 11 on betfair and the 1st 3 that i put down would be potential lays, the other 2 numbers to the right are the backs!, in the order I would like them to finish!.

    Animals do not read my form and script before the race and have spoiled the party before! so I that’s why I reduced the maximum price for the lays, if you prefer just leave them out!.

    I keep every result and bet so I am able to give accuracy to the way I do it.
    Glad your enjoying it, just bet small and you will be fine.

  142. Boom first race Brian 4-1 winner and the forecast! Great start! Gone up 53% this week Brian thank you! That is without todays racing!

  143. Sorry an update for the scores before today’s racing for June we have ‘Official” is +88, Unofficial is +98 so 186 points up this month!!. I am not ‘selling’ anything before we get any cynics asking, its my own ideas that I use from my experience in this field. Just sharing and caring as I love taking money from bookies!. Biggest downturn was 9 races without a winner and minus 17 points in a day doing ALL the races of course, that is over 3 years.

  144. Cheers Gary, surprised no one else is following, maybe had enough after the last ‘systems’ crashed and burned!. How much has your bank grown this week % wise?

    Fridays Selections
    HCP Lays & Backs
    1.20 2,8,7 – 4,1
    2.20 14,11,6 – 2,5
    3.25 9,7,8 – 3,4
    4.00 6,10,9 1,4
    4.10 11,20,18 – 4,13
    4.30 6,9,8 – 3,2
    4.45 17,19,10 – 2,15
    4.55 7,8,9 – 2,1
    5.15 18,16,8 – 2,3
    6.15 6,5,3 – 2,4
    6.25 8,3,4 – 9,6
    UNOFFICIAL HCP Lays & Backs
    2.40 6,4,5 – 2,1
    3.05 9,12,3 – 1,8
    5.30 2,5,3 – 4,6
    6.40 5,4,3 – 7,1
    7.00 7,4,1 – 2,6
    7.25 2,3,8 – 4,5
    8.00 2,5,4 – 3,1
    9.05 6,2,1 – 3,5
    Good Luck

  145. Hi Brian evening meetings had 35 horses running and at a level £1.00 stake cost 3£35.00 and returned £43.25. winning prices were 14/1 11/8 10/1 12/1 & 2/1. look fwd to 2morrow.

  146. Hi Brian
    Well done today! Brilliant day some great priced winners and 3 RF’s as well to boot. Just one going in on the lays as well.
    Very well done!

  147. Hi Brian have just seen your system over the past couple of days, I noted your lay bets for “Betfair” I have not bet with them for a month or so but as I recall as well as the minimum £2 stake for each bet you also had to pay an amount depending on the prices of the horse. I thought today as there were 5 horses I would bet each horse depending on the price how much stake I would place. So far today in the races I have managed to do there has been a 33/1 winner in the 4:10 Nott. and a 12/1 winner and a rev f/cast in the 4:55 Yar. I will see how this evenings bets do it is 10 past 6 just now so we have a short time until the 1st race.

  148. June profit so far following ALL selections is Official 76 points, Unofficial 62 points, so 138 points profit, not a lot of value today tho.
    2.30 5,4,8 – 1,3
    4.10 9,11,6 – 3,1
    5.05 9,5,7 – 2,1
    5.35 10,2,9 – 4,1
    5.45 12,3,11 – 2,1
    7.50 6,9,8 – 3,2
    8.00 13,14,5 – 1,6
    8.20 9,4,7 – 2,3
    2.40 12,3,7 – 1,9
    3.50 5,9,7 – 6,2
    4.30 11,6,4 – 7,3
    4.55 8,10,7 – 3,11
    5.25 12,5,10 – 2,4
    7.40 6,7,2 – 1,3
    8.10 11,13,10 – 4,9
    8.50 14,13,11 – 9,1
    9.20 5,11,9 – 1,4
    Good Luck

  149. Hi its david here im off to newbury racecourse today has anyone got a good tips? First time at a turf meetin so any advise would be appreciated cheers:)

  150. Cheers Gary, yes a bit of a roller coaster today tho to be honest, but as long as you level stake and within your budget, you will be fine, just don’t go mad, build it up as your confidence grows, personally I think the ground went against us in the earlier racing!, anyway glad your making some money, hope some others are as well!!.

  151. Wed selections
    2.40 10,6,11 – 5,4
    3.00 8,2,5 – 1,3
    3.30 8,7,4 – 6,3
    3.40 14,8,13 – 4,5
    3.50 1,11,6 – 7,2
    4.00 5,6,4 – 3,2
    4.30 9,11,10 – 4,1
    5.10 11,12,10 – 2,3
    6.50 1,6,8 – 5,2
    7.20 8,6,5 – 1,3
    7.50 9,3,10 – 1,5
    8.50 4,6,5 – 2,8
    9.20 2,10,4 – 1,5
    2.00 9,7,5 – 2,3
    2.20 3,2,1 – 4,5
    4.20 6,7,3 – 2,5
    5.30 13,10,5 – 6,3
    5.40 10,8,11 – 1,6
    6.10 7,2,8 – 5,1
    6.20 11,10,12 – 4,5
    7.10 4,7,8 – 1,5
    Good Luck

  152. Hi Gary
    No I only bet to WIN but I put a ‘mine’ in to recover my stake plus a quid at around 1.3ish, if its above 14s move that to 2.0, I never count the f/cs in my profits as I look to the smaller races for them to be honest, the more you do the more you get the ‘feel’ for it. Just start small and when your confidence grows alongside your bank, you will go in harder.

    I started the 3 lays to ‘compensate for my original 2 back bets which were for 1 pound and did a 25p R/FC, 2.50 outlay so my 3 lays at 1 pound gave me a minimum 50p profit, providing the Lay didn’t win!, I had no limits on the prices of the Lays, and always a profit until I got hit by 3 lays in one day, so limit is 10s now and even if is borderline, I disregard it and do not do the lay. I will not say what my stake is now as that will lead to some being overconfident and maybe losing a few quid like yesterday if they did every race.
    Cheers Gary

  153. Well done Gary, always remember as well with lots of non runners ect, I never do any races with less than 5 runners or only 1 back or less!…….

  154. Hi Burney
    I have given my 2 selections which I think will run a big race, hopefully win, also they are good for the ‘traders’ out there as well, many angles you can use!, as I said above with my method I always have a cheeky wee forecast bet, not many hit the net , but after yesterday I wanted some profit!
    My selections?, well I am afraid it took years of learning how to work out what is ‘value’ and look for mistakes by the bookies, I worked for ‘L******** as an odds compiler, which gave an insight into this wonderful sport.
    Hope you enjoy using ‘my system’ in whatever way you feel comfortable with, I was only sharing what I have successfully done for years as I think this site has some good guys who hopefully can benefit as well as share their ideas or information. Cheers

    1. Good work … Brian…
      Is there any particular time that you place your bets at, as with betfair morning prices can drift a fair bit on the lay side, and just before the off they can contract quite quickly for the back bets..
      Also what size of bank ( in points ) do you recommend starting with.. As is it 10 points at risk per race.
      Wrong day to paper trade lol

  155. Yes correct Gary, infact the old saying ”when its wet DON’T bet”, sprung to mind, with as many non runners I actually stopped and just paper traded, TERRIBLE was my opinion, but here is my exact profits for this month, Official + 70 and Unofficial +16.5, that is no comfort to anyone following from yesterday I know, but for 3 years I have made a comfortable life, so do not despair.
    3.15 7,8,6 – 2,3
    3.50 6,9,8 – 1,2
    5.05 2,6,5 – 3,1
    5.35 10,11,7 – 5,2
    9.00 9,11,2 – 7,8
    3.00 6,3,1 – 4,5
    4.05 1,7,3 – 4,2
    4.50 3,8,7 – 2,1
    6.00 4,7,6 – 3,2
    6.10 8,7,2 – 4,1
    7.10 5,4,2 – 6,1
    8.30 9,8,3 – 5,6

  156. Hi Brian
    A few winners today and a lot of the lays getting beat the reduced fields at Windsor didn’t help matters.

  157. Mondays
    2.45 10,12,11 – 4,6
    4.45 8,5,11 – 3,10
    7.10 6,2,7 – 5,1
    7.40 8,6,7 – 2,5
    7.50 8,9,7 – 2,5
    8.20 6,5,7 – 3,1
    8.40 4,7,8 – 2,6
    8.50 5,13,6 – 2,8
    3.00 5,2,4 – 1,3
    3.30 5,6,2 – 3,4
    5.15 6,1,7 – 4,3
    7.20 9,11,6 – 3,5
    9.20 9,10,7 – 4,2
    Best of luck!