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15 thoughts on “Lay of the day – April 26th”

  1. You Back Selections at whatever your comfy wiv ,A Tipster wilL only nap 1 horse a day!……………………….If you see a tipster with 2 naps……….POKE HIM IN THE EYE!! Coz hes a knob I could not put it any nicer than than that


  2. Thanks Ray
    Sorry for being a bit thick but I see that list is in time order so my question is are the selections at each meeting his NAPS or how do you select which horse qualifies at each meeting !!

  3. Hi Ray, I see the post you refer to , but can you give me how to select the selections, do I take all the selections for each race and what happens if more than one meeting how do I decide which meeting any help appreciated by a newcomer

  4. Well not a good start there for us, Red Cape won pretty easily, although there were a couple of non runners, I don’t think he would have been caught

  5. Good on ya Barrie

    Very happy for ya!!

    Its a cracking little system the only downfall is some people cant play through the card

    Are you using the staking plan i suggested,As Ive come across another way,back the selections 10,10,20,20,40,40 (=6 races then start again) Carry on the sequence no matter if a selection wins early,I had £40 on a 6/1 when if i went back to the start i would have only had £10/£20 on a 6/1

    Well least someones happy with me for a change lol


  6. After your tips the sun templegate you give us this week i am up 450.00 profit thank you if you look at tom pepper if he gives the same tips you double that bet it works good with your system good work

  7. mornin ray im off to wolverhampton today have you got any good tips? Ive done me homework but like to compare cheers dave