How Have Our Network Of Tipsters Performed In July

Full round up.....

Well I must admit, Im more than happy with the performance of our paid tipsters during July. I know a lot of services have struggled, but ours have done exceptionally well and we are very pleased to have these tipsters as part of our ever growing network. It does make me wonder why people have cancelled their subscriptions recently with results like this. Lets take a look at how we did.

​​​​​​​First off the B24NAPs had an amazing month with the appointment of the new tipster, with 13 winners and £1452 profit, its certainly what the service needed and Im sure they will continue this great run into August.Remember to top up your NAP credits here

The Horse Whisperer ended the month with +21.5pts in profit and £430 profit. They excelled during the last 2 weeks of the month and this is a prime example why you should stick it out. For those members who joined at the start of July and quit a week later will be kicking themselves. If you join a tipster who have to commit for the long run!

​​​​​​​One Bet Racing had another great month with almost £300 profit. They really boosted their bank again with consistent winners. They finished off in style with a 9/2 winner yesterday!! We also saw very good profits from RL Rated Racing, with around +20pts profit for members. Really please with their results too!

​​​​​​​Centaur Planet Racing was the only service that struggled throughout July, showing a loss overall whilst the VIP service also struggled to keep their heads above water, it was the 3 losses in a row that did the damage although some unlucky runs they finished the month strongly with 4 winners on the bounce and they managed to come out with a slight loss of less than a quarter of a point.

​​​​​​​The VIP service has shown great strength and profits since starting, Its a shame to see people cancel their memberships when profits are so good over the long term. I think a bit of patience is required and unfortunately some people lack this. There will be blank months and some losing bets, this is the same for every service. There will never be a continuous upward curve on the P+L graph, its a bumpy ride, just look at the over Profit, the VIP service is +£16,700 in profit since starting in October, yet people leave if a couple of bets lose, seems crazy to me but there you go!

​​​​​​​So there you have it, a good month all around, remember you can check out all of our pro tipsters here


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One thought on “July Monthly Results Round Up”

  1. Hi Jason
    I agree with your comments, but, would ask this question. It is based on a football service I have tried for 3 months.
    (1) Is 3 months a fair trial for any service?
    (2) My result after the 3 months is £218 to the good. The next Sub. is £90 for the quarter: would you cancel ?