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9 thoughts on “LAY of the day 17th May”

  1. I lay horses, and have between a 65% and 75% strike rate, never lay above 2.33, which gives about 15 points profit a month, steady profits. I generally look at horses that are short and go through their form taking particular note of beaten favourites and horses that may seem ungenuine or have hung badly in their races or that may be overrated, have laid horses up to 1/5 that have been soundly beaten this way. This is a more selective way of betting and doesn’t produce a barrell load of bets. I definetely wouldn’t be wanted to lay every day, nor lay horses around 2 or 3 or higher, as one mistake wipes out your profit margins.

  2. Cheers Gary, most of the layers are like yourself, have a small bank and lose it very quickly with no strategy that has been proven on paper before trying with hard earned cash!.

    I used to post on OLBG and was often in top 3 for the horse racing and won a few quid, but I did have a poor few weeks which wiped out about 40% of the bank, the abuse I got in messages stopped my daily posts, a few were disappointed.

    Now, If I think there is an angle I will paper trade it use ‘my filters’ and see if there is any merit in what someone is suggesting.

    There are many ‘free’ offers – use them but paper trade, find out how they make a selection, and then put it all together and filter out what you do not need and you will be a success.

    Happy punting

  3. Hello Brian

    Your doing well making approx 30 to 40 points a month laying! I find it really tough to make any substantial profit and have dabbled with it a few times over the years and was quite successful for a period then bang bang bang 3 winners in a row wiping most of the profits out and knocking the old confidence in the bargain!


  4. Laying is much more difficult than just backing as the risk factor % is a lot higher when taking on short priced horses, many think it is easy, we will see!, I lay horses nearly every race but will never post them as those who want ‘easy money’ do not understand that there is no quick way to profit through laying, I manage around 30 to 40 points a month, but I can get that in one day backing!.
    As for trading woody, you need better software than just ‘betfair’ interface, understand the markets and go for very small profits, there are many sites with advice or just go to ‘youtube’ and watch how its done, best of luck.

  5. Hey was just wondering if you have any experience of trading on betfair instead of just laying a favourite n hoping it loses? Cheers woody

  6. OK, We have has a bad run with the LAYS, a short priced favourite wins and I get slated, which I could do without, so I will not be posting any more LAYS. I will however leave a page open so that you can put your own LAYS and opinions of the days racing on here. This way we might be able to help each other.

    We’ll see how it goes

  7. Your Comments (tongue in cheek) Now that my greek account is empty can I use my spanish one for today?.
    Seriusly though keep up the good work, hopefully plenty to show a profit today.