Betting Diary Issue 3

  • Royale Ascot 
  • Up and Down week
  • Where's the time gone!!

Mental Rush......

Sorry guys but Im going have to keep this one short as Im running out of time fat today!

It's been a bit of an up and down week in regards to results. I usually find the big meetings can lead us astray and be difficult to predict!

This week we had the pleasure of Royal Ascot.

Couldn't resist Gleneagles

A skinny price I know, but I had so much confidence in this horse. I went with my usual £100 stake at 8/15 - Profit = £53


BetInfo24 slight loss

I bet £10 stakes on the Betinfo24 free tips as you know, this week there were 1 too many losers which resulted in a slight loss of -2.25pts


Went £100 on time test

Dettori did the business and at 15/8 gave me a nice profit of +£187.50

Then Lost £100 on Telescope

Maybe I got a bit cocky but I did think Telescope was going to do it for the punters, unfortunately he didn't -£100

Treble went pear shaped

After a tough day I thought I would have a dabble on the Copa America matches. I went for a £25 treble on Chile, Mexico and Argentina all too win.

Chile won easy and so did Argentina, but mexico did me Arrrrggg $%^!

US Open - Dustin Johnson managed a place!  (Should have flipping won!!)

Got on at 22/1 Won £34 but lost £30 on my other golf bets!!


So that was my lot, another fairly quiet week! Profit of £144 so not bad


That's 3 weeks in a row I have turned out a profit

There won't be a betting diary next week as I am away for most part of it


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