The other day I promised to tell you how I made an easy £60 by trading the Sweden v England game. If you use Betfair then you may have noticed that not too long ago they introduced a new feature that allows you to 'take a profit' or loss during the match. It even calculates exactly how much you can take, so there is no need to work anything out. You may have seen the advert on TV that Betfair currently broadcast. It shows a guy who bet on the Man Utd v Everton game last season that finished 4-4, he has the option to take a profit, something like £23, he hesitates and then decides to cash out when it was 4-3, Everton then scored and it finished 4-4. Had he not taken his £23 profit when it was 4-3, he would have lost his bet.







This is basically what I did, but the strategy I used was a little different as I actually planned on cashing out.
Here's what I did


I did not place a bet before the game, my plan was to wait for a goal and then back the losing team, as I thought it could be a pretty close game  so this would give me a good chance to trade and take a profit in play.


Sweden score a goal and the odds for England to win shoot up to 8 (7/1) so I placed £10 on England to Win. Now Im hoping that England score the next goal so their odds come back down and I can take a profit by Laying them at a lower price (as i said, Betfair now work all of this out for you).


England score a goal and make it 1-1. The price came back down to around 3 or something like that and I was given the opportunity to take £13 profit regardless of how the match ended up. Luckily for me i didn't even have time to think and England score another, so the odds came down even more. Now Im really sitting pretty. They are now 1.68 and I can take a guaranteed £37, thank you very much bet fair!


There was still plenty of time left in the game and Sweden could easily get back into it, so I did the same again but the other way around, I backed Sweden to Win at around 7/1. I only put £4 on. So now my situation was:
Sweden Win I win £60
England Win I win £33
A draw and I win £33
A couple of wonder goals from Ibrahimavich and I won £60 from an original outlay of just £10
If England hadn't of equalised then I'd have only lost £10, if Sweden went 2-0 then I could have put a couple more pound on England at big odds, and hoped they got back in the game.
I know it all worked out perfectly and that doesn't always happen. But If the odds dictate that its going to be a close match then its worth doing. It happened in the Arsenal v Spurs match on Saturday. Spurs went 1 up then Arsenal equalised. Last night Sunderland went 1-0 and then Fulham equalised. You could of cashed out in both of these games for a guaranteed profit.


So the moral of my football trading is. Look for close games and then wait for a goal to be scored then back the losing side and hope they equalise!!!


Hope that explains it

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15 thoughts on “Trading Live Football In play”

  1. Thanks Jason. Used the above for the 1st time City v Real for £15 profit, plus saw your Both teams to score tweet. Profitable night
    Thanks again

  2. Look at teams that are capable from coming from behind and can score lots of goals (both the manchester teams, arsenal etc.), look at the opposition they are playing, try to envisage situations in your mind what you will do at any given stage.

    Shaktar last night pre game were 1.33 (1/3), playing the poorest team in the group, were behind twice before winning 5-2, yet were backable at 26/1 in play.

  3. just discovered this when my mate showed me he had made £55 off a fiver. He backs he team that are winning 1-0 and then cashes out when as the game goes on. the trouble with this is compared to the potential loss the profit is small and it is very time consuming.
    The way you describe above sounds much better and far more profitable. i will definately give it a go.
    Many tanks for the advice.
    Adam Bramhall

  4. Hi Jason I do the same myself its nice when Manu go 1 or 2 down there odds go right up and i get on them iv made a killing
    its very good

    steve king