Unlucky with a couple yesterday, So here's to a better day
Here are today's Selections
1.War 245 Strictly Pink 17/2 e/w
2.Hunt 255 Front Rank 8\1 e/w
3.Fake 315 Ugo (Again) 5/2 Win
4.Red 345 Pats Legacy 25/1 &
Collatral Damage14/1 both e/w
5.Fake 350 Springfield Raki 13/2 e/w
6 Chep 400 Take Of Shoc Win
All prices taken on Betfair @ 9am
As you can see in the 315 Fakenham Ive put Ugo up again today,He's a bloody good horse but was running in better company yesterday and I believe he can beat the rest of these,But Santo Thomas may give him the most to worry about
345 Redcar - I cant split these two,both decent chances
Best Of Luck

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25 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips – Monday April 9th”

  1. 😉 too right they were all odds on too then get text messages on how well they’ve done:) ?I must have got the wrong e mail:)

  2. Thanks Tommo

    Im just glad that people understand when I give my selections Im trying to do something different and gain some value from our bets I hate them tipsters who tip 11/10 shots day in day out,And call themselves ‘tipsters’ My bloody Mrs can do that Lol

    Shame I cant get a Nazreef in everyday

    I agree Gal, I looked outside my window about 2ish and thought the worst to be honest

    So Front Rank come 2nd @ 8/1
    & Take Of Shocs Won @ 11/8

    There’s a big one due


  3. Tough day today Ray, I thought the rain may have got into the ground at a couple of meetings and went in light I think Anton Dolin will win next time out imho! Take of shocs won well!

  4. Hi people just wanted to let you all know just had some more tips from Martin bishop racing and all four dipped again today stick to the free ones have won pretty well following bet info24 and will be following ray too I like his choices and nazreef was a top touch keep it going ray:) cheers

  5. I fancy paddy pub in the Irish national I’ve gone ew at 28/1 so would be happy even if got a place

  6. Not very good, a flash in the pan with one decent priced winner, then a suggested staking plan, well when will the winner be?, just a joker wasting a great site. FACT.

  7. Hi Ray good of you to let us have your tips, obviously they wont all win. For small punters like myself it is a matter of taking what i feel has the best chance. It is a good idea to have a nap a NB and maybe one for a Trbl.

    Good luck to fellow punters.

  8. I always have a winning feeling Lasse Lol

    Blimey Ben, I aint even had time to look at it yet mate, Don’t really get involved with the National(s) There more of a day off for me and then I can have a couple of fun bets

    If I had to have a guess Id say a Brown Horse will win it Lol

    Sorry I could not help mate


  9. Your Comments


    Like 2 days ago when we had a great winning, I just back all horses to be sure if there is a winner.. I know there is a risk but with the winning at first there is money to back all horses.. I’m pretty sure Ray has a great winning feeling today…:-)

  10. Know what your thinkin Dave but wouldn’t really work then would it try splitting your Tenner putting more of it on the shorter prices? Just a suggestion mate.

  11. Hi Dave

    I believe these are the best ‘Value’ Bets of the day but that is only my opinion

    I think what I will start doing is giving a Nap & NB Like they do in the papers,Then these would be my 2 strongest bets of the day if that makes sense

    Good Luck Dave

    But when your looking at 10/1’s and 16/1 shots like I like to do there is always a chance of them not performing the way I feel they can

    Ugo in the 315 At Fakenham will be my (NAP)
    & Take A Shoc in the 400 Chep will be my (NB)

  12. Do you fancy all the selections equally? I was thinking if you back the first horse and it loses then finish for the day,should this be the one you fancy most rather than just having them in time order. Thanks for sharing and good luck

  13. Good luck today Ray, I think Anton Dolin will go well in the 5.05 at WArwick but I don’t like the price currently 9-2.