Want Free Inside Info?

John has kindly offered to post his tips on this page. He gets Inside information as well as form selections. John will post them below so feel free to test them out.


UPDATE: Guys I have had to stop the comments for now as John was asking for email addresses which is prohibited Im afraid. I will let you know what is happening as soon as I know. It's up to John what he wants to do, hopefully he will be back. 


1,388 thoughts on “Insider Info – Johns Tips”

  1. totally agree Rick. I did win money on his tips but lost some as well. His biggest price winners were in the last couple of days but again they werent huge prices. I for one wouldnt have any confidence in paying for JL service. On the general tips page there are certainly 2 or 3 that have given out winning tips at much higher prices on a regular basis.

  2. i knew he was gonna start charging for tips. same as dean. jason gives tipsters a chance to trial their systems on here and as soon as they get a half decent run together they make up some excuse about why they cant post any more and have to start charging. i would rather they said from the start that this is what they are doing

  3. Well John – tons of support on here – please let us know what is going on.
    Best wishes. Stephen

  4. Evening John.Thank you very much indeed for the info.You’ve been very good to all of us.Forget about the free info but if I can help you in any way at all please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do what I can to try and repay in some way for the benefits you have given freely.Remember do not be afraid to ask.All the very best.
    Kind Regards. Larry D.

  5. Hope it’s nothing too serious John.

    Bummer for us but as long as your family and personal side are ok that’s the important stuff.

    Please let us know if we can help in any way you have many friends on here.

  6. Hi John
    That’s a bolt out of the blue, has someone got wind of you putting the info on line?


  7. Hi Jl
    Well done once again, going to glasgow tomorrow no Internet hope everybody bashes the bookie

  8. Hi John,thank again,got 5/6,and had to go a loss on my previous bet,but glad I did,thanks so much Sandra xx

  9. Cheers John, pity is the end of the month and I’m skint. Gonna follow more closely next month, the living room carpet need a paying for.

  10. Cheers AGAIN John… The new rating system is the way forward.. Only had a small punt on a (7) due to short price too, but a winner is a winner 🙂

  11. 3k at 1.07 lol, pay for my night out on Saturday!! It was 1.01 shot IMO

    Model pupil 2.30 donny …..4/5 …..T7

  12. Thanks John its my local course and weather cnditions have vastly improved here in the last hour no snow on the ground so its all down to the stick verdict.

  13. Thanks JL
    Once again you show that you are in the know with top notch tipping.
    Many Thanks.

  14. Like I’ve said before John you can tell the confidence behind true info in the way a horse travels and boy was that true info.!!!!!
    Very many thanks John you know you are really valued here mate.

  15. Yeeeoooo!!! Nice one! Well done again! The Moaners have been well silenced!!! 🙂

  16. Thanks for your hard work. Your doing the work and we are sit and enjoying it. Really like to have you. Cheers for you time.

  17. Wizzy – s6 is a source and strength indicator for the tip. Have a look at the posts further down the page to the posts on 9th March to find out what they mean.

  18. 6.05 cork
    Horse no10
    “The game changer”

    Welcome Wizzy – & the very best of luck.
    I just put a bit more on coz beginners luck is REAL.

  19. Hi everyone,

    I’m new on this site and I like the banter between everybody!

    I’m new to betting & would like to win a few bob now & again.


  20. Cheers larry
    New day new winners!
    Come on jonny boy!
    No pressure lol
    Does the new system work?

  21. Best self protection rule is stay clear of pay for info tipsters.Okay there may be a handful of genuine ones out there but unless you know that it is very expensive finding out.

  22. i think peter lee picks 6 or 7 runner race and tips different horse to different person he is bound to tip a winner to some of us, what do you think?

  23. Wow John nice winner just got in to a nice surprise thanks to you mate .I hav’nt been able to get a bet on today because of work commitments and so took a risk and put my days betting money on this B7.I will raise my glass of single malt to you this evening John.Great new grading method works again.Many many thanks for sharing John.


  25. Great tip John – thks.
    Took a non BOG price of 7/2 – damm !but still a lovely winner

  26. Can’t believe I missed that! Any news on the witch doctor in the last very strong I’ve heard@ 5/1

  27. Thanks john.
    Have you heard of peter lee?
    Got a random txt from him saying flashlight “will win” 20.15 at kempton

  28. Sajjid if you go to latest posts and go on march tips there are loads of good tips cos john hasn’t got any yet. By the way paul shore you’re REALLY helpful .

  29. With the way you just posted sajjab, i’d think you have more than one head that sets you aside from the lot of us on this page.

  30. Morning John,racing seems a bit mediocre today to me.Any hint of anything to come.I’ve had a cuple of mentions for FLASHLIGHT from different sources.

  31. Sorry for not posting lads , there was nothing, was going to post at dinner, but I was out with the family, on the moors, and the signal was terrible!

    Hopefully tommorrow will be more eventful!

  32. Info though only appears when there is some to post.Jasons excellent tips are form based.So I’ve no complaints here.

  33. Nice 9/1 double from Jasons 2 tips today always on line before 10am ( Betinfo24tips)

  34. Afternoon Jl I’m wondering if you’ve heard anything regarding street artist in the 5:30 wolves I’m told its well fancied to win on debut @ 4s

  35. Morning john and everyone.Just wondered if you are expecting any shouts today or if it looks a quiet one?
    Kind Regards,
    Larry D.

  36. Not too bad a day thanks to the new grading system John.I had abig place only on best paid 1.90.then only very small wagers on the other 2.So I love the way the gradings now advise us .Thanks John hear from you tomorrow I hope.

  37. Penny’s bill 4.35 ……12/1 ew …..T2

    Upsilon bleu 3.00 ….10/3 win …….T3

    Young sparky 4.30 …..9/2 win …..T2

  38. Here here JL.AsI said earlier I just wish that people would stop concentrating so much on each individual result and look more at the full picture.
    NOW I really am going for a few single malts and finally off to bed.

  39. The horse came back lame, not much I can do about that,,,,

    Tony, it sounds like you layed my winner and backed my loser…………!!!!

    You really should think before you type…..

  40. Jockey did nothing wrong but horse just decided it was past his bedtime.Never mind John its allabout long term profit if you’re a serious backer and not a winner every time .
    Night night.


  42. That was bought for. I heard connections wanted long odds to make a killing and earn some cash. But on the form I have seen him in he’ll be lucky not to make it into an Iceland lasagne !!!

  43. I heard a whisper a few weeks ago, but I have to say it has been woeful in the last two/three outings. One of the worst ways of spending 150k

  44. Evening to you John.Yes thanks one of my better Cheltenhams.Hope you also came out on top.

  45. It does Stephen, Very high up the wall. Thats why we need people like John.
    Good weekend to you all.

  46. Birdy boy won in good style last time it will be hard to beat in my opinion good look people

  47. Be careful if betting on Downright Dizzie, i also get inside info and have info on Birdy Boy in the same race.
    Sorry to post on Johns site and id like to say well done John on the Max place bet.

  48. Hi 6.25 8.00 8.30 and 9.00 an Irish trainer willy murphy has took 4 horses to Wolverhampton tonight. He hasn’t took a horse there since 2009 and all his horse have been gambled from 20/1 into 5/2 3/1 7/2 4/1. Something’s up there. Have to be tips hi. He’s booked the same jockey for all four horses

    A txt from a mate.. You heard anything John

  49. Thanks John I went in big on the place MAX and never a danger .long run never out of the first 3 in 24 starts I believe. GREAT.

  50. Norman Unfortunately connections have to get their money on first and that always knocks the price.I did manage to get 16.

  51. Hi John – What’s on the menu today ?
    Will it be Jack D or Moet ?
    Have a nice day and back a few winners.

  52. I was given Premium yesterday at 11.AM.Today I have heard the word for Downright Dizzie same source.

  53. good to have Keith on board a great tipster as for the moaners get a life and go to another site, keith with the form john with the info bet sensible and well hve a great forum, going out at 11 to watch Cheletenham in the pub so any tips please let me know,

  54. Thanks John,got in at 10/11&13/8,the POPE said to keep the faith,say no more,SANDRA xx

  55. I wonder if Jason could put up a rant
    page where moaners could whine away
    in a dark corner of their own

  56. Here here larryd I was a doubter with John before but NOW because of the grading system I NOW know which tips to back AND HOW MUCH keep up the GOOD WORK John and SORRY for doubting but new system really HELPS keep TIPPING JOHN and THANKS MATE

    LARRY D.

  58. Well done John, don’t let some of these idiots get to you.
    I am not to sure what they want, just looking to cause problems.
    With today’s gadgets most people can get to this link pretty easy.

  59. I don’t know how people can be arsed to go out of their way just to bitch about free tips. Don’t come to this page if you don’t like it and certainly don’t post any comments. Let the people who are happy with this page use it as it isintended

  60. A nice call again John.Take no notice of the Twats that insult your bets.Most the people on this site like what your info.

  61. John I’d shut your self down u just get abuse bud! by muppets who will put £500 plus when u say MAX bet ! It’s free tip service lads you are not gonna get that good inside info u muppets !!

  62. good winner john.i missed it but sure your some of your faithfull got on.youve been knocked down before and will do again.we all do buddy everyday but for what its worth I think your doing a great job.head up keep the faith xx

  63. John – Please do not let the minority moaners spoil the excellent site info that you pass on to loads people that appreciate your efforts.
    The new info codes work a treat.
    Let your hair down and enjoy the rest of Chelt :0)

  64. Good win john dont let the few tossas spoil it for the decent people that enjoy your info

  65. Remember guys, he gave us a MAX BET for tomorrow! Long run to be placed! I backed it long ago . . .

  66. Jl you are a diamond I think you are top bloke and you only pass on your info to aid us, hope your well up over the week and the champers is flowing again tonight

  67. I really hope the moaner from earlier missed this tip after his outrageous outburst. Sometimes it pays to keep logging on all day long hahaha

  68. Well done John, thanks a lot. Really appreciate your time that your giving. Person like me nothing know about horse racing. Really need the help from you lot genius.

  69. Thanks John, nice one. I wish the moaners would just f**k off and stop wasting space on this board.

    Why not change to an E-mail service just for those that appreciate your efforts. You would be greatly missed if you just packed in.

    My very best wishes

  70. Again he stayed before when he gave us the new system that an 8 or 9 is MAX BET a 10 is a plot and the only thing that will possible beat a 10 is if it falls. I for one will be taking out faller insurance just in case if I’m betting big on it

  71. Great win John – every credit – not bad when you are pissed !.
    Apolgies for the slight dig earlier, i;m an inpatient sod, but really appreciate your tips.
    Enjoy the rest of Cheltenham

  72. Show John some respect! This is a free service and big deal if you have to log on all day and check! I log on every hour, on the hour via my iPhone. Takes 2 seconds as the page is saved on my phone. Stop your moaning!!! Hope your really drunk and having a great time mr Lewis! 🙂

  73. John, take no notice they’ve probably got a touch of cheltenham fever, some people have no manners

  74. I’m bollocksed, I’m still trying to post when I can yet getting abuse!!!!!!

    Think I may call it a day, why should the arseholes get my info

  75. I agree phil.

    Cheltenham is the best four day drinking festival ever and it’s nice they lay on a bit of racing as well.

  76. But you would think what with it being the biggest meeting of the year so far their would be info,it’s like an ice cream seller having summer off.

  77. Waste of time.Better things to do than keep logging on here. If this is Johns Lewis’s page he should show some respect to Jason at
    Betinfo24 and his followers by at least posting on here.

  78. Keith have mention on the free page about the 25/1 winner. I am very sure thanks mate.

  79. i love people who come on here and claim to
    have posted a 25/1 winner, theres no mention
    of it below just the same bullsh*t from the same bloke

  80. Keith – is there any chance at all that u would piss off to the other tips page???

  81. The yank KEM 8-20 …..9/2 win bet B5

    For those who don’t understand,that is John’s
    second info

  82. John, tip for you. Best to only post out ino when 100% got it. Think you may be getting to many peoples hopes up.

  83. Or it could’ve been Malt Master.
    Do urself a favour.
    Pocket ur money til u actually get a tip.

  84. Go on then seen as you all are waiting I will give you johns tip today it’s daker run 5.30 hunt 1/1 T1

  85. Jl I remember a friend in the know told me jp had his biggest bet of the year on mister malt when it got beat, so wouldn’t surpise me if its the old under the radar smakescreen trick with all the attention being at Cheltenham, probably be able to get more on as its busy in the offices too wonder if I’m right?

  86. Something tells me it’s jolly’s cracked it 6/1 into 7/2. We’ll soon see. Not always going to be a fav tip

  87. Thanx jl unfortunately I’ve not been able to get week off work to come this year, my mate is there he’s saying there’s lots of tips flying about on course for the bumper

  88. I’m back in the marquee and waiting for the hunt info, got a feeling it will be in the bumper,

  89. Morning guys hope the heads not to bad Jl! Today is a big day had my biggest bets of the week ante post today Pont Alexander @3 and drumlee ew @25/1 in the bumper.

  90. Why would you lose it after a handful of losing wagers.Long term profit is the main goal.As I’ve said before the interest paid annually here should beat the Halifax.And its more fun!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep Smiling,
    Larry D.

  91. Never heard a thing till the meeting was over.
    Would be good to know if anything was likely to happen.

  92. Hi John, Sounds to me like you had the 1st winner Champagne Fever and then things went downhill from there.
    New points system on tips very good.
    Onwards and Upwards.

  93. Thanks John I did have a good day including a few bob on Hurricane Fly.Have not really got the time to waste waiting for your tips.Think I will just continue with my normal selection methods and sources of information.Take care and keep trying.

  94. Hope you all had a great day, just come out of the marquee and I’m rather drunk,,,,, we need to all pray Huntingdon is on tommorow

  95. I got 9/4 Keith. Guys why wait for JL. The TV coverage at Cheltenham surely gives you access to all the “inside” info you need. The morning line had Ted Walsh, Patrick Mullins, and before the race they interviewed the valet, as well as Willie Mullins. They all said he is as good as he has ever been. Last year he wasnt right. So a lay was high risk. Go on try it tomorrow 🙂

  96. Hope some of you didn’t LOSE to much on the lay bet
    THE FLY certainly stayed on strongly..
    Bad lay I think!!!!

  97. John don’t you think it would be a good idea to post again your cheltenham bets already given out and this time grade them with the new system

  98. Guys, coral are doing a great offer which I took advantage of today. Join and place a bet upto 50 and when that bet is settled, you get a free 50 bet. Only signed up with them for the offer and won’t use my account after. Recommend it 🙂 hopefully later mr Lewis will have some great info to use free 50 bet

  99. Strength indicator gave us a good guidance today, roll on Cheltenham, look forward to some strong 8/9 bet indicators at the big meeting.
    Thanks again John… Lets have a good week..

  100. Thank you John for a fine winner,thanks to your new ratings system I understood fully and had 4 x more on the winner than the losing bet.
    I personally am only making lay bets at cheltenham and still enjoying each race,but hope to sneak a few ignored win bets at the other meetings of the week,
    Good Luck,
    Larry D.

  101. Do you have the magic codes for the hurricane fly lay, long run max bet to place and rolling star info you shared John?

  102. No where near how good he was 2 years ago, hasn’t got the legs to win a champion hurdle.

    Not my words!!!

  103. Does someone in the know think he just isn’t up to the job this year again?

  104. John, you posted info to lay hurricane fly a while back, can you go a little more in depth as why to lay?

  105. I know Bryan , that’s why I didn’t put it up as a bet,too short , the horse has had problems in the past , but they way it won last time , they thought they had sorted them and the horse was well in….

  106. Nothing today, apart from owner and trainer have backed cara court this morning at. 5/4….. With the non runner it’s now 4/6,…..

  107. The easy way to do it would be award points per horse.1 to 10 points.one point a weak bet ten points a mak bet.

  108. Even simpler:

    Small (speculative)
    Regular (good information, reliable)
    Max (jockeys race or similar)

    After all, would a bet rated 3 be three times more likely to win than a 1 rated, and would anyone really stake more on a 2 than a 1?

  109. Yes I agree. I think a strength indicator from 1 to 10 is all that is required. KISS, John knows his sources better than we do, we are in his hands.

  110. would it not be best to use a staking indicator that you personally would recommend obviously 1 being a small optimistic punt and 10 being your biggest bet ..if you use trainer.stable staff.owner..ect it has very little sway with our bets as we actually dont know what the strengh of your relationship is with them..

  111. Glad your using the strength indicator, something I asked for a few weeks ago.
    Will give us all a good steer


  112. John,
    Perhaps you could prefix the no’s 1-10 with the first letter of how the info was obtained ie
    trainer would be T8, stable would be S7 etc.

  113. Right, the big problem here is I can’t post the full details of the bets on here…… Ok the info recently has been poor , but if you knew more details about the actual info, you would had only lost pennies, now I’m trying to thing of ways of putting up more details, my idea is to put between 1-10 the strength of the bet , 10 being a jockeys race where the only chance of defeat is if the horse fall or get injured etc,

    Any other ideas are more than welcome

  114. John Lewis,
    It would be nice to hear what your thoughts on the matter are.
    Please do not abandon us because of stupid comments by the children on the site.
    I thank you in anticipation.

  115. Afternoon John,
    I seriously cannot be bothered to wade through the bullshit that is now appearing on YOUR board.
    I for one am grateful for your shares – & object strongly to the babies on here who want a tipster with a 100% strike rate.
    Any chance u could include me on ur email list so that I can leave the children to play here on their own.

  116. If any of you don’t like the info then don’t visit this page and stay on the monthly tips page.I can’t understand this need for confrontation.

  117. Rather then argue why nor read a bit of form,very few races are setup for info bets.

  118. having got 6 horses in are camp i can tell you , you might think your going to win on a certain day,BUT , YOUR MORE LIKELY COME SECOND OR LAST….


  120. im happy to do so , overall i always win because i know which tip to back and which one not too ! Keith just do one!!

  121. Keith yes as you have already said ,,your
    sounding like a broken record
    If its SO poor what are you doing on this page???

  122. I think John is very brave for putting his info tips on here for all to see.What you need to ask yourself is where and who does he get them from.I know people who work for racing stables but i take some of there tips with a pinch of salt.Sometimes people will tell you anything to make them sound good.

  123. As I’ve said before the info John gets is very poor and can not be relied on very much so if you back his tips then don’t expect to win !

  124. As I say , I dont doubt the guy’s integrity, but i,m sure he would admit himself, his recent results have not been good, and its no good pretending otherwise.
    And i am always polite and appreciate his efforts.
    Lets hope things pick up soon.

  125. but can we still get horse racing tips without buying a cooker!!!!!!!!!!!!! chill out

  126. John does not sell you his info he simply passes it on whether you take it is your choice Stephen my friend and I am always polite to anyone who tries to assist me.

  127. Not quite the same Stephen. You pay for the cooker you take home so expect it to win. John’s tips are free and they don’t come with a guarantee unlike the cooker. Like they say, nobody forces you to back the selections. Keep up the good work John.

  128. ”no one forces you to back anything ! ” is lie buying a gas cooker, taking it home,it blowing up. And when you complain to the shop they say………..”no one forced you to buy it sir”
    Get real Larry andy phil etc, we are hrer for winners, ot ”be nice to John”
    For what its worth, I dont doubt Johns integrity for 1 min, but his results are poor

  129. I have not backed any of Johns tips only paper traded them.i get good inside info from time to time and about 50% win.Iam not slagging his tips of just pointing out his info is not that good.

  130. it’s looking like the ‘told you so trolls’ are starting to eek out of the wood work again, don’t like Johns tips?, then try someone else’s, I for one say you’re doing a grand job John, keep it up 🙂

  131. If every selection came in do you seriously
    think John would BOTHER posting, NO he wouldn’t he would be in his garden polishing his marrow with a smile on his face, give the guy a break he’s passing on info at no cost to you at all!!! if your feeling sore its because your a sore loser!!!!!!!!!

  132. Any tip you get no matter where it comes from is only someones opinion you must put it through your own selection process to decide wether to bet or not,if you decide to bet and it loses you have only yourself to blame.There is no such thing as our turn in betting.

  133. Hi,
    I have been following Johns tips for awhile now and from what i see this inside info is very poor.

  134. Exactly my taught Larry D, i wonder whats so what looking for in them tips after them info’s got me wiped out, real time.

  135. Fair play Jay, has anybody backed Sprinter Sacre with Corals enhanced the odds on line to even money up to £20.

  136. Its not really the cost of the info is it.Its the vast amount of hard earned lost on the bets
    Larry D.

  137. sorry for putting on here ,but the tips page gets very busy and i like the chat better here!.they tipped a 12/1 and 6/1 last sat

  138. free trial of janey adams..through Racing Office ..they do a free betting times(magazine) pdf ..every sat

  139. Janey Adam
    5.50 Relay
    6.20 Behlayan,
    6.50 Atticus Finch.

    HAD THIS SENT TODAY!! im paper trading

  140. Just to let those of you who are interested that Paul Jeffery has sent his first selection in the trial period that I will start posting in future on the March tips page so to not clog up John’s page
    MAX E.W. BET @ 9/2
    He says it will shorten up.
    Kind Regards,
    Larry D.

  141. No such thing as a dead cert ‘ just keep looking for a form stable and at the moment it’s lucinda Russell ‘ yesterday a 6/1 winner backed in overnight from 16/1

  142. Thanks Stephen,I’ll let you have the selection[s]Paul Jeffery sends through [ starts tomorrow]even though I will not be investing in them.
    The only ”paid” service that has really worked for me over the years are the comments from the reliable race readers at Timeform for many years my formbook and a little hard work of course.
    Larry D.

  143. Good advise Larry – through painful experience.
    Although Form Genius from Jsson Franklin is showing promise – will keep you updated

  144. Totally agree Ketchy,but its the lies of past results tht annoy me.After 40 years of wagering I know well that 100% winners is imposible but long term profit no matter how small is all you would hope for from a paid tipster.My money back promise if no profit shown from Colin Brown is coming to an end but getting my subscription refunded is proving difficult.Never ever subscribeto a paid tipster no matter who is my hard and fast rule!!
    Keep Smilng,
    Larry D.

  145. At the end of the day we all want the same thing, – a dead cert. We want someone who has knowledge to tell us about a dead cert. But as we have seen with JL (he has some winners and some losers) there is no such thing as a dead cert – well perhaps occasionally. I have tried the paying for tips route but they all end up the same way. If anyone wants a free site/ tipster to follow (thats what you are talking about now) you can do a lot worse than follow Hugh Taylor on AT The Races. He regularly gets good priced winners. His results for the last 3/4 years can be seen. Yesterday Caldercruix 11/2 get in.

  146. Think I’ll be watching the Paul Jeffery tips after all you’ve said .I notice on his website he states that if he fails to make you a profit after the 1st 12 bets he’ll give 3 months more of the same for free.THATS A FLAMING TEMPTING OFFER IS’NT IT !
    I’ll stick to Our genuine John I think!
    Night Night.

  147. John 3rd time scary movies run this week don’t think I would have made it a MAX bet no disrespect meant John was always going to win or be tired and get beat easy glad it was NOT A MAX BET mate roll on tomorrow and hopefully a better day ps not winning on the dogs !

  148. me and my pal went down the paul Jeffrey road put our money together and were wiped out within 2 months.eary success then loss after loss our bank was gone of course since then have letters and texts to tell us how better the advice is now….

  149. The MAX was going to be scary move in the 8.40 but I have not heard a thing, and with betfair Eddie on board, it’s a risk!!!

    All I can say is if it gets hammered in the betting I will have dabble

  150. Lets be careful out there ! We’ll not put our shirts on anything with our Cheltenham cash lads and lasses.

  151. Larry D. Got the same letter and my trial starts on Saturday as well. What interests me is will he tip us both the same horse or try another tactic? Keep in touch.

  152. Paul Jeffery.I have had a free trial from him some time ago.He is one of those tipsters who have been banned by every bookmaker in the country.On the free trial I had one low odds winner from 12 bets.RUBBISH.
    Having said that it never hurts to do a free trial just don’t get carried away.

  153. Don’t get your hopes up to much larry i’ve been with him a month now and had a sring of short price favs most of which have lost . the only decent info he gets you have to pay extra for

  154. Never heard of him larry let’s know how you go on mate ! You could post tips on here AFTER you have put your bets on of course

  155. We got a decent run for our money so cant grumble.It was clear from Johns message that it was not a max

  156. Was it me but didn’t anybody else think Sawpit was a MAX bet, (heavy hint) in the message!??
    We have been told to look for subtle hints before!

  157. @stephengrosvenor, yes i was watching on BF, so that is more??, strange on B365, wouldn’t it be great if your laptop smelled of fish when this happens like “smellyvision”, LOL!

  158. dont know rob but massive swings like that especially within the space of a few minutes always smells funny to me…that one ladt night was 10/11 on..then drifted to 11/4 ..then returned 6/4 all within 4 minutes. .and that wasnt betfair was on bet 365!!!

  159. @Stephengrosvenor how do they do that?
    Even stranger, in recent months was going to lay a horse under 6s at an AW course, last 5-10 mins it drifted to 22/1, came back in to about 5/1 and flipping WON easy as you like!1! Anyway i did not lay as i found this amazing and thought “dodgy”!

  160. john did you see the 8pm race kempton and in particular the betting patterns..even money fav drifted to 11/4 back to 6/4.as they entered the stalls. ..and a second fav backed off the boards then drifted on stalls entry..just wondered any thoughts…seems to me they wanted a price about the winner so somehow promoted a rush on the second fav ?????

  161. John Lewis on March 5, 2013 at 8:19 pm said:
    Long run to be placed 2/1 MAX BET

    Is this in the champion chase on 13th march…?

  162. Just just finish level for the day if haadeeth can manage to win fingers crossed:-)come on Hughes 🙂

  163. Heya Jl remember you tipping quality art a couple of runs ago, think it’ll be winning today!

  164. Jl I’m wondering if you did the same as me and went back in small after it was beat but qualified for the race 25s was too big and thought I’d throw another cheeky 5 e/w as it seemed value, obviously they were just there to qualify and not overly hard and have left plenty in the tank to work on!

  165. Jarvist just equaled your best odds Jl,maybe he should be given more voice,but then I THlNK maybe we can all log in as a alias ?????
    and play the Cheltenham market

  166. Long run, is running in the gold cup on the 15th

    Yes, jarvist, my mate says pumpkin head said its his best chance of a winner!!!!

    Great winner today btw

  167. Jl thanks for the tips looks like the Henderson team will have a very good Cheltenham to me!! Just looking at the ante post for next week just noticed how short tricky trickster was now, I’d given up on it didn’t think it would run after it got beat.

  168. All at Cheltenham next week, look under ante post betting, where possible take advantage of non runner, no bet

  169. Spoke to a few contacts about Cheltenham today

    Rolling star triumph hurdle 5/1 win bet info

    Chatterbox Neptune 16/1 ew bet info

  170. Cheers John enjoy the garden.

    I can take my 73 year old mum out a run in the
    Car now. Told her she wasn’t going till I got your
    Tip. Hahahaha (you always need to keep in with your
    Mother you know lol )

  171. Nothing today chaps,…….

    I will spend the afternoon in the garden….

    Have a good day

    All I know about the McCain stable, is that they are as straight as they come IMO

  172. Stephen I don’t post as much as I’d like but I usually post on the tips page as don’t want to clog up johns thread. It’s second hand info but not usually far away seems positives for fav and 2nd fav, price is now 5/1 with the pp so I’ve gone back in at 5/1 just a ton. Might have a flat horse later but I’ve got to wait to hear

  173. Sorry its Indian castle in the middle of moving house so got it on the brain at minute lol

  174. Afternoon Jl your in great form at minute keep up the good work! Just wondering if you’ve heard anything about Indian house 4:20 I’ve been.told its very strongly fancied by the McCain team on at 4s

  175. Thats the why.♫.ha.♫.ha.♫..ha.♫..ha ♫
    Like it..♫. ha.♫.ha.♫..ha.♫.ha…♫
    Thank you Jhon.. Drinks on me

  176. Had a dilemma there cos my lad is called Harry, lol, but glad I stuck with JL. Thank you for keepin us int

  177. A big thank you and credit where credit is due,solid information there,thanks John,
    Kind regards,
    Larry D.

  178. Morning, jay, I usually just have a few Antepost bets at chelt which I have put up here,…all the horses at chelt are trying for their life, so there is very little value in the prices IMO ,

    There are often plenty of plots at the other meetings whilst chelt is on , as the owners etc can get a lot more money on!

  179. any info for the festival john?? will lets you know when my uncle has any runners coming up, he has a few with 3 diff trainers now and like@s to pull of a job or two. could do with direct messaging on here!!

  180. John,toubab/aaim to prosper,365 paid 5 1/2-1, your info made me do it, thanks ever so,only win I had,Sandra xx

  181. Great info john you can tell just when a horse and jockey are giving 100 % nice one thanks 🙂

  182. Lol I’m confused as well Norman. Glad you asked I have no idea why all the e mail swapping

  183. Has everyone got to send an e mail address in now? This site has changed in one day!

  184. hello john thank you very much for the tips you are giving out and i am your fan. i was taking a break as i did had some big loosing bets as i am stupid and cant even pick my nose….lol i was doing bets like 10 ew lucky 15 as i was looking for a big return. i am just a kid front of you as the Knowledge you have about horse racing.this is my mail( aanniillkkuummaarr@gmail.com ) any advice will be very much helpful.

  185. This is JL’s page and i respect that,if I do post it will be on the March free tips page


  186. Aim to prosper 3.30 donny 2/1 info

    The plan was always to go over this distance, today is the day

  187. John L

    Noe seen Alan B for some time but we did drink together a Wolverhampton and more so when my horse Swanhunter won at the track


  188. Sandra

    I stand by my post 25-2-13

    I do put up some selevtions on the free info but they are just what i work out as value bets.
    Started them yesterday and had 1 7-1 winner and
    a 3rd at 14-1 uot of 4 selections.

    posted 4 on there today



  189. john,got 1 today but much to short a price now.

    Sandra, I’m quite a good cook


  190. derrick,you would not even go there,ref 25-2-13,the kitchens far too hot for you,Sandraxx

  191. Cheers Derrick, do you still get a bit of info,?

    As you know, the trainer , stable lads arnt always the best judges!

  192. As an ex racehorse owner,i cant tell you that getting it right with a horse is very difficult,in my 7 years as an owner we only mannaged four planed coups.We had winners but not 100% sure they would win.So give John Lewis a breakas he does not need to give this info to all on here


  193. Due to work commitments not been able to post, can’t believe some of the comments on here free tips and we still find something to moan about dont like them don’t back them,racing is as bent as a corkscrew and any info to help beat the bookie is always welcome,going out at 9 today John early tip would help and good luck to everybody backing today

  194. Fair comment John… only got 10/11 at my non MAX stake – but maybe i,m a bit 2 cautious.
    But not complaining – a win all the same n lookin forward to tomorrow – lets hope we dont get the saturday curse !

  195. Lads I could not comment on the 5.20,,,,, that mob have been known to pull them in the last minute if the info is put out …. Sorry,…… But this is a open forum

  196. Looking at darkest night 7/1 might be worth a couple of quid if blazeofenchantment has a off day ! You never know !

  197. Oh! That was hard lines,moving into a prominent position when falling after yesterday with Manamee looking a winner when almost forced through the rails.Our turn for fortune next I hope!!!
    Larry D.

  198. Blazeofenchantment 5.20 will be a MAX bet if I find out the handbrake is off, still waiting for the nod

  199. Anything today John Lewis ?
    Let your tips do the talking and silence the doubters….lol

  200. Effort is my middle name Johnnyd so much so that they don’t give me anything sharp in here anymore!Anyway just to be constructive,Ruby Walsh I believe has only ITALIAN MASTER 2.20 NEWBURY today Timeform top rated also.
    Now I’ve clogged up John’s Page.
    Regards,Larry D.

  201. Larry D- All Johns tips are in the Daily papers, try having a look, you just got to put a little self effort in, lol
    Opinions are still legal in this country.


  203. Credit to you for replying John – reassuring.
    And good comments from Keith and Johnnyd.
    We are adults and should be able to express concerns, dissapointment, and of course praise when it is due.
    Thats what a blog is for Andy !

  204. Yes John I do know lol best possible position isn’t always 1st is it ! Good luck with tomorrow’s tip

  205. Evening All, John Lewis is doing a good job for those who choose to follow him, he’s taking time out from his day to give these tips to you all, why the moaning and whineing?
    I post tips on the Free Tips Page and put up more winners in a day than John does in a week but the moment I have a bad day and start to get snide comments from people who couldn’t tip a wheelbarrow, let alone a horse then it’s the time to call it a day.
    John puts in the effort to give these tips to everyone, so give the man a break. Try picking your own, see how you do.
    Keep up your good work John, don’t let the moaners get you down.
    Johnny D

  206. Keith, do you really think I’m going promote laying horses on here which are not trying……… ….. Betfair have around 60k of my money from me laying horses that were not trying, and dogs, as soon as they see dodgy betting patterns your in the poo!!! I’m not sure if you are aware it is against the rules of racing to….. Run horses not to obtain the best possible finishing position

  207. Andy what is it to you ? You johns spokesman ? John can and does speak for himself I am asking questions for John to answer not YOU as I said people need to learn to find their own winners its much more rewarding !

  208. John firstly I don’t expect everyone of your tips to win and secondly by 10 lengths lol maybe 15! If you are giving people tips and only put info can’t you say wether it’s from trainers/owners etc and not ladbrokes traders and you said before they gave you bad info so why listen to them again ? You should only put tips from trainers/owners who know their own horses and when they are going to try or not why not put tips to lay horses when you know they won’t be trying ?

  209. Why would anyone on here spend they’re time trying their upmost to ridicule someone who has a high success rate?, and offer a service that people appreciate, are they bored?, have nothing better to do with their time?, think they’re doing us all a favour by ‘listening to them?’..

    In actual fact the more they rant on belittling John’s useful service on a thread that they have absolutely no interest in make you wonder what sort of life they have?

    I put to you Keith & Stephen, if you have no interest on here unyet keep on posting then you will (post upon post) escalate the fact that you are just making yourselves appear to be, (how can I put this politely..?)

    ..sad & lonely? with absolutely nothing else better to do with your time.. you may even be the same person for all we know.

    Get off here and go and troll on some other site that you haven’t been banned from.

    John, keep up the good work. 🙂

  210. First of all Keith is correct, I should not have played ew on toot, my mistake. I read my message wrong.

    Secondly I must apoligise for a having a few losers, every info tip should win by at least 10 lengths,

    Keith, today’s info was from the top trader at ladbrokes, who told me there was a avalanche of money for the two horses……nothing to do with owners , trainers, stable lads etc, if you take the time to read my posts you realise I’m not a billy bullshitter, making out as thou my info is the best in the world……… When I put up a MAX bet it is when everything is in place and I know the info I have is spot on,……… Out of 5 MAX bets , 1 has lost,…..( which should and would win by 10 lengths if the race was run again…….

    Anybody can pick short price winners!!!!!!!! Of course they can, but can they show profit? I don’t pick any horses,…… I get told then…….


  212. Keith
    I for one would be very much obliged if you would post a fav. every day that has a high win SR at odds between evens and 5/2.
    i thank you in anticipation.

  213. Some don’t seem to be listening backing short priced favs is not HARD go try it and you will see you get the same results as John does % wise try it !

  214. KEITH Looking forward to your selections and good luck with them you might become the new John ADORED by all!!!LOL

  215. Anotherbill. If John or anyone else wants to start a paid tipping service they can get their selections proofed at racing index for free and with thousands more visitors than this site from all over the world .I know because ive done it Cost to start for a racing tips website is under £30.

  216. Alex well you can’t have backed all johns tips to a point style otherwise you would be out if profit

  217. Ill just say this trainers / owners KNOW when a horse is going to TRY or NOT especially in lower grade races ! That’s how they make their money as you know Andy / Norman so WHY would they tell John to back it and it runs so badly ? If Jason can tell us for sure that John is genuine then so be it until then ill will reserve judgement good look with you’re bets mt tips will go on free tips page

  218. For what its worth i would assume John would like to start a paid tipster service like Deans. But first he needs to show its value as a free trial.If he can show a profit and get 200 people to part with £40 a month,£96,000 a year he would be quite happy to give free info for 6 weeks or so and put up with all this flack he is being given.
    I for one back his tips as he may have info but a paid for service not at the moment thanks !

  219. NORMAN
    Very well said sir.
    I have backed JLs tips that were under 5/2 and show a good profit to date.
    Onwards and Upwards JL and keep those tips coming.

  220. well there’s favourites and then again there’s favourites, good luck in the future with your betting Keith

  221. I See the inquest has opened on Johns tips and I would just like to add my comments Fistly I dont think Jason would have invited John to have his own page if he had not known something abou t his ability as JASONS sole aim is to try and provide us wih winners and to run a top site.I like Keith have been racing for over 30 years and go Racing regulary. I know owners and like John have been given info from top Newmarket stables but probably more lose than win…There are a couple of questions HOWEVER THAT I would ask Why would some one that gets private information and bets in high stakes want to share it on a free website? Maybe as a favour to Jason ! Question 2 Why would anyone pretend to be a Profesional bettor? Very un likely .so my thoughts are that John has been given some well intentioned poor info and passed it on in good faith. Regards and good luck to all

  222. Andy 14/35 favs is about right nothing special only 30% of favs win as I am sure you already know ANYONE can back favs at 1/1 5/4 6/4 11/8 11/10 etc the diff is people lose more money by putting more on because John sain win / info I could give you 14/35 short priced favs all day long ! I come on here like you I enjoy racing and go on many sites I DON’T like to see people losing money !

  223. Certainly did, just over a fiver profit in her money box. Shes doubled her money since last saturday ( using grandpas money as her stake though!!)

  224. so why are you on here then?, why ruin it for those who are happy to follow John using their own strategy.. John is currently 14 wins from 35 selections, if you have a strategy based on short & skinny priced selections I’d say that’s pretty good going.

    Also before you ask why I am on here unyet I don’t select any of John’s selections I am simply comparing his results against my own.

  225. Andy you DON’T give BAD INFO out when people put hard earned money on it many people LOSE MONEY that they can’t AFFORD on johns info they think if John says win info they believe it WILL WIN which is wrong as we all know !

  226. Andy you’ve taken it the wrong way it meant why would you pay for johns tips when they lose more then win ! I can give you my tips if you like but I DON’T bet every day if nothing stands out I don’t bet ! Rule One don’t just bet for the sake of it

  227. Cheers Keith – you make so much sense- far more than the now SILENT John.
    PLEASE post your tips on the ‘fee tips’ page.

  228. Keith,

    Give me your tips for 3 months & I’ll paper trade & then I’ll let you know or not?, with the amount of bets I do in a day Johns bets doesn’t fit within my strategy, what do you say?, how many bets do you do a day Keith?, what’s your SR & P/L? over the last three years say?

  229. I agree with Keith I think John backs his tips waits for everyone to drive the price down then lays for a profit

  230. Stephen I’ve backed horses for over 30 years you get to know things form etc it will come to you ! I can give my tips on free page BUT not every horse wins ! But johns info to back a horse at 8/1 ew in a 7 runner field is just ALL WRONG you back to win if you have had info like John said !

  231. Andy your telling me YOU would PAY for johns tips well he gave 5 in two days 1winner@ 9/4 ! You DON’T back a horse At 8/1 ew when only 2 places I gave 3 horses 1 winner at 5/1 does that make me a better tipster then john ? What would you pay for my tips then ?

  232. Stephen and keith,
    Try these in the next 3 races tonight:
    Dubai emerald
    Our golden girl
    Di stefano
    Had these from a reliable source who had 3 winners and a place from 8 picks last saturday, using up to date methods. The secret is my grand daughter who picks the prettiest shirts in a race

  233. Been called worse Keith ! – so same question- why are’nt you tipping on the free tips page ? / whats your angle – system ? / stats ? – come on help a novice here.
    And things are VERY quiet from John…………….

  234. John,

    Just a thought but Dean who kindly offers a service for tips on here now charges monthly for his efforts, maybe it could be worthwhile for you to consider doing the same?, it may just prevent unconstructive and senseless comments from those who don’t appreciate what you do everyday.. may pay for your time & phone calls etc, don’t use you myself but it’s just a thought eh? 🙂

  235. Did you all back Daisy’s gift 5/1 ? See ANYONE can tip horses if you read form trainer jockey etc etc try picking your own and you will lose less money ! Try it

  236. Nice call Keith – What’s your angle on this – should’nt you be on the ‘free tips’ page ?

  237. If you had real inside info, would you share it? Of course not and neither would I. The late, great Phil Bull said…….Geese who lay golden eggs are not for sale!

  238. How can you get info to back horses and they run so bad ? 5 tips 1 winner @ 9/4 which most people could have picked themselves does this not tell you something Stephen ?

  239. Tot sweet 8/1 ew. In a 7 horse race only 2 places ! And comes no where when you lot going to see the light ? Anyone can tip 5/4 favs !

  240. Bryan I was just asking if Jl had heard anything that’s all the people who backed it in from 10s in the morning into 9/2 must have had the same thought as me!!

  241. Bryan. At the risk of offending those who only want comments on John’s tips, Seraphima was put up by the At The Races tipster who also has a good success rate especially with horses at higher prices. I dont know if that is why Jarvist fancied it or not

  242. Jarvist.Can’t imagine what attracted you to that horse.Perhaps one of your family has a hamster called Seraphima.

  243. Ok no worries personally I think it’ll go off about 10/3-3/1 we will see I guess! Pays ya money takes ya chance

  244. No I’m afraid not, if it gets backed, it is ready, if it drifts, it will need a run,,, that’s my opinion

  245. John,triers are fairly easy to spot but not so non triers but lets watch its next run and see what occurs.Hey I doubled stake on the next selection and bingo! so all is good so far and one more to come.WELL DONE.
    Larry D.

  246. I have watched the 2.55 several times and we were 100% told bad info, maybe they wanted a better price

  247. Norah Starr 2.55 5/2 win bet. ( info)
    Asia miner 8.30 7/2 win bet (info)
    Emperor choice 4.10 9/4 win bet (info)

  248. Thanks for the tip John, I already liked the look of French Canadian (fingers crossed).

  249. don’t ask me where I got 18 points profit earlier? – been number crunching all morning, have brainache.. need beer

  250. not a problem Norman.. when it comes to shelling out loot I’m afraid I’m a bit of a stickler for stats & results

  251. Interesting that mr McCOY has gone to Catterick for 1mount Iwill be there to shout him home!! 350 ROMAN FLIGHT

  252. Oscar,

    Prices & W/L rate as follows:

    7/2 (Won)
    4/1 (Lost)
    5/2 (Won)
    7/2 (Lost)
    10/3 (Lost)
    13/2 (Lost)
    5/4 (Won)
    2/1 (Won)
    7/1 (Lost)
    6/1 (Lost)
    9/2 (Lost)
    13/2 (Lost)
    5/4 (Won)
    11/8 (Lost)
    4/5 (Lost)
    6/4 (Won)
    3/1 (Lost)
    5/2 (Lost)
    7/2 (Lost)
    11/10 (Won)
    5/2 (Won)
    6/4 (Won)
    2/1 (Won)
    5/1 (Lost)
    11/8 (Won)
    8/11 (Lost)
    7/4 (Lost)
    5/2 (Lost)
    7/4 (Won)
    3/1 (Lost)
    1/3 (Won)

    Not including E/W, from a total of 31 selections there are 13 winners, (I think), I make that a SR of 41.935%?.. sorry for long post

  253. hey jl thanks for your info i follow it when i can i think you offer good genuine advice it speaks volumes that you place your money on your own selections.no one can win all the time and the odd loser is part of the game,the answer is use some form of money management obvious really.
    regards barryxx

  254. Andy,

    You posted the proffit made but could you tell me the actual strike rate? If the prices are small then the strike rate must be very high to achieve that proffit?? How many winners out of how many races?


  255. Yes that’s really good going cant wait till I am placing bigger bets and getting the most out of John’s info!!

  256. Thanks for the work on the strike rate Andy, backs up my decision to stick to the main bets. Short prices or not having John’s info make’s it a easier bet to place.

  257. Alex, I wish I could but I can’t, I can make this a read only page, but then nobody, Including John would be able to post. So that would be no use!

  258. Just done a few calculations & from when John has kindly starting sharing his info on here, (not including the E/W selections), he’s just under around 18 points up, not bad at thin prices.

    Nice one John 🙂

  259. ***JASON***
    Please , please , please make this a read only page for members.
    The exception being J Lewis to post his info.

  260. Hi John if people are give you shit just tell Jason and he will ban them from using the site. Keep posting

  261. well said bob, john you dont need to explain yourself, your word is good enough and accepted by 99.9% of us on here.your info and knowledge are helping us make some good profit.dont jeopardise the source of your info by trying to please the minority. …its a hard game and we appreciate everything. .onwards and upwards

  262. been monitoring the thoughts & posts on here, yet haven’t actually made a wager on any of John’s tips.. without delving into past ports, what would you you guys say John’s SR is?

  263. To be honest John, the majority of people on here
    Trust you as an individual and trust your advice.
    If you say bet to win, or place bet then that’s good
    Enough for me to follow. I don’t need to know anything
    Else to be honest. There is no point in putting too much
    Up here and risk the integrity of your source.
    For the really serious better, your tip would give them a starting point to cross check or check with their own sources or systems. As I say my friend, simple is best
    For the majority and keeps your source and info protected. Keep up the great work

  264. John lewis your expertise and input is invaluable to us here, I for one am extremely grateful that we have you on side in the war against the bookies. Keep it up mate you know your stuff

  265. It is very hard for me on here, as you can imagine , the majority of the time I can not post the full story on a public website., eg, I got told a horse yesterday that they were going to send it straight to the front purely so they could back the horse at large odds and lay off in running for a all green book….. There are also a set of owners who specialise in buying hold up horses!!!! Who only back there horses inrunning!

  266. I am unlucky

    West Ham v Tottenham – Match Betting
    Lazio v Pescara – Match Betting
    Levante v Osasuna – Match Betting
    Monaco v Lens – Match Betting
    Hertha Berlin v Kaiserslautern – Match Betting

    Tottenham @ 6/5
    Lazio @ 1/4
    Levante @ 21/20
    Monaco @ 4/6
    Hertha Berlin @ 17/20


    £500.oo £0.00 O/2319421/0000716/F

  267. Hi John,
    Thank you BIG STYLE!Made Mumeyez my only bet of the day @ 4/6 and made a cool £400,try and get that interest at the Halifax building society!
    Thanks Mate,
    Larry D.

  268. Keep the info coming John , I for one will place my bets and if they lose then so be it having your info gives me the confidence to bet bigger. I will just give the e/w’s a miss while I recover my betting bank from other very poor tipsters!!!!

  269. Good for you John Lewis, you are actually human after all!!
    Thanks to all the MOANERS we didn’t receive a winning tip…4/6 or whatever, a winners a winner.
    The moaners won’t be happy until you stop putting up your tips….and then they will just moan at other peoples tips.
    Your tips are appreciated by many so please continue to post them.
    I’m sure that all the realistic people on here don’t expect to win all the time.
    Thanks for your posts and good luck!

  270. I get information but would never put it on any open sight,seems some on here do not understand racing and expect 100% for nothing,come out of the clouds and live in the real world,it is a persons choice if they bet on info or not,remeber the expression,If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

  271. Hi John, thanks alot and please keep them coming,I for one look forword to your info,I did use your mumeyez with Jupiter Rex,Paddy Power paid 3/1,thanks to you I had a winning bet,SANDRA xx

  272. thank you for your time for as John. without help we get nowhere in this game. and appreciated very much. that’s me for tonight no more betting, no more poker just whiskey 🙂
    tomorrow we all Could became millionaires .good luck

  273. To be honest I did back it at 4/6 but really can’t be arsed in getting slagged off for putting short priced bets up….the abuse if it lost would had been frightening!!!!!!! The little comments come up every time I have a loser …..

    Before commenting, you should really read my posts about being put away and trainers , stable staff etc not being the best of judges etc etc

    I’m apologise for not being totally honest,…. But I still put the horse up for you all to see………

    Good luck

  274. Well you have to take the chances with this game .i had this Flashlight,Wordiness ,Jupiter Rex,Mumeyez on £500 accumulator that’s come up. not bad just over 5k. i do respect johns info and take a chance on it. But not betting with my mortgage money i want you all in the finale table. good luck my friends

  275. Well you have to take the chances with this game .i had this Flashlight,Wordiness ,Jupiter Rex,Mumeyez on £500 accumulator that’s come up. not bad just over 5k. i do respect johns info and take a chance on it. But not betting with my mortgage money :).. i want you all in the finale table. good luck my friends

  276. Hi John. New to making a comment but have been following your tips for a couple of weeks. I am on the side of keep them coming. Its like tv if you dont like the program switch the tv off for your critics. However a quick question why would you stay away from Mumeyez. Its a short price and for me like many as a small punter not worth betting £10 to win £3. But you have indicated amounts you have lost so surely £1000 or £5000 investing if it “will not lose” is still a 30% return and worth doing.

  277. I’m sure JL will agree. Prerequisites are a betting bank, staking plan, discipline and a method of selection, whether it be JL’s, yours or anyone elses “tip”

  278. well their were reasons to back it too, you should always bet with money you can afford to lose , keep the info coming PLZ john or start a website as im sick of all the complaining from these guys. you know your stuff!! ive been in this game too long for your info to be made up!!

  279. Hope MDL at least places for you Anil.
    At the moment, and after the race whatever happens- win or lose – it is the hallmark of a classic mug punter. No offence intended, it is just how it is. Good luck!!

  280. Hopefully get 2,250.00 back if placed. we will crack it today john. i believe it will storm home as there is always hope for Gordon s outsiders.

  281. its going work today.. everything crossed 🙂

    25 Feb 2013 – 4:40 Plumpton – Win

    Best Odds Guaranteed!

    Marie Deja La @ 14/1 EW @ 1/4 1-3

    Stake : £500.00 (£500.00 x 2)
    Estimated Returns : £ 9750.00

    Transaction Reference:

  282. For what it’s worth my man at the gosden stable says their horse in the 5.00 at wolves will 100% win….. I always take comments like that with a pinch of salt, I’m leaving it as its 4/6

  283. hope you keep posting , i too could be up on the bookie then !!!..can not wait for the festival.
    thanks again

  284. The horse that lost yesterday ( beat that) was my first MAX bet ( info) loser of the year, and Sod’s law I had my biggest bet on it £8,700, and the fact that if they re ran the race 100 times it would win it every time,….. Makes it even more hard to take……. But hey, we move on, no one died……… And longterm I’m making plenty…….

  285. Thank you very much, John Lewis.

    I think it shows enormous fortitude and strength of character, after a day like yesterday, to continue posting your selections on here for us.

    I, for one, am very grateful.

  286. Missed the first one. Fingers crossed for second
    Thanks again John. My betting bank down to £6.40
    Lol I need a win !!!!!!

  287. Well done John! I’m not in the clear yet tho, I’m on the double! That was an easy win, hope the next won romps home also

  288. Hi John, you love a little tipple,you love a little bet,but I`m sure there are a few times ,you realy DO REGRET

  289. was busy all day trying to open a new business. so its taking my all time. just look at the result. aha.. same story . like you said john M its racing. so happy still alive to do a bet 2maro… lol. i am backing Johnnie walker black now. its making me happy
    good luck lads see you at the finale table

  290. Hahahaha like it Andy.

    I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific

    Tomorrow is another day…….. Think we’re all depressed today. Good thing is days like this are far and few between.

    Keep them coming John.

  291. Didn’t fancy anything today.Come the last race I thought I had better make some donation to the bookies.On the strenght of Speed Ratings fore cast I backed Sweet Like You and Revocation EW,2nd and 3rd @ 12/1 and 50/1. That will do me.

  292. I feel sorry for all l was on nights last night didnt get to bed till 7 and woke up at 4 ish so didnt have a bet but know that crap feeling when you have a bad day

    Youl get it back this week

  293. John keep your spirits up Geraghty rode a stinker it happens keep the info coming as Scarlett says tomotrow is another day

  294. heads up…so we been beat in a few by bad jockey decisions. .could have been so different we will again come back..onwards and upwards..marchin on

  295. usually when by bet come up i go to Vegas and champagne. if my bet don’t come up watch tube in home with tea.:)

  296. john just done this bet, just a luck tester
    thank you for the tips
    Accumulator (4)

    23 Feb 2013 – 2:30 Lingfield – Win

    Farmleigh House @ 9/4 EW @ 1/5 1-3

    23 Feb 2013 – 3:45 Fairyhouse – Win

    Battlefront @ 9/2 EW @ 1/5 1-3

    23 Feb 2013 – 4:25 Kempton – Win

    Katkeau @ 7/4 EW @ 1/4 1-3

    23 Feb 2013 – 5:05 Chepstow – Win

    Turoyal @ 5/1 EW @ 1/5 1-3


    Stake : £100.00 (£50.00 x 2)
    Estimated Returns : £
    Transaction Reference:

  297. Beat that 5.00 evens MAX WIN bet (info)

    Katkeau 4.25 2-1 win bet ( info)

    Battlefront 3.45 13/2 ew bet ( info)

  298. can someone please take direction of this page.please if you have anything important to post please do so on feb tips and keep this page open for JOHNS TIPS…AND COMMENTS

  299. Thanks, id love to be able to give creditable tips on here but unfortunately i am a casual punter who appreciates people like John who has some form horse knowledge and is good enough to share it with us. But if ditto ever pops up i will back him.

  300. It’s hard to say,…… Probably 2 , as the info is only that connections are backing it….

  301. Hi John
    Shame about the Max Bet
    On a scale 1-10 what strength would you rate Atlantic Beach as strong info? 10 been the strongest

  302. Buzzy – I think the only useful piece of info you’ve given us is that you are happy to take these tips, but not to share your own.
    Thank you for your insights & for your lecture.
    Now do us all a favour – & go post somewhere else.

  303. So whats the buzz all about since you also follow john’s tips? I guess its your name at work…buzzy LOL

  304. Why you on here then buzzy. On a site that gives tips and on a page for inside info? Can anyone else smell something?

  305. I dont work my mind to ruin to give it a way for free anymore than others do,John’s alright I just request more meat on the bone.I often put his selection with my other short prices to make a treble .

  306. Ok if i were you id leave your opinions and tips on the other blog as this is for John Lewis info only.
    Lets see how your picks do!

  307. Yer your right matt keep the myth alive,never buy one stable, feed and train it to then pay a fee to enter a race and lets not forget to get a jockey.

  308. Racing is about time, you have to put your time in to get something out,study the card watch the replays daily and and if the winner 2nd or 3rd did well right it in ya book with a notification of class,dist,jockey and weight because these things do change in the next official write up from time to time.but yer your sit on ya hands and depend on someone else to do your work because everything in life is free.my grandad had a little black book for every season I find it now takes 3such books to contain the amount of runners and races but when itworks out it beats doing the crossword.

  309. Buzzy it’s not the price that matters, it’s the inside info that matters. Yes in that particular race it looked like a good thing on paper but John has had info to back that up from his sources and I for sure feel more confident in that. At the end of the day when the stables money is down its nice to know, so you know your going to get a run for your money.
    Keep the info rolling John!!

  310. I dont understand people who would praise aman who gives you a favourite,learn to read a card for example the 5.20 LOOK at the card pick the winner then look at the result,ware you right because it was’by hard

  311. I see fibonacci system of mathmatics of odds…fibonacci..glad your on the ball john…hope you know how to apply it….hahaha good luck

  312. Thanks for another winner John.
    Could I ask your advice on staking please.
    If a win bet is 1 point would you advise half a point EW or 1 point EW? Also 2 points for a Max bet?
    Many thanks, regards John

  313. Nice winner John.
    To get back your money try using a staking plan like this.
    £1 £2 £3 £5 £8 £13 £21 and so on.Each time you hit a winner you should get your money back and make a profit.

  314. No worries John I am learning that your info is well worth the wait and when a max bet comes I will be using the bookies money

  315. 4points short today, no thanks to E/W bet miss typing risking 10 when i’m suppose to risk 5 as usual. Now 9points off including yesterday, i think its time i stick to a betting plan, please john, let the MAX come bro, time to recoup.

  316. Not sure yet Brian , it will be a bet , but whether it is MAX depends on a few things which haven’t been ironed out yet

  317. Paul shore.
    Never put all your eggs in one basket.
    You must have a plan and stick to it.I use a betting bank and points betting.My bets range from 1 point 1% of bank to a max bet 10% of bank.
    eg. Bank £500. 1pt. bet=£5.max bet 10pts. bet=£50.As your increases so do your bets.
    At the end of the month I withdraw any winnings and revert to original bank.Any losses are made up to original bank and I start again.

  318. Paul, your betting history probably mirrors 99.9% of us on her, there is only ever bad luck in the racing game, LOL! I miss winners and always pick up losers when i rush or miss my tipsters!

  319. If you say MAX bet, does it means my whole balance can go into the bet and come back with offsprings?

  320. John we all appreciate what you do for us.

    My problem is self discipline. Because I’m new to betting I get a win from you and think hey let’s bust the bank with the next bet ( I’m scottish so burst the bank to me means a £7.50 bet lol )

    You really do make a difference to us and I need to screw the nut so to speak and bet sensibly. Long term we can’t loose with you on our side so please please keep up the great work as I say it’s really appreciated.

  321. thanks 4 that john, i for one hope you carry on posting for a long time and if people know a good thing they will not tell anyone else about this info as it will spoil it for us all if you stop.

    again, thanks,

  322. Just to give you all an insight to the info I get,

    It really does vary,,,,,,,,

    From riding instructions, like ” today we are going to go straight to the front and try to win it from there”

    ” the horse has been working alongside a 80 rated horse at home”

    ” we have seen some substantial bets placed from certain well known faces”

    Etc etc

    What I’m trying to say is just because its info, it’s not nailed on, but longterm will give us a edge….

    I can’t post what I have actually been told, as this is a public forum!

  323. Freddie’s return 4.30 ….6/4 betfair , 11/8 general win bet ( info)

    Hopefully a MAX BET lined up tomorrow

  324. same for me paul,and then, fools rush in, when you know its wrong,and your sorry you did,but it will happen again,thats life,and then we win and its all better,LOL SANDRA.

  325. Same old story…..
    I miss the selections and they WIN
    I back em and they lose!!
    must be able to back every selection or I won’t get the benefit of Johns hard work.

  326. Looking at the way it drifted and the way it ran, it looks like I was put away…….., it happens, I move on…

  327. Bryan, my friends, contacts etc are not tipsters, they are stable staff, trainers, owners, traders for high street bookies, there is no chance of legal action, …… I might get kneecapped thou lol

  328. Nothing at the moment, not one text, phone call, or email…….. I hope my contacts haven’t realised I’m posting on here lol……

  329. look at the full result of race (i use racing post) and the time will be at the bottom under the last runner it will state time and whether the time was slow or fast this is taken from the average times for the track.It is best to look at sprint race times as those race are usualy run at a true pace were longer races can some time be a dawdle early on We have 3 horses in training at present and our trainer wont run on wolves til things get a bit better

  330. Its worth noting that wolves has the same problem since the ground clogged up the horses feet in early dec and was relayed as for the timescale yattonred the best way is to watch the times of races you can usually tell when the times get closer to average rather than all over the place as they are

  331. I also missed it, but great tipping John.
    I wish we could get a text alerting us, keep up the great work

  332. Aww! Gutted I missed this tip 🙁 anyhow well done John! More proof your info is good! Keep em coming!

  333. Excellent YET again John. I’m totally delighted you share these with us. You have just paid for a new tyre for my car. That’s the real difference you make to the small people.lol Keep it up.

    Many thanks


  334. I have also been told to lay stand gaurd in the 2.20.,,,,, but I’m not betting at Southwell at the moment

  335. ok people why dont we all pass coment on the days betting/johns tips, half hour after racing,then for those who want to take part they can and those who dont can log off?

  336. hey denzel and norman you two need to chill out as i understand it jason provided this page for john to place his tips but surely fellow members comments can offer feed back for john and be informative.you need to remember you two are members just like the rest of us.i can certainly see johnnyds point of view with rgard to you two.
    be cool regards barryx

  337. My oh my ! Just looked in on this page.
    When the masses are not allowed an opinion you
    then have a dictorial regime, and there seems to be
    a few candidates to fill the position.
    Surely the more positive input the more chance of
    informed selections.
    Oh no! Now I’m in trouble.

  338. denzal if you are referring to my blog it is not my opinion just a matter of fact based on johns selection some people on here backed the horse antepost and are probably a bit down hearted after yesterdays result i was just stating how it was, hoping to give some constructive comments

  339. how many times this page is for j l info not idle chat use other page,most of us arnt interested in people opinions

  340. Just watched the tricky trickster race twice and it looked to me as if he needed a faster pace (which he will get at cheltenham) the race was woefully slow even in the heavy conditions. The 2.50 race which was a novices race over the same distance was 9.3 seconds faster shows this.Different conditions at cheltenham hopefully will help him no doubt so keep the the chin up all of you that backed him and dont forget the main object of yesterdays race was to qualify to go to cheltenham which has been achieved

  341. Oh well, that little gamble didn’t go to plan but we’re still in the game for a possible trade on the day.

    Like Alex says, we are all slugs and…
    Onwards and Upwards

  342. John Lewis
    Like male humans slugs love beer, set a little trap for them to die happy.
    Sorry to hear about your car but as an ex engineer i can diagnose the problem —
    Onwards and upwards

  343. It’s still 14/1 with Will Hill. Hope everone understands if it doesn’t run you lose your stake.

  344. Thank you for the Info John I just took a bit at 13s on betfair and will hopefully lay it back at 6 or 8s later.

    Your tips are great keep them coming.

  345. Well norman, i hope you wont say vegetable issue shouldn’t be discussed on an info page. Thanks john, for the vegy planting info bro.

  346. This is only my 2nd year of growing veg!!!!! But what I learnt from last year is make sure you have plenty of slug pellets!!!!! And make sure your potatoes are fenced off from your chickens!!!!!

  347. hey jl any form of betting on horses is a speculative punt in my book,granted your advise gives us the edge thats why we love you but theres no such thing as a racing certainty.good luck with your veg patch i dig it man!
    regards barryx

  348. Barry, I don’t have speculative punts anymore, if there is no info etc , and I’m not going racing , find something else to do!!!!!

    Today I’m rotavating my veg patch lol,

    There maybe some info later, but nothing yet

  349. hey j.l anything today you would reccomend a speculative punt on and thanks for your advise which i normally follow if i can.
    regards barryx

  350. If i have got this right tricky trickster has got to win this race today to qualify for the cheltenham race is that correct john