Fancy joining in our Monthly Tipping Competition? Keith has kindly offered to run the comp and I will donate a £20 free bet to the winner and £10 to the runner up each month!

Last Month's results

GREG 10.7 WINNER £20 free bet
JOHN 9.12 runner up £10 free bet
RALPH 7.50 bloody unlucky again mate pipped on the last day again !!!

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP

1,094 thoughts on “Tipster Competition November”

  1. sorry I missed second half of November I went to Tunisia last minute and forgot to let you know.

    Eduard 12.50 Carlisle

  2. Carlisle 2.25 – RECKLESS ROMEO

    Congrats and well done to Paul and Dean for some great tipping. Paul – we’re going to miss those great priced horses – hurry back.

  3. As I might not be able to post in the morning and the December page is yet to be set up, I will advise my December 1st nap tonight –

    Carlisle 12.20 Moss Cloud – it might be a bit short but hopefully on the good side of evens. Not much to choose from on a Sunday

    Good luck everyone.


    1. Thank you Peter and Sandra. Your support is appreciated.
      I hope you were on today’s winner and have got a bottle of wine to celebrate for me 🙂

      Congratulations to Paul on his tipping. Some amazingly priced winners superbly picked out.
      Have a great holiday champ.

      Tomorrows selection yet to be decided out of 2 possibilities. It will be advised as soon as possible.


    1. Sorry I go away Dec and most of Jan ( only first week really.) don’t like the cold but I’ll be back

  4. In the unlikely event of anyone getting a 30/1 + winner today and “our leader” drawing a blank. I would like to congratulate Mr Paul Hindmarsh on some amazing tipping during November.

    1. Oh and by the way I did lead the competition for about a day. 3 winners in the first 4 days, but only one since and that was a favourite!

  5. nap for Saturday highland lodge newb 300.
    Keith away till dec 11th so cannot post nap till then for next month.
    good luck dudes barryx

  6. With it being the last day tomorrow, and all still to play for in second place, I am making an early selection for November 30th, just in case I can’t get online tomorrow morning –

    Towcester 15.25 Coyaba
    I’m hoping it doesn’t become a non-runner and it comes in for winner #18 in November.

    Good luck to everyone for the last day this month.


    1. Thanks Sandra. I hope you were on it 🙂
      Unlucky today but sorry to say Honey of a Kitten came up as a lay bet for me.

      1. Dean, thanks for your 2/1 winner I did get the price, sadly I followed two other king pins that lost, say no more , THATS RACING

  7. Winner #16 in November yesterday and a great return for Keith. Well done mate.
    Another tight day for selections where only one sticks out –
    Wolverhampton 16.55 Coconell

    1. I am not sure you can choose one at Thurles Barry. It says UK racing only. Perhaps if it was in Northern Ireland it would be allowed.

  8. Update 27/11/13
    Paul h 59
    Dean 23.01
    Henry 19
    Russ 10.66
    Bobby 10
    People can join after it’s started but will start on minus whatever day they start on ie 10th would start
    on -10
    People who start and then DONT post and then start posting again will not be counted

    1. Obviously you mean Kempton Paul. This could be the only thing you have got wrong in November. If I was running the competition, you would be disqualified to give us mere mortals a chance! LOL

      1. You will have a chance next month I’m on holiday for a week from 7 th so I’ll have to get a good start

          1. Paul h, under the new rules you will be disqualified, 7days without tipping is not allowed, so forget it,

  9. I’m no good at looking for outsiders so will stick to what I know –
    Wolverhampton 16.00 Dansili Dutch

    Great results from Paul to get such a high pts rate. Well done mate

    1. Paul,
      Some great tipping. Thank you I have followed since the begining of the month. I hope you will continue next month also.

    1. As I wave my white flag and bow to your superb tipping. I have to ask, how do you do it? And do you
      back them

      1. Cheers just a bit of luck got a few I keep an eye on they seem to win in turn just getting it right on day and yes I do back most of them

        1. I am just glad I led the November table for about two days at the very start! 3 winners in four days.

  10. As big winners are needed I am going out of my comfort zone and my selection today is –
    Kempton 16.40 Honey Meadow

    (just for fun, and for my own consistency, look out for Memphis Magic in 17.10 at Kempton – this would have been my selection otherwise – I will probably kick myself not going for 2nd place…haha)

    1. I have just noticed Honey Meadow is a non-runner.
      Therefore, please accept my second choice – Kempton 17.10 Memphis Magic – as my replacement nap and selection for today.


  11. Perfect Cracker 16.30 Kempton. By the way my horse was a NR on Tuesday, do I still lose a point?

  12. Update
    Paul h 35
    Bobby 18
    Dean 13.38
    Henry 7

    Just to remind you PAUL is on + 35 !!!! You need BIG WINNERS to catch him 2/1 3/1 no good !!

  13. Difficult choice today as 3 to choose from – but my NAP is Lingfield 14.50 Bathwick Junior

    (just for fun, the other 2 to look out for are – Ling 15.50 Playhara & Wolv 16.00 Burren View Lady)

      1. Thanks Keith – thought he’d got it for a minute, then Oisin Murphy did what he’s been doing all year. Never mind – try again today.

  14. Another 2nd yesterday after leading most of the way.
    Today’s selection – Wolverhampton 14.00 Earthflight

  15. 3rd place today. It didn’t Find It’s Winning Feet…haha

    Nap for Sunday 17th – Fontwell 14.25 Dolatulo

  16. I posted Hitchens 3.10 Lingfield as my selection in the early hours of this morning and the site said, “your comment is awaiting moderation” Now I cannot find it.

    1. OMG, you are being greedy now Paul. Your selection is 100/1 on Betfair! Another good tip yesterday.

      1. Just like.the trainer very few runners had a 80-1 few week ago first time out Joe Sugde so I keep a eye on them

  17. Great run by Balthazar King yesterday 🙂
    Today’s selection – Uttoxeter 14.15 Finding Your Feet

  18. Nightmare choice yesterday – didn’t want to get out of the stalls.
    Hard choices today but I am going for – Cheltenham 15.15 Balthazar King

    1. that’s a shame i cant always get to a comp or get a connection to the internet . can i ask why you cant post as long as its before the race starts .



    1. Thanks Sandra. I am surprised myself.
      Going back all the way to Nov 1st, I’ve had 9 winners, 3 2nd’s and 1 unplaced (and that was no fun trying to get it on – it was the day the site crashed and I was mobile without much network coverage…haha)
      There are some great tipsters on here, like Keith said for this month and Paul is running away with it – great result for him yesterday with Waterunder.

  19. Update
    Paul h 35
    Dean 14.88
    Richard 12.79
    Kev 8.38
    Caroline 7.5
    Trevor 5.48
    Jarold 4.38
    Russ 3.91
    Sandra 2.06
    Some GREAT tipping this month guys and dolls !!!

  20. Update
    Paul h 21
    Richard 13.79
    Dean 13.13
    Kev 9.38
    Trevor 6.48
    Jarold 5.38
    Sandra 3.06
    Caroline 2.50
    Henry 1

  21. Keith, Lee emailed me this morning with his selection as the site was down

    Lee – Hexham 3.55 Stormion

    1. I don’t think Thurles counts as UK racing Barry as I think it is in Southern Ireland. I could be wrong, I have been before!

  22. Two 2nd’s & 3 wins in a row – but have noticed some quality talent in this comp. Well done to all.

    Today’s selection – Chepstow 13.40 Vice Et Vertu

  23. Keith – sorry but I was on 7 points and selected Havelovewilltravel yesterday. I was listed yesterday as NameTrevor – hope you can correct (should be on 8 points). Cheers.

  24. can`t see BOBBY for yesterday, now reading 3, was posted
    , SANDRA who was there yesterday, now on 3.06, sadly was not.

  25. Updat 5/10/13
    Paul 28
    Richard 18.18
    William 5
    Spock 5
    Bobby 3
    Will only be posting top 5 from now on

    1. Keith,

      Would that not be better if it was incorporated into the rules, somehow, as the people who you are intending it at may not be in the blog today.

      Mr T

    1. Unbelievably your pick was my next best. I also backed Kindu of Luca Cumani’s. Damn!

  26. hi keith. HAADEETH won 4/1. I thought that might put me in profit. Check when you can. thx ate.

  27. Update
    Richard 19.88
    Paul 18
    Trevor 7
    William 6
    Kaz 4.38
    Sandra 4.06
    Bobby 4
    Barry 2.6
    Alan 2.25
    John mc 1
    Jarold 1
    Russ 1.91
    Dean 0.63
    Kev 0.5

  28. GRAND CRUS. 2,40 K. Good horse.Pipes only runner today and Scudamore’s only ride. Short price.Let’s hope hope it’s not just a pipe opener.

  29. Update 3/10/13
    Paul 19
    Richard 16.38
    William 7
    Bobby 5
    Sandra 3.7
    Alan 3.25
    Kaz 2.5
    John mc 2
    Kev 1.5
    Barry 1.5
    Abuzz 1
    Isaac 1

    1. Bobby your nap can not count you must post BEFORE the first race

  30. 2.05 Carlisle

    Splash Of Ginge

    Fingers crossed BIG BET on this one, please
    Tony take it easy.

  31. Turtle watch carl 100 nap.
    Jason we need a free tips November page set up dude well done with your picks-far out.
    good luck dudes barryx

  32. Two 2nds in a row. I’m getting close.
    My nap for Sunday Nov 3rd – Carlisle 14.05 OSCAR FORTUNE