Get BetInfo24 on your brand new 'Free' iPad or iPhone 5


You may recall me banging on about this before, and as this is a free service I thought you would be interested in receiving a free iPhone 5 or iPad so that you can follow BetInfo24 on the go. Im going to show you exactly how to do it right here..
This really works and as you can see from the picture below of my office, I have had a brand new, 27" iMac, and 2 iPads (1 for the girlfriend), and I've not paid a penny for any of them. The company is very reputable and I can 100% confirm that it works.


How to do it:
1) Click this link and sign up for free [Click Here]
2) Complete 1 of the many offers. (My favourite is the Euro millions lottery offer)
3) Select which gift you would like (there are lots to choose from)
4) Get a few friends to do the same, or complete a few more offers yourself
5) Your brand new gift will be shipped directly from Apple




How does it work? Why would they give them away for free?
Basically Freebie Jeebies can afford to give away these products because they make their money through affiliate commissions, if you don understand then dont worry about it. All you need to know is that it works and it works well.



So there you have it, a great way of getting something for free. And even better, you'll be able to follow BetInfo24 on the go 😉 especially now we post live updates on Twitter.