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21 thoughts on “Ray Free Horse Racing Tips, 26th”

  1. Hi Guys

    Blimey where do I start?

    David Im a Betfair chap,you cant go wrong are you willing to take 7/2 when there is 9/2 out there??

    Hi Eamon/Jason

    These are what i personally do,but you can do 11,2,2,44 etc it all depends on your bank and what your comfortable with

    It all comes down to the individual


    1. Hi ray its david again well I was just wonderin as betfair is the internet bookie so I was just seein if someone like ladbrokes etc done place bets let me know plz cheers

  2. Hi ray can you tell me which bookies are doin place bet, I know betfair do, but does and highstreet bookies do it?? cheers david

      1. The times wrong on this page if you look, and yes got all 8 in the end get in there! Goin home with a pocket of money:)) cheers for your tips ray

  3. Hi Ray,

    I’m not sure how this works and what happens when you hit a winner. Do you stop for the day, as below?

    150 Wol Until It Sleeps £10 @ 10/3. Lost -£10
    200 Per Ubalatique £10 @ 10/3. Win +33.33
    220 Wol Red Cape £20 @ 13/8
    230 Per Satou £20 @ 4/1
    250 Wol Liberty Love £40 @ 9/2
    320 Per Charlie Bucket £40 @ 7/1

    Profit on the day = £23.33

    Or would you do all 6 selections. Is 4 points the max stake limit?

    Sorry, but looks like a nice little system and want to get the staking right.



  4. Hi John, placebetpro is still £77, because you keep clicking on it you are adding another copy to your cart, hence the reason with the price increases. Try refreshing the page untill it returns to £77


  5. Your Comments
    hi ray maybe not the place to post. but has any one tried to down load place bet pro. the price goes up every time i look.i know its supposed to be £77 , but it shows £154,i understand this, because that seems to be the price prior to the first offer. but going back to the buying site the price is going up and up the last one went to£285. iam not going to take a chance in case my money gets snaffled in a pay pall maze. looking at your picks every day ray, good on you mate.

  6. Shyte!!

    Cheers Gal, I didnt even see that yet

    In that case

    Carry on as normal but the stakes will have to be adjusted and the 320 @ Wolv now comes into play

    Exactly the same thing would happen if it was an odds on fav


  7. For those interested in the Templegate System


    150 Wol Until It Sleeps £10 @ 3/1
    200 Per Ubalatique £10 @ 9/2
    220 Wol Red Cape £20 @ 13/8
    230 Per Satou £20 @ 4/1
    250 Wol Liberty Love £40 @ 9/2
    320 Per Charlie Bucket £40 @ 7/1

    Not made enough?…..Then carry on & repeat the staking as above

    I recommend there are at least 2 Meetings going ahead it just gives us an edge if Temp’s got it wrong at 1 meeting surely hes got it right at the other

    Not every Templegate tip wins but using the staking above can bring in tidy profits BUT DONT GET TOO GREEDY!!

    Have Fun

    And Mines a Cold Budweiser when you have made your fortune Lol


  8. Well That’s Beverley out the window!!

    230 Per Moleskin
    320 Wol Country Road
    330 Per Degas Art
    350 Wol Patriotic

    May have a few for Brighton later if the weather holds up