What is Santa bringing you this Christmas? not sure..... Well maybe you would like to get your hands on one of these great systems! At BetInfo24 we offer a number of profitable systems and services. So why not add one of the following to your Christmas list:


Credit-Card450Place Bet Pro - Service

Due to the success of the Place Bet Pro System that was released a few years back, we decided to set up a service so that we give you the actual selections everyday, so you don't have to do any of the hard work! After a slow first 2 weeks the service has really kicked in this month with an abundance of winners and plenty of happy members. The service represents excellent value at just £22.99 per month and selections are provided everyday via the members area. Place bet Pro is one of the most consistent systems ever released, and now you can take advantage of this great new service - Click Here To Go to The Site


ProSyndicate-04The Professional Syndicate - Matts Race Card Ratings

Probably the best ratings service online. Matts Race Card ratings have proven successful time and time again! I know I have mentioned this service quite a lot over the past few months, but that's because I want you to understand just how good it is. They have hundreds of happy members for a reason! You can join the service for a very reasonable £34.99 per month! That's less than the price of a cup of coffee per day. You can even test it for 10 days for just £9.99. once registered you can access the members area everyday to receive ratings on all UK race. The amount of winners this service produces is amazing. Click Here To Go To The Site



Stop At a Winner system - This is a newly introduced system that is an add on from The Professional Syndicate. It all started out when some the members started to use a Stop At a Winner strategy with Matts Ratings. The results proved to be very good. It was tested by 3 members and was a huge success. It's just £5 for 1 week or £10 for 2 weeks, there is no monthly subscription. You will get 3 selections each day and you apply the SAW strategy. Why not give it a try? Click Here To Go To The Site


2-Side-Box350Place Bet Pro

As mentioned previously, Place Bet Pro is one of the most consistent systems ever released. The system focuses on short price 'place' win bets. The strike rate is very high and our members have been using it to profit from Betfair for years. If you are up to finding the selections yourself then you can grab a copy of this system for just £77. This is our best selling system ever! It was released around 6 years ago and still produces the goods today! If you don't already have a copy then be sure to add this to your Christmas list! Click Here To Go To The Site



bd125Betfair Domination

This system offers a unique strategy where we back a horse to and to place, except when backing the 'place' we increase the stake, so even if the horse finishes 2nd or 3rd, we still make a good profit! Where as a traditional E/W bet you are often left disappointed with your returns if the horse only manages a place. This system takes care of that and it shows you exactly how to select the winning bets. Click Here To Go To The Site




Another classic that has stood the test of time! BetExProfits uses a unique staking plan to turn short priced bets into big winners. Still one of my favourite methods of betting and probably the most fun. The system tells you exactly how to select the bets and what to stake on them. It will also show you how to turn a few hundred into a few thousand pounds. The system comes in a PDF format and boasts an impressive 66 pages of content, with detailed explanations and real life examples of how the system works. Click Here To Go To The Site


Place Bet Pro Monthly Service - £22.99 per month

Matts Race Card Ratings - £34.99 per month

SAW - £5 per week

Place Bet Pro system - £77

BetExProfits System - £97

 Betfair Domination

Have a Great Christmas!!!