Euro 2012 Progress or Not?


I’m in Sicily right now, writing this and thinking about my commitment last week to the Netherlands cause. Did I really back Holland and Van Persie?


It’s not yet half time and Gomez has just scored his third goal of the competition. Hmm… he’s definitely got something.England– lucky. Portugal even luckier tonight against Denmark. This is definitely shaping up as one of the most interesting competitions for several years. Spain/Italy was entertaining andGermanyhaven’t won anything since 1996…


Even the Euro low-hopers such as Greece have looked good value at times! Oh, there goes that other German, Schweinsteiger, just tipped over the bar. Pig-sticker – what a name, but who cares if you can pay football like that? ut here they can’t make up their minds whether Super Mario is a Gomez or a Balotelli – they both dance with the ball!


Although the commentary is Italian, I can deal with it reasonable well. And then, there’s always half time analysis. If you think Gabby Logan is wonderful, then you ain’t seen the Italian equivalent – Pamela Anderson, but with Gabby’s brains. Unlike the Italian weather girls, she doesn’t uncover the pitch.


Back to cheap wine and the second half. Maybe I need to check the latest odds on Gomez as top goal scorer…right now, Gomez at 39/29 and Germany outright at 11/4. England 13/1. Salute

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