Im personally going Dutch today

My Lucks gotta change


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16 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips – Friday April 13th”

  1. Lol Quality!!

    Yeah Il keep goin tommo

    Im gonna stick with my original tactics,and your bang on the money,I was changing it up too much

    Got to stick with it

    I might just do a cheeky little double or tricast

    Cheers Buddy


  2. Yeah your right Terry

    I think I will stick to what I was doing from day dot,Im actually gonna back track the past 3 days When I hit Nazreef @ 11’s,I was just doing so well last week I wanted to share it with others,And then the results sort of stopped,Why? I really dont know…………..Sods Law

    As for figures Tel,I know its a crime of all crimes but I don’t keep any,My Betfair Account tells me all I need to know,Ive never been one for figures Tel!! But I may start!

    My basic income comes from trading on Evo and a couple of systems I have in my portfilio,But I honestly thought I found something special,Maybe it was just a bad week at the races, No matter what I will keep going.

    I was only trying to help others and when you dont make them a grand over night they get the hump & they can be nasty gits on here,who I will always Ignore

    Onwards & Upwards


    1. You stick in there mate don’t change your tactics write the last two days off to trying to impress pricks although we are all grown ups we all do it when not going our way can remember few months back had been following Jason for a while had some good winners but hit a bit of a bad spot then bham two winners psi and loyalty won 2385 that day still got receipt on fridge:):) stick to your guns build it and they will come:) good luck pal have a Cheeky fiver on tricast tomorrow ya never know.

  3. Another Aintree E.W with Tour D’Argent, hope you all got the early 12’s, and 2 out of 4 winners already with Island Legend still to go. I’m giving you money, lol. Nothing nicer than taking it off the bookies.
    For the big one tomorrow: On His Own E.W, I got 25’s weeks ago, it’s nox at around 12’s. Hope it’s good for a place!
    More tips tomorrow. Johnny D

  4. Lol years of searching mate.
    i backed n callan on that 14/1 shot there at wolv lol….saved me today.
    Gl 2moro peeps, lukin forward to hearing your views tomorrow Ray.

  5. Well Said Jim!!

    I Give up,Im going back to Trading!!

    Hope you made some wonga today & had better Luck than me

    Im going to play through The Wolverhampton Card with a few beers and abuse my BF Account a bit more!!

    And continue to Dutch

    555 Umph/Jonny Cavaign/Emma Jean
    625 Spinning Ridge/Broughtons Bandit
    725 Island Life
    825 Lady Sylva/Nasseem Alysameen
    855 Macy Anne/Crowning Star

  6. Ray, it is good of you to share your tips with us and I appreciate that. Just a couple of points:
    – maybe you could stick to the same strategy rather than trying different approaches on each day. A consistent approach is key.
    – all serious professional gamblers keep a record of the amounts they have staked and the profit/loss made. Please could you share with us your figures as this will help us to decide just how much we should risk on your tips and whether you are currently under or over performing.
    Many thanks, Terry.

  7. I Think the site is excellant, any thing to give us an edge over the bookie always helps, and the other thing is if you dont like the site dont come on keep on trying Ray

  8. I know a couple might go off fav & Il get ”Thought you never back Fav’s” By the tits out there

    But the way my Luck has been Im looking to back winners at whatever prices

    The Old Betfair acoount to a bit of a hammering this week

    Good Luck Chaps (not the tits,you know who you are)