Yesterday I sent out an email regarding the 'Matched Betting' strategy that I had been following with the guidance of ProfitAccumulator.

Matched betting allows you to take advantage of Bookmaker offers and bonuses. So today Im going to show you a live example that you can use to guarantee yourself at least £10 profit (But hopefully more)

I will use 888sport which is one of the many Bookmakers that have promotional offers.

888 Sport will give you 3X the odds on your first bet up to £10


So here's what you do.....

1) > Open an account with 888 Sport right here

2) Find a horse that you think has a good chance of winning

I personally think 'Groundworker' in the 7:40 at Newbury has a decent chance at 2/1, so that means we get 6/1 with 888 Sport.

3) Place your £10 on your horse with 888

4) Now we need to LAY the the horse on Betfair. You can LAY the horse at 3.2 for £20 (Liability = £44) (Available at the time of typing)



So now we have our bets set up here are the 2 scenarios:

Horse WINS = We get £60 winnings from 888 and lose £44 on Betfair (Total profit = £16)

Horse LOSES = We lose our £10 bet on 888 Sport and we win £20 on Betfair (-5% commission)

We have just guaranteed ourselves a profit!!


You can also work it out so that you get the same profit regardless of the outcome. There are plenty of back/lay calculators if you search on Goole.


More offers:

There are tons more offers like this. If you want all of the work to be done for you then subscribe to ProfitAccumulator right here


We also have our 'Bookie Offers' page with more great sign up bonuses like this.

Already have accounts with all of the online bookies?

Don't worry, ProfitAccumulator still churn out guaranteed profits for you by finding re-load offers for you to take advantage of!


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