Over the last 12 months the site has been improving, with the introduction of our blog as our main achievement. Well I was away I was thinking of ways in which we can continue to improve the site as I have an ambition to make this the best 'Free' horse racing and sports Tipping site on the Internet. Now I know it will take me a lot of work but I am prepared to do it.

As the site is getting more and more popular I thought I would start by asking you guys what you think. So please feel free to post your ideas on how I can make the site and service better for you.

(And dont put the obvious, 'more winners') as that is already top of my list 😉

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58 thoughts on “How Can We Improve The Site?”

  1. hi something needs to be done with the free tips site it takes ages to load on pc laptop or mobile think its getting a bit full. when i try posting it comes up with duplicate copy any chance of deleting all old posts to see if it helps or maybe having different pages for ppls football tips and horse tips?

    many thanks Karlos

  2. Hi guys,
    Thanks again for the comments and suggestions. I’ll start making some changes such as moving the comments box to the top. Brian there is actually a page like this, its called resources and you will find it in the top menu bar, although it does need updating. a FAQ page is also a good idea and something I will implement in to the site

    Thanks again


  3. Not sure if this has been done in the past, but what about a review page on systems , tipsters and ratings sites , would handy when trying to make our mind up on weather to part with our money
    P.s came across this one at the weekend’ form genie’ was wondering if anyone has tried it before as its been going for a few years and seems to have good results, would be good to have other people’s views

  4. can we not have a forum page so all the whingers can have there little rants on there and stop filling the good pages with crap many thanks ian

  5. how about a FAQ page ,as im sure you must get asked the same questions over aver again,i.e speed ratings ,deans system etc

  6. hi Jason i think that new members may think you just do speed ratings as i once did it was only because i had a nose around that i found the news and latest posts page. There are so many great rooms to this site wonder if some members may be missing out. congratulations to you as well really great site thank you

  7. hi jason,what about a page that keeps the results of your speed ratings that you put in your email and a record of the naps results ,keep up the good work ,great job

  8. Though I have only been here a week or so I think that this is an excellent place to be (both for first time gamblers and the more experienced too).

    There are some very decent people here all with the same goal.

    Thanks for the site Jason.

    btw…how about a nap of the day tipster competition for all members ?

  9. I’m no expert on forum setups but is there any way we can personalise a page for ourselves… Not to post but to retain the pages that I am interested in.

    Whilst Deans tips may be very good, for my stakes the cost doesn’t make it a viable option so I don’t need that at the top of the list.

    Is there a place to Login? I have to go through Deans bit to login to be able to post.

    Switch the comment section to the top of the page, going through over 200 posts to get to point where I can post is a little tedious.

    For Johns inside info would be good if his Posts stood out, like making his posts always stay top of the page, or at least his latest one.

    Thanks for the site.


  10. Good evening Jason,

    Is it possible to let me know the link or page to get to the Lay tips and Back tips on your website so that everyone would be able to look at it? Thank you.

  11. Yes does take a while to scroll down to the bottom,especially when there are a lot more posts towards the end of the month.

  12. Good evening Jo,

    Thank you for your comments. I do put a large amount of effort in the lay selections I put on the site however I do not control the Betting exchange lay prices and it is up to each individual to study the race and if they agree with the horse selected by me to lay and the price is right then Lay it only then however again I cannot force someone to do that it is up to them especially I do not know where they live and also it is their own money they are putting out. I would like to provide a website were you can get the Free Laying tips however I am not sure I am allowed to give it out on this website. I also would like to post my Lay secure plan as at times Large odds WIN the race and by using the Lay secure plan the person would not lose a large amount of their bank with the Lay secure plan however again I am not sure I am allowed to post this on the web site. Thank you.

  13. Frank many thanks for your explanation frank, appreciated and im liking very much your effort and selections for laying as i do like trying to lay more than back

  14. Good afternoon Norman,

    There is no Blog around on the Bet info 24 site. I did what you said and there was still no blog. I will not posting anything until I get the page to post on from today.Thank you.

  15. FRANK type in BET INFO 24 when the page comes up click onto BLOG this will then display all the various pages that are available then click onto FREE TIPS JANUARY or if you want free speed ratins click onto that page

  16. Good evening Noramn,

    Thank you Norman I am sorry the home page does not have anything that you have stated as it looks like it has been changed since you last saw it. I think perhaps we should have Mondays tips,Tuesdays Tips,Wednesday Tips,Thrusday Tips,Friday Tips Saturday Tips and Sunday Tips for Horse racing and perhaps seperate ones for other sports. Thank you.

  17. HI FRANK If you go to the homepage all the sites are listed and just next to the page that is headed How can we improve the site is a page titled free tps january Iam sure JASON will amend it soon to free tips february but in the meantime post on FREE TIPS JANUARY. Hope this helps regards N

  18. FRANK You wont get many readers posting on this site You need to post on FREE TIPS JANUARY Thanks for all the selections so far keep em coming

  19. Good afternoon,

    Can you please let me have the name of the page or a link so I can go straight to it for posting my tips. Thank you.

  20. Good afternoon all,

    I am sorry I forgot to put the name of the horse to LAY. It is called Dun Masc last ran 302 days ago and finished 3rd of 11 btn 11 lengths. Thank you.

  21. Good afternoon all,

    Here is another Lay selection.

    Catt 2.45 p.m. F/c 8/1.

    Happy punting to make a PROFIT for the week-end to celebrate on behalf of the Betting Exchange punters. Thank you.

  22. Good afternoon all,

    Here are some afternoon LAY selections.

    Catt 245 p.m. Everdon Brook F/c 6/1

    3.55 p.m. Alpha One F/c 7/2

    More will be posted as and when further races are analysed and if there are any then time permitting I will post them. Happy punting to make a PROFIT and any comments will be appreciated however I do not control the LAY or BACK odds on the Betting exchanges or the Bookies. Thank you.

  23. Good afternoon Jo.

    The strike rate is around 90% to 95% and the record I have is from 17/11/12 to 31/01/13. The statistics show the number of tips over this period with number of bets all at £1 level stakes and if using the percentage plan Lay secure in proportion to a £1000 bank as a percentage. The F/c means Forecast price which is my own that I recommend as the maximum Lay but again it is up to each individual to work out their own plan as to what the maximum is for laying. I also would like to stress that it is important that only if the person has studied the race and feels comfortable in placing the LAY bet on the selections shown then and only then they should do so being in full agreement that if it loses then they are the pe3rson that has to accept that and move to the next race and of course we all learn by our mistakes so in summary please do not LAy any selection or Back any selection unless you have studied the race and accept that the horse selected is the one to LAY. Thank you.

  24. Good Morning Jo and all others as well,

    The Strike Rate is around 90% to 95% and sometimes with large odds can break your bank unless you have a secure staking plan which I have called LAY SECURE and providing you stick to the forecast you can make a profit. I have set the stats out below for you and all the others.

    Tips summary from 2012-11-17 to 2013-01-31 (based on 100pt start bank)

    Tips P/L Lvl P/L Plan Bets placed Strike Rate Avg Odds Max Odds
    Morning 57.04pt 22.88pt 592 88.01% 15.34 430.00
    Morning (F/C) 35.90pt 17.13pt 178 82.02% 5.51 14.15
    Live 88.18pt 30.53pt 439 92.71% 23.32 1000.00
    Live (F/C) 23.87pt 11.69pt 117 88.03% 8.79 29.00

    Records with ‘(F/C)’ show results if the forecase price (F/C) was used as the max price to lay at for all bets.
    ‘Lvl’ means bets placed at level stakes and ‘Plan’ means bets placed at stakes calculated with my own staking plan. I will give the staking plan providing I am allowed to put it on here if I have permission from whoever owns the site. Thank you.

  25. Good evening all,

    Here are the selections to LAY the horse to LOSE the race for Friday 1st February 2013.

    Catt 1.10 p.m. Nevertika F/c 10/1

    2.45 p.m. Everaard F/c 3/1

    Ling 12.30 p.m. Go Far F/c 5/2

    Catt 2.45 p.m. Tell Me Y F/c 6/1

    Wolv 5.25 p.m. Breakheart F/c 3/1

    4.50 p.m. Yourinthewill F/c 4/1

    Dund 7.50 p.m. Sterling Cooper F/c 4/1

    Wolv 4.50 p.m. Elspeths Boy F/c 6/1

    8.00 p.m. Cash Rich F/c 8/1

    5.25 p.m. Resplendent Alpha F/c 8/1

    Dund 9.20 p.m. Wild China F/c 10/1

    Ling 2.35 p.m. Do More Business F/c 7/2

    Dund 7.50 p.m. Refuse Colette F/c 10/1

    These are the selections from my software I thought I would give it now in case I do not have any time tomorrow. Please note that there can be Non Runners and it is up to you all to decide to LAY or not. Happy punting to make a profit even if it is a small profit each day it will soon add up for Eg. £10 per day for 6 days would give you £60 which could go towards what ever you like to purchase at then of the week. Thank you.

  26. Good evening all,

    I was very happy with the results today as they all LOST and this made it a 100% success for today although I have to admit the odds in some races where not ideal for laying however, I have no control over the odds on the market. My advice is to study the races I have given and if you agree with my selection to LAY for that race and the price is right then Lay the horse to LOSE the race. I hope to put more lays tomorrow weather permitting and time permitting as well. Anyone followed the selections today either paper trading or actually laying them to lose. I will try to also give you all some WIN tips as well from my software the top 3 for a few races. Thank you.

  27. Hi Jason,Really love your daily selection tips.But ‘nap of the day’ would be really great for people like me who only make small bets.

  28. Alan hi , i have a friend who says gold is only sport he makes money at, but he wont share his selections , so i for one would be interested in following and seeing what the potential is, tks.

  29. Good morning all,

    I have Lay selections which I can provide each day starting from today.

    2.50 p.m. Towc Dr. Anubis F/c 4.50

    3.40 p.m. Winc Keenans Future F/c 6/1

    1.50 Towc Grimley Girl F/c 13/2
    Splendid Blue F/c 3/1

    1.20 p.m. Bravo Riquet F/c 7/1
    Jat Punjabi F/c 4/1

    3.40 p.m. Winc Vic Venturi F/c 4/1

    2.50 p.m. Waltzing Tornado F/c 11/2

    5.50 p.m. Wolv No Diamond F/c 7/1

    6.50 p.m. Wolv Triple Dream F/c 9/2

    7.50 p.m. Armada Bay F/c 4/1

    The selections are from one of my softwares I have for laying horses to lose and the Forecast prices are the maximum you should accept for laying a horse. In order to beat the bookie on the Lay price all you need to do is select a horse in a race for Eg. 1.50 Towc Grimley Girl and the odds are 13/2 = 6.50. Lets say you decide to Lose on this horse £5 you enter your stake into the calculator and divide by 6.50 = 13/2 and you would lay £0.77 to lose £5. I have also a Laying Staking plan called Lay Secure that I can provide only if I am permitted to do so.
    Please let me know whoever is in charge of this website if that is okay. Thank you.

  30. Just a reply to Rich who wants to know what to do when bookies restrict accounts.Bookies only restrict winners so back a few horses you think will lose with the bookies who restrict you.
    Lay these same horses on betfair.

  31. The free tips website is a really good ideaand people are posting winners and having fun helping each other to make profit but it would be nice if they could stop clogging up the other sites that you provide so that we can go straight to the info we want without wading through loads of posts which we dot want

  32. Hi guys

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. There are a few things I will be doing to improve the site. Unfortunately I cant send the tips the night before for 2 reasons..

    a) There is not enough information available or prices to justify a selection

    b) I dont want to be working every night

    Here are some of the things I plan to do:

    – Provide you with more Free info as well as tips. Such as free systems and tools. In fact, I am going to write a guide on a Trading technique that I use on Betfair that you can use to make some extra cash. I’ll send you a free copy once it’s done.

    – A couple of you mentioned results. I will keep better records of our selections and also post monthly results on the site.

    – If you want me to include a ‘daily NAP’ in the emails then I can do that

    – I’ll get rid of a few of the old blogs and anything that is no longer useful on the site

    – I will be looking at introducing tips on a few more sports. We currently have the Football page on our blog where I do weekly football bets. So I’ll be looking at doing something like this if I can maybe find people who have a good knowledge and are willing to post their tips each week.

    – Something I have been thinking about for a while is introducing a SMS service. Obviously there would have to be a small charge but it might be something you are interested in.

    I think that is it for now. If you have any more ideas just let me know


  33. an amazing site Jason, would be better if people posted there tips on the tips page rather than clogging up the other pages. also if people want to leave negative postings, why dont they just forget the site and go somewhere else. Keep up the good work Jason

  34. What’s up with this blog , I’ve yet to get a reply to my numerous requests, come on all u dean subscribers out there and other system users, lets have some feed back……

  35. hi jason thanks for your info and all the best for the coming year .it would help maybe to expose those bookies who restrict accounts after all ITS NOT THERE MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE..ITS A POOL OF US PUNTERS WHO make them there vast profits ..SO ANY IDEAS OF WHAT TO DO WHEN ACCOUNTS ARE RESTRICTED WOULD HELP and publish those bookies who are the worst .many thanks ..Rich

  36. it would be good if we could get the tips the night before because i cant get access to my computer until i come home from work in the evenings by then its to late

  37. I agree with dean,and also the hot tip of the day looks great followed by the top 3 in that race.Other than that,its great 🙂

  38. hi jason , i would like to see results of peoples systems to decide who to follow or join, also woul be good to hear from people who are members of services, with their pros or cons ect

  39. Win/loose,The ratings are excellent,Agree
    with Dean comment,apart from the present
    ratings, any thoughts greyhounds/rugby.
    Due to the weather had a try at greyhounds
    result 50/50.

  40. Jason

    A few things, (sorry)..

    When Dean does his selections, e.g. Top Picks, Top 2 Rated, there are some mornings where some of the selections, (for example this morning.. the ‘Top 2 Rated’) doesn’t post, more than not when it seems to be a somewhat longer list?

    Is there not a way that we can get Deans selections earlier?, like the day before in order to get the best possible prices?, can Dean not use a Sunday to work out Mondays ratings and work from there on in?

    Would be good if there could be, (to save Dean time) a dedicated forum with ‘stickies’ on there to explain Deans System and methods etc, and others members systems come to think of it, through no fault of their own we have new members coming on board, asking questions that can be dealt with through reading ‘how to’ & ‘what to do’ posts already on the site.

    Many thanks for reading.

    Andy 🙂

  41. well my wife got me a share of a race horse
    should be running soon 4 to 6 weeks hope i can make a killing well have to see