Sports betting has long remained a popular form of entertainment for millions of people across the United Kingdom who place their own hard-earned money on the outcome of sporting events in the hope of making a considerable profit. Billions of pounds are wagered every year across a number of sports, such as football, horse racing and tennis, with the introduction of online and mobile betting creating a wide range of markets for punters to choose from. It has led to the introduction of live in-play betting that allows people to make predictions before and during a sporting event to not only increase the chances of winning, but also create more excitement and tension when watching sport on television or live in a stadium.

Coral_1677568a With numerous bookmakers now offering similar markets and offers, it can be difficult for punters to decide on the best company to go through. Choosing Coral may be a wise move, particularly ahead of big sporting events such as Wimbledon and the Ashes series which is set to provide plenty of opportunities for punters to make their mark.


Detailed news reports

Although punters always keep their eye on the market for the latest opportunities to make money, they also want to remain informed of any news that might ultimately reflect the outcome of an upcoming sporting event. Predicting the Ashes winner could ultimately come down to which batsmen and bowlers are in form before the series begins – information that Coral provide on a daily basis to enable users to make a more calculated bet. This is significantly more advantageous than betting with a company that only provide sporadic news updates that cover the latest sporting news, but do little to suggest potential match winners, in-form jockeys and owners or injuries that could tip the balance of power.



Quality of new member offers

Betting companies always have to branch out to prospective customers in the hope of fending of considerable market competition to become the leading light in their industry. Utilising effective marketing strategies is a fundamental part of any successful business, and while a number of companies also offer special offers for new members to take advantage of upon registration, Coral have made it their objective to stand out from the rest. Excellent offers over the years have included Brazil to wear yellow shirts in their opening 2014 World Cup game at 2/1; although such offers usually including a maximum bet value of £10 or £20, they provide fantastic value in return for becoming a customer at no additional cost.

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