Morning Guys

This is what I like to call my 'bread n butter' Racing after the Easter Racing Madness
Three meetings to concentrate on where I believe this is where Im at my best
Today's Selections

  • 1).220 Pont Hits Only Jude 8/1 E/W
  • 2).230 Sout Daddyow 11/1 E/W
  • 3).310 Yarm Tidal Run (nb) 5/2 WIN
  • 4).330 Sout Ace Of Spies (nap) 10/3 WIN
  • 5).350 Pont Rosairlie 22/1 E/W
  • 6).445 Yarm Dickie Le Devouir 15/2
Best Of Luck Guys

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32 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips – April 10th”

  1. No worries mate

    Im just a stickler for finding value,Its an obsession of mine Lol

    But Im sure your aware,Everyone has there own betting style

    Best Of Luck

    Happy Punting


  2. Hi Ray, I did not write my response to offend anyone, I was just stateing a fact on those six tips you gave. Its good to see you try to help punters who look to you for a little help. I bet up to £1000 a day so you can understand I have to bet on horses, where the money goes down. I have been doing this for the last 35 to 40 years, it as not made me rich. Maybe I have only made a few grand over that time but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

  3. Hi Ray
    I backed all your tips from day 1, staking £1 or £1ew if odds are right.
    iGNORE THE IDIOTS, rAY. Sorry can’t be bothered to retype that.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Good Luck
    and Edward, “right on man”

  4. Keep the faith with Ray! I didn’t know that this blog was here, great stuff. I’ll be posting 5 tips a day from tomorrow. Take a look, I don’t do too bad, I’ll post them from midday. Not making any promises but you never know. Good betting to all, Johnny D

  5. jUST ONE OTHER THING. NEARLY 90% OF ALL WINNERS COME OUT OF THE FIRST FIVE IN THE BETTING. OK! Not much help you might say if there are only five runners in the race. but the market is very important.
    In this country we don’t know the weights of the actual animals so you could have a horse that won last time ,not only getting a 5lb penalty but also being 20kilos over weight and it makes a mockery of our racing standards. It means also of course that unless you are the stable lads or the trainers involved you will never know if that horse is out to win or not.Sounds stupid doesn’t it but the prize money is so crap in general that you cant keep winning on a horse in lower grades so stables in the lower bracket have to run their horses down the field to recover an acceptable weight to win and to be gambled on. Therefore the only races to be positive about are the better class races. Every greedy jockey wants a share of a big purse and those are usually the top jockeys.
    I’m just saying that unless you are in the know it’s pointless.
    Now I can hear you saying something about my selections, but for me it’s about going to the cinema. some people like going to the cinema. We get our fun from seeing horses win sometimes. All I’m trying to say is that enjoy your day at the cinema, and with some luck we may come out of the dark without popcorn all over us. Good luck.

  6. Right. Let’s start at the beginning. All you need (and i hope you agree?)is one winner a day. sounds simple doesn’t it.So for those of you that sit in the bookies all day you have got absolutely no chance of winning money unless you are one of the VERY very few lucky ones who make it big out of good fortune.
    So my advice is to draw up a short list of possibilities. for sake of argument lets say we read through the list of runners and select six.
    Many of you probably do this, but logically their must be one amongst those that you must top your list whatever the price.
    Now i can only say that if you cant get the first one right then you have little chance of success with the others. However
    May I suggest that once you have sorted your best horse you back it to win.
    OK so logically all the other horses are second best etc.
    All you need to do then is have accumulators through the rest of the selections. ie1st horse with the second selection as a double. 1st and 2nd selections with the third as a treble etc etc.
    Now i know you are going to say that if the first one loses you have lost out on other possible winners in the group, but you have to be disciplined in some way.You have to work hard with no inside info to decide on that first nap. That’s all you need really otherwise you are going to lose a bundle chasing losers and really if you stake sensibly as the list declines and as the acc’ gets towards the end you obviously only have to put a small amount on if your luck is in to get all six paying out a good return.
    OK most people out there don’t have large sums of money to play with so any returns make no difference to you and your situation. you must when you win make a sizable pick up to improve your standard of living. £1 on a 2/1 shot Wow! that won’t get you very far.
    So if you are in control of your emotions, go home and save as much as you can for a month and then return with a bank and a different attitude. OK now listen to Grandad HE HE!. Good luck to all the experts out there.
    For what it’s worth my two horseS for tomorrow are;wait for it,

  7. What Ray is saying for anybody who doesnt understand is that he aint aiming for a high strike rate. He is backing horses that ‘in his opinion’ have a better chance of winning than their price might suggest

    This way he will profit in long run, BTW bookies dont like customers like Ray!!

    Go figure

  8. Yeah Ray im with you, id rather be picking a big priced winner all day long.
    Nothing like cheering home a 20/1 shot against an odds on fav an the flat season is perfect for it.
    keep up the good work

  9. Hi John

    Im on here just sharing my selections and trying to find a bit of value, But Ive met your sort before in the stands cheering home an 4/6 shot!!

    Im trying to do a little something different and refuse to give out tips for 1/2 favs 10/11 favs even 4/6 Favs Blimey John even you could do that!

    Im not forcing you to go down the bookies and put all my selections on am I? I suggest you go get your newspaper in the morning and enjoy your 4/6 or 10/11 shots coming in,Because Il be cheering a 10/1,16/1 & 20/1’s romp home

    Hi Guys

    Ive not lived up to expectations and I will take that on the chin,But please remember Im not tipping 6/4 shots where obviously your strike rate would be great,Thats not me.

    The Easter Racing & Rain has not helped me but, But Im making no excuses Im gonna roll my sleeves up and honestly try to get us some decent winners

    Sorry If I have not answered any of your questions, Its been a crazy crazy day

    PS Why didnt I back ”Ray Of Joy @10/1 D’Oh!!” Lol


  10. Your Comments
    some people, like me still have faith in you ray, im like mike (above) its good to have some one to follow? it is gambling after all. you have to take the bad days with the good days….. keep it up ray!!!!!!! and good luck disciples?

  11. Hi Ray – Thanks for the service, sadly you will always get people who seem to want every selection to romp home and as we know that will never happen. I personally like to have a lucky 15 bet. In this I maybe pick 1 or 2 horses of mine, combined with some tips I might have been via ‘experts’ like yourself of tv tipsters (they normally have much more knowlege than me) and I’ve had quite a bit of success.

  12. Your Comments i agree ray gives free tips,if you dont agree with them then pick your own its as simple as that,after all if you follow the racing so called experts just look at there tips at the end of the day and see how many they got right,me personaly just try to pick my own but i do compare them with the racing post,i only do ecach way round robins or patents,just a small bet but sometimes they all come in and for £3-50 you can treble or more your stake if they come in,just let the big punters waste there money once a year,i done a lucky 63 on all the so called brilliant horses at cheltenham hurricane fly lost dawn run lost sizzing europe lost it cost me lot of money but got next to nothing back so just pick your own if you dont like rays tips,carry on Ray

  13. Your Comments Ray, I did ask if you had you own web site. Daves comments are true. A very difficult time but assuming most look at a paper for selections, then I would advise looking for runners that one or were placed in the race last year. First day of the flat ther wer three and all won at 25/1, 10/1 and 6/1. 25p EW Trixie and what a return over £1300. Keep your eye on these.

  14. I have been betting on the horses before some of these tipsters where born and have learned that following tipsters blind is a sure way to lose your hard earned. You have to get as much info as you can from by following newspaper tipsters on a regular basis i.e. SF and E/W tips in the Mirror, and starred tips the Star etc and your own knowledge plus those that you have been ‘waiting’ for , I’ve had lots of good priced winners that nobody has even mentioned in the tipping columns, it gives you a great buzz to be the only one in the bookies cheering on a 33/1 shot ,don’t be afraid to follow your gut instinct and remember one thing that I’ve learned you wont get rich backing favourites . One bet that I placed some time ago was 5 selections doing 10 doubles, 4 were unplaced favs. and the the 5th one romped home at 16/1, you get my drift.
    happy punting

  15. I’d like to thank you for doing this Ray, at the end of the day it is gambling, you win some you lose some. I enjoy having something to follow, and your tips give me that. Thanks

  16. Very stupid comment from John above. How can you judge anybody after 6 selections?? Look at the prices man, its a long term game. And this is free. I havent even had a bet on these but you want to turn £100 into £1000’s overnight you’re obviously in the wrong place

    Good Luck Ray

  17. this time of year with the flat just starting and the better n.h. horses finished for the season is always the most difficult so its small stakes for me till the flat gets under way properly.Yesterday the rain changed the going at several tracks and made winner finding harder than usual
    Like the chance of Hits only Jude too
    good luck

  18. Your Comments Look you are trying and a bit if time they will come up people need to have some patience when you are picking tips as they will eventually bring fruit.

  19. Your Comments Hi Ray, yesterday was a bit of a disaster hoping for a better day today or i`ll have to go out and find a job( ugh the very thought ).

  20. John, these tips are FREE and Ray is going out of his way to provide you with his views. He gave an 11/1 winner with his first tip on Saturday. If you don’t like it then simply don’t follow him.

    Good luck today Ray!

  21. Your Comments
    The nap and nb concept doesn’t work does it – not if you stop at a loser. So today if the 2-20 Ponte loses then you stop – so there’s no point in having the nap later because the instructions are not to back it – or have I missed the point?

  22. Hi! Ray don’t know if you seen my comments yesterday, I was suggesting that as well as a nap and a next best that you might have thought of a third horse to make a treble. This would allow punters who don’t have a large to mix the horses in dbls & Trbls.
    Cheers Ray
    Ian McC.

  23. It’s a good job I have not bet on the tips you have selected. I would be in the Workhouse by now, one winner at 11/8 with five loosers, my Daily paper as a better recod than that.