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One of the biggest mistakes I see from punters is that they jump from 1 service to the next, seeking out that 'get rich quick' 'super profitable tipster that never loses'. If you are one of these punters then you may or may not have realised by now that this method of seeking out a tipster is probably the WORST thing you can do! I've said it before and I'll say it again, ALL tipsters go through good spells, bad spells and inconsistent runs of form. The problem is, when the average punter joins a service, they expect winners right from the off, and if they don't come within the first couple of days they cancel and move on to the next tipster. I see it all of the time.

Running a successful tipsters network (BetInfo24) I come across this a lot, and I must admit, it's very frustrating when a member cancels their membership after 3 days because they have only had 1 winner from 5, then next 3 days the tipsters bags 4 winners, by this time the members has already moved onto to something else, crazy! but it happens all the time.


Why Betting Portfolio's are a better investment

Like any investment, it's always best to spread your investment. Having all of you eggs in one basket is asking for trouble. If you follow a number of different tipster services then you can ride out the rough patches when they emerge. If one of your tipsters has a bad run, the other tipsters should be able to keep your head above water until their poor run is over. Here is a prime example of this with our own network of tipsters.

The Horse Whisperer service hit a bad spell during May of this year. they had 20 losers on the bounce and lost around £400, and although it was a one off, it still happened. Now most members would have spat their dummy and run a mile. Now if you had solid betting portfolio you would not have been hit so hard with these sudden losses.

During this same period of 10 days in May, RL Rated Racing made around £140 profit.

The VIP service made £1200 Profit

So if you had a betting portfolio of these 3 services, (which I highly recommend by the way) as they compliment each other very well if you like a high strike rate and plant of winners, you would have remained in profit despite the 20 losers!!

And here's the best bit. The Horse Whisperer went on a winning streak in June, and the time of writing this they have had 27 winners so far during June. So members that stuck it out have recovered and are now enduring a good spell, members that ran a mile remain out of pocket!

So I hope you can see the importance of spreading your risk.


A Ready Made Betting Portfolio

If you are the type of punter that likes just a few bets per day that are highly likely to win and you. like a consistent strike rate then this is the perfect portfolio for you.

  1. VIP Service
  2. The Horse Whisperer
  3. RL Rated Racing


Total profit from these 3 services during 2018 is +£9,634

(please note: The VIP service uses higher stakes)


All of your services in 1 convenient place

A great advantage of having a portfolio of tipsters through BetInfo24 is that your tips will all be available from the same location each day. So when you sign ups, the services that you pay for will appear in your members area, so you can see your portfolio in a convenient place.

You can also add and remove services as and when you please. So if you join another one of our services, it will automatically show in your members area!


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