October has been a busy month for me. I took a break during the middle of the month and I have been playing catch up ever since. I've not added some of the new features that I wanted to add this month but I will get around to doing them. I'd like to thank everybody that has contributed to the blog, without you this site would not exist!


BetInfo24 Is now on Facebook

The big addition this month is that we are now on Facebook! So go on.... Give us a 'like'  😉








A decent month again for BetInfo24. Not quite as good as September but a profit of +12.15pts. I'm quite happy with that considering it's been a difficult month. It was a poor start to the month and a poor end but the middle got us through.

Bets = 37

NR = 1

Wins = 10

P+L = +12.15pts



This month we gave you the opportunity to trial Place bet Pro. I just wanted to prove to everybody that it's still a great system and has stood the test of time, and boy did it produce! Keith gave the selections on the blog prior the racing. The system produced 13/14 winners!! I would say my point is proven! you can get Placebetpro here

Keith is also Trialing Betfair Domination and you can see how that is going on the free tips page! so far so good!



Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 09.38.01





Similar to last month, I am a bit disappointed that we have not increased it, but with the introduction of facebook hopefully we will get some new visitors.



 New Bookie Offers

This month we have introduced a couple of new Bookie offers for you. It's worth signing up to all of our recommended bookies as it's important to always get the best price on our tips.


William Hill - Often they will offer the best prices so you should have an account set up for when the time comes when they have the best odds. They also have a great online casino if you are into that sort of thing!

William Hill Sports


ToteSport - Definitely worth signing up to, not only do you get a Free £10 bet, but they are great for scoop6 bets. We are going to be introducing a Scoop6 page to the blog soon!


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12 thoughts on “October Round up and Results”

  1. i purchased pbpro a couple of weeks ago and been good ,
    but i can only use it at weekends because of work comitments
    so i agree would be great having a tipping service
    rgds john

      1. Look forward to having tips for PBPRO sent out. Many thanks for prompt reply! Not being greedy but could consider Bet Dom as well. If you don’t ask you don’t get!!!. Keep us posted. Thanks.

      2. Hi. Purchased PBP and if you or keith did selections would consider paying extra monthly for tips to be sent daily, as my selections did not do aswell as keiths!
        Would selections on payment be open to anyone or just those who bought PBP?
        Or would there be discount if PBP bought?

  2. hiya..well done on providing an excellent service..always look forward to your tips..one small query.when you suggest an each way bet is that 1pt each way or half a point each way ?
    keep up the good work and many thanks.

  3. Would purchase Place Bet Pro if selections are picked for us. Jason could you consider doing this please? Even if a small charge was levied. Please keep up the good work on the site, Thanks.