Fancy joining in our Monthly Tipping Competition? Keith has kindly offered to run the comp and I will donate a £20 free bet to the winner and £10 to the runner up each month!

Some great tipping last month! The winners of December were:

1st  PAUL 24
2nd  SANDRA 17.36

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP

849 thoughts on “Tipping Competition January”

  1. I havent been able to see the website for over a week. However it seems to be only affecting me cause I can see people have been posting everyday 🙁 Anyways Im glad to see the site is back up for me and I will resume posting my tips from now on.

    1. hi website been affecting me (and others i think )as well.i found that when i deleted website
      from bookmarks and quick access tabs and restarted my browser it work ok again !!
      i been using tablet instead of pc shame i didnt work it out before last saturday racing missed 25/1 winner (see below jan 25th) !!!

  2. Sorry Dean, but I have to post tonight as I am out all day tomorrow so I can’t wait for the Feb page.
    2.20 Ling – Kasbhom

    Lets hope Feb is as close as January was, without the need for a steward’s inquiry on the last day!! 🙂
    Hope everyone has a good month!

  3. Well, even with the last race in the comp yet to run, I can safely say that, after a great month of tipping, we have our winner and runner-up – which could not be any tighter.

    For the winner, only a big win could take it as long as the runner up lost – and that is exactly what happened.

    The winner is Lee, with 20.25pts, and the, very unlucky runner up, is Caroline, with 19.75pts.
    Lee needed 6.5pts or more as long as Caroline lost 1pt – well, Lee won today with 13/2 so it couldn’t have finished any better for him. Commiserations to Caroline for some great winners in the last couple of weeks.

    For the minor placings in profit we have –
    Graham = 10pts
    Colin = 3.63pts
    Paul = 0.75pts

    I have asked Jason to create the Feb page so hopefully that will be up and running in time to post tomorrow’s selections.
    Congratulations to the top 2 and well done for everyone else who tipped this month.

    1. Hi dean don’t want to be a spoil sport but first race today was lingfield 1.00 and lee posted selection
      according to web page at 1.11 just think it’s a little unfair on caroline don’t know what others think .
      many thank’s for keeping the show on the road this month are you continuing next month.all the best

    2. We’ll done to the winners
      Lees posting can not count as it was posted after the first race we have to follow the rules mate
      Unlucky lee but we have to be fair mate

      1. Guys,
        My apologies for not spotting it and I am sorry that this happened to Lee.

        Therefore, the final result is as follows –

        Caroline = 19.75pts
        Lee = 12.75pts

        If everyone is happy for me to continue my little ravings for updates, then I am happy to continue helping Keith out.


  4. Posted Disco Dave 7.00 Wolv as tip last night, but all last night’s posts have disappeared. So far behind that it’s not a problem for comp, just frustrating to lose all last night’s posts.

    1. as you can see still have pc probs but can now access website again.
      btw good luck caroline if i have’nt already said it before !!!! ha!!

  5. Going with an early punt on Vieux Lion Rouge at Wincanton 13.40 – will probably be short but 4 out of 4 for Tom Scudamore on this gelding.

    1. Nightmare short price for Vieux Lion Rouge so going for my second choice –

      Wincanton 14.40 Bennys Mist

  6. One meeting, 8 races, but no winners today shows it was difficult to get a good selection and it means the leaderboard is still wide open for anyone.

    Caroline = 18.5
    Lee = 14.75
    Graham = 12
    Colin = 5.63
    Paul = 2.75

    First race from Southwell at 13.30 tomorrow.


  8. A couple of good results today – and a change in the leaderboard.
    Well done to Caroline and Andrew (he avoided my loser and picked a winner).

    So we have a new leader after Lee has been on top for so long –

    Caroline = 19.5
    Lee = 15.75 (sorry you’ve not been able to post)
    Graham = 13
    Colin = 6.63
    Paul = 3.75

    Bad news for racing tomorrow with all 3 afternoon meetings abandoned.
    So first race is 16.50 at Kempton to test out the AW selections.

  9. Sorry for not posting the last couple of days guys. On Sunday I tried all day but couldn’t access the
    Site and yesterday, unfortunately I just got my timing wrong.

    Taunton 4.40 kentford Myth

  10. It’s all still to play for with only 4 days to go. Only one winner today – well done to Peter RJ.

    No change at the top of the leaderboard –

    Lee = 16.75
    Graham/Caroline = 14
    Colin = 7.63
    Paul = 4.75

    First race comes from Southwell at 13.20 tomorrow.

  11. Saturday was a bit thin for selections and what was selected never won. The first blank day I have seen in this comp.
    Today was a bit different – 4 winners – Caroline (8/1), John G, JamesC and Me (all 4/1).

    It’s tighter at the top with 5 days to go –

    Lee = 17.75
    Graham/Caroline = 15
    Colin = 8.63
    Paul = 5.75

    Plumpton has been abandoned already but Ayr has the first race at 12.45, if passing the 7.30am inspection.
    Happy Monday!!!

  12. Still have pc problems getting error code 108 only on this website?, have to rely on tablet now !!
    Sedgefeid 3.20
    Indigo Island

    1. Hi Graham,
      What browser are you using? Maybe you need to delete the cookies and temporary internet files.
      Alternatively, use a different browser to access the site.

  13. Hi don’t know if anybody else had trouble this morning but could’nt get access to website kept
    saying invalid .would have gone for the rainbow hunter anyhow good luck to everybody today.

      1. Lucky mange to back it,also always do e/w double with yours since early december
        had some nice returns especaly basingstoke/sleepy fingers crossed today.

  14. I have a few in my shortlist today (Donc 14.40 Timesremembered; Chelt 16.10 Amore Alato; Chelt 15.00 Red Sherlock), but I’m going with –

    Lingfield 14.35 The Tichborne

  15. A tight day for racing again with only one winner again – Andrew – again 🙂
    Well done for the consistency and 5th in a row. Just a shame in the late start holding back the profit.

    So this means no change at the top again and we are down to 5 profiteers –

    Lee = 19.75
    Graham = 17
    Colin = 10.63
    Caroline = 8
    Paul = 7.75

    First race from Lingfield at 12.15 tomorrow.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. It is the consistency that I am after. Hopefully I am getting close to profit? Might have to seek out a few bigger priced winners for a late surge up the leader board – 😉 Fat chance!

      1. The consistency is the key and you have got that. As I said, it’s a shame the late start has held you back from the leaderboard but you aren’t far now.
        There are still 7 days of racing left so even with consistent winners, and depending on other results above you, it is still possible to make it to the top.

  16. My selection today, also chosen by Jarold, is –
    Ling 15.40 Global Explorer – if he loses today I think I might join him on his adventures 🙂

  17. 1.00 lingfield Goldendesert is my pick,

    Also had a whisper that Mc cool bananas will be going for the win! (5.30 Kempton)

  18. Right guys I’ve got a choice of 2 today eitherBrandon Thomas 3.25 Huntingdon or Take The Mick 3.50 Doncaster. Can’t really choose between them, but I need to so sods law says that I’ll pick the wrong one. But here goes anyway, my choice is:

    Doncaster 3.50 Take The Mick

    1. Cheers Barry.
      Let’s hope Jimmy comes in for you today. Are you using him to get away somewhere?…haha

  19. I don’t know what happened to my post from this morning but it doesn’t seem to be on this thread so maybe I didn’t submit it.
    Anyway, I went for a horse with a great name today – Deano’s Devil – and not surprisingly, it came nowhere.

    Sorry for not giving an update yesterday, I have not been very well and only have time now while my wife is distracted by Celeb Big Brother.

    Well done to Paul, Barry and Andrew for their results yesterday.
    As for today, only Andrew won with his 4th in a row. That’s good going.

    With that in mind, there have not been any changes at the top –

    Lee = 20.75
    Graham = 18
    Colin = 11.63 (hope you are enjoying your time in Somerset)
    Caroline = 9
    Paul = 8.75
    Barry = 0.25

    First race from Huntingdon at 12.50 tomorrow.

    1. Sorry Dean I missed you, I thought you got the hump over my silly joke about Frankies 8/1 winner, you get well and keep them coming, love Sandra

      1. Haha, thanks Sandra. It’s good to hear from you. The only hump I am getting at the moment is the one on the camels I am selecting this month.
        It’s typical I miss his first race back and it’s a big winner 🙂

        You are doing well again this month. Keep it up. X

  20. Hi Dean, i posted Compton 3-35 Ling on Sunday so i’ll stick with it . I wouldn’t have picked it today as it’s only 6/4 but it won comfortably last time and a 6/4 winner is better than a 10/1 loser.

      1. Thanks 14 s this morning a few funny gambles today bookies crying barney curly s old horses all well backed today

  21. With all results updated, we only had one winner today – well done to Andrew for his 2nd in a row.

    No change in the leaderboard then –

    Lee = 22.75
    Graham = 20
    Colin = 13.63
    Caroline = 11
    Paul H = 7
    Greg = 1.59
    Sandra = 1.23

    A full card tomorrow with the first race from Southwell at 12.50, on the turf for all you jumps fans.

  22. Managed to get my computer working in Somerset so should be ok to make any changes from my selections that i posted on Sunday. I’m stuck with Frankthetank today but i won’t be backing it as i think Columbrian Roulette will beat it. Keep my fingers crossed for Frankthetank.

  23. My nap Monday was a n/r bloody typical for today I would like to put up ghostwing s/well 415 nap.
    good luck barryx

    1. intresting dude n/r yesterday and today selects the only horse running at
      southwell which ran yesterday another n/r me think’s dude good luck xx

  24. A good group of winners today – well done to Lee, Colin (3rd in a row), Sandra (in profit for the first time this month and in contention again), Caroline and Andrew (with the same selection) and finally me, unfortunately short priced in a 3 runner race.

    All change again at the top –

    Lee = 23.75
    Graham = 21
    Colin = 14.63
    Caroline = 12
    Paul H = 8
    Greg = 2.59
    Sandra = 2.23
    Palerider = 1

    Wetherby is currently hosting the first race at 12.20 tomorrow but there is an inspection at 8am, as with Leicester, so best wait until tomorrow morning to select (unless choosing at Southwell).

  25. I am going for something short in a 4 runner race but hoping to get some consistency back into my advice.
    Wolverhampton 16.00 Saharia

  26. I have tipped 8 winners from 17 selections thanks to my knowledge of horse racing but, i’m on holiday for the next 5 days so I will have to have some wild guesses rather than tip nothing. so here goes Mon Noble Citizen, Tues Franinthetank. Wed Compton. Thurs Fearless Lad and Fri Kuanyac Treat these as my tips unless I post something else. I am taking my computer with me but i’m not very good and i might not be able to make it work. Cheers folks till Saturday..

    1. Hi Colin,
      Thank you for letting us know your advice for the coming week.
      Your tips have been brilliant this month and I am sure you will be just as good when you return.
      I hope you get some time to relax but I am sure, if needs be, you will get the computer working.

      Wishing you a happy holiday.

  27. Well done to the winners of today – consistent Colin (another 2 in a row), Sandra, Jarold and Joseph (his first in the comp).

    All change at the top, but still tight and there for the taking –

    Graham = 22
    Lee = 21.25
    Colin = 12.63
    Caroline = 10
    Paul H = 9
    Greg = 3.59
    Palerider = 2
    Barry = 0.5

    Some amazing tipping this month.
    Bangor has been abandoned tomorrow so the first race is 13.05 from Southwell.

  28. I apologise for not giving an update yesterday but I will say a quick well done to Graham and Caroline for their big 14/1 winner.
    Well done to consistent Colin for another winner too.

    It’s all change at the top now but I’ll keep the suspense until after today’s racing 🙂

    Happy Sunday

    1. Hi Woody,
      Fairyhouse is an Irish course and we only accept selections from the UK racing.
      If you see this message before the off for the first race, please resubmit another selection otherwise this will count as a no selection day.

      Thanks mate

  29. My selection for tomorrow is –

    Ascot 14.25 Knight of Pleasure (as I’m about to have one of my own…haha)

  30. The winners of today were John G, Lee, Sandra, Raymond and Johnz. Well done.

    Apart from Lee, who extends his lead on the top, all of today’s winners have almost put themselves back in contention for the top but not quite in profit to make the leaderboard.

    Lee = 23.25
    Paul H = 11
    Graham = 9
    Colin = 8.13
    Greg = 5.59
    Palerider = 4
    Barry = 2.5

    First race from Lingfield at 12.15 tomorrow.
    Have a good weekend.

  31. No luck today only 2nd and 2nd is as good as last in this game. Im going for a big priced horse tomorrow:

    3.35. Ascot Oiseau De Nuit (FR) 20/1

  32. Caution to the wind i’m afraid. It could be Nubar Boy 2-30 Ling but i’m settling for Where’s Susie 4-05 Ling.

  33. Only one win today so well done to Andrew with his 2nd winner in a row on both days he has entered. Can he keep it up to reach the top?

    This means there was no change to the leaderboard except everyone lost a point –

    Lee = 20.50
    Paul H = 12
    Graham = 10
    Colin = 9.13
    Greg = 6.59
    Palerider = 5
    Barry = 3.5
    Keith = 1

    First race from Lingfield at 13.00 tomorrow.

  34. Non runner today so need to pick some bigger priced naps me thinks !
    GOLANOVA 1.20 win
    Good luck tomorrow

  35. My early selection for tomorrow, sticking with the newbies in NH Flat races, is –

    Ludlow 16.10 Primo Milano

  36. A winner is a winner and we had 3 of them today – Palerider with a nice 10/1, Colin with his consistency and newbie Andrew. Well done again.

    So with no change at the top, the leaderboard stays the same except for a big leap by palerider –

    Lee = 21.50
    Paul H = 13
    Graham = 11
    Colin = 10.13
    Greg = 7.59
    Palerider = 6
    Barry = 4.5
    Keith = 2

    First race from Ludlow at 13.10 tomorrow.

  37. I found a winner by a neck today. AP is the man no doubt.
    Tomorrows tip
    Frontier Spirit (IRE) 1.50. Wincanton

  38. Brilliant tipping yesterday.Some of these people should be working for the Racing Post. I thought I could look after myself but some of you are showing me how to do it.All the best for today everybody, I am Just starting on the good book.[Racing Post].

  39. Need a biggie so hoping for an upset in the 15.55 at Newcastle – Thatlldoforus – never run before but an in-form trainer has booked the best jockey in the race.

  40. Hi
    Another bloody 2nd (well done Paul )
    ROSE OF THE MOON 2.45 new been running in a higher class then this
    good luck everyone

  41. WOW!!!! Some great numbers in the results today. A 25/1, two at 10/1, an 8/1 and a 3/1 (selected twice).
    Well done to Paul H (again for his 2nd big winner in a row), Graham (for a very big winner and for getting his double with Paul’s selection), Caroline (back to evens with her win), Barry (back in contention), Ronaldoh (2nd in a row) and Woody (with his first selection in the comp).

    Slight changes at the top then –

    Lee = 22.5
    Paul H = 14
    Graham = 12
    Colin = 8.75
    Greg = 8.59
    Barry = 5.5
    Keith = 3
    Henry = 1

    Almost halfway through the month and some quality tipping.
    First race is at 12.30 from Lingfield tomorrow.

  42. sorely tempted to go for Xpres Maite or Sofias Number One but I will stick to my Game plan and go for Sky Watch 2-00 Exeter.

      1. Thank’s champ throw enough darts one bound to land sometime
        have got e/w double with sleepy so fingers crossed !!

    1. nice one champ !! skidby/sleepy/????? super selections,
      definitely extra bag of wine gums this weekend !!

  43. 2:35 Exeter – Barton Gift (my tips don’t seem to be getting registered … fingers crossed that this one does)!!!

  44. Hi Dean, I told you a couple of days ago that I was on holiday Mon to Fri next week and wanted to know if you or someone else could give me their mobile number so that I could text them with my tip and they could post it for me. As yet I haven’t noticed a reply.

    1. Hi Colin,
      Sorry if I didn’t reply but I didn’t see any message from you regarding a holiday. I have just scrolled through and still didn’t see anything.
      A few people have been on holiday in the past and have had to catch up as any days missed would be considered no selection days (Paul won in December despite being on holiday for 10 days of it so it is possible).
      This would have to be a group decision from the competitors or down to Keith.
      Also, I think it best to avoid putting any personal information on this forum.
      Is there any family member or friend you could text to place the tip for you while you away?
      Or maybe you can contact Jason from BetInfo24 and see what he says.

      I would do it for you if the group allow me to post for you.
      What does everyone say?


      1. Dean,

        I would not have a problem with that even though I do not enter the comp. myself. |I would offer to do
        it but I am of the age that I do not have a mobile phone & I rarely switch my computer on until mid after

        Mr T

      2. Hi Dean, don’t bother about it. Nobody is going to die. I might take my computer with me but I am 76 and not sure i’ll be able to make it work. If I can’t I will have to try a few outsiders when I get back.

    2. Colin
      No personnel info can be given out on the page but I am sure if you email Jason he would lets us
      know your selection mate

  45. Here is the update for the last 2 days.
    Firstly, Sunday’s results – well done to Sandra (back to back wins) and Greg for their favs coming in and a big 8/1 winner for Henry.

    Then there were some great results today.
    Well done to Greg (back to back wins), Colin, Palerider, Ronaldoh and a big win from 2 time comp winner Paul H with the 2nd biggest win of the month at 16/1. He is now back in contention.

    Although there is no change in the leaderboard, it has got tighter and it is still anyone’s game –

    Lee = 23.5
    Colin = 9.75
    Greg = 9.59
    Keith/Paul = 4
    Henry = 2

    Lingfield and Ffos Las have been abandoned already for tomorrow, leaving us with choices from Exeter and Southwell, where the first race is at 12.40.

  46. Hey all,
    Sorry for not giving an update yesterday. Sunday footy season has reconvened and we got off to a good start. Then I spent the afternoon/evening/night with family.
    I’ll give an update for yesterday and today after the racing has finished later.

    Good spot from Graham but since the new year Botti/Harley haven’t been on the same form.
    Like you I need a mini miracle too – so today I go with Lingfield 12.45 Club House.

    Good luck all.

  47. me think’s DEAN might select number 8
    in the 4.40 wolver.

    Lingfield 2.50
    Minnie Miracle (needed)!!!

  48. Hi
    Taking a bit of a gamble ( need to try catch lee) so my selection is
    YOJOJO 2.40 wolv
    Ran some good races last year and has had a break so might go well fresh ( we will see)
    Good luck everyone

  49. HI
    POWERFUL PIERRE 4.00 wolv
    Another that’s been running well and getting 7lb from the fav should run a decent race
    Another I’ve backed win / place
    Good luck everyone

  50. Well done to the winners of today but unlucky to some losers – mainly the 6 guys, who between them chose 4 horses in the same race, and no one got the winner 🙂
    There were a couple of high-priced 2nd places in there – but there are no points for 2nd place.
    So with 3 favs and a nice 7/1 I give a mention to Keith, Sandra, Johnz and Colin for their winning selections.

    With the great results from today, there is a change in 2nd place –

    Lee = 25.5
    Colin = 9
    Greg = 7.04
    Keith = 6
    Johnz = 0.75

    First race tomorrow is the 12.20 @ Kelso.
    Get your selections in.

    1. respect to all who found winners today truly a slippery Saturday good to see King Keith on the board.

    2. Hi Dean, I am on holiday in Somerset Mon 20th to Fri 24th. Is it possible for you or someone else to give me a mobile number so that i can text my tip to them and they can post it for me.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      Welcome to the competition but unfortunately your selection for today was too late.
      You need to post before the first race of the day.

  51. surprised BARRY never went for horse number 12
    in the 12.45 warwick race !!

    Kempton 3.50
    Kudu Country

  52. Back to basics today after foolishly going for Boom To Bust yesterday. IT was 20/1 and was looking good coming into the straight but it faded as my hopes of catching Lee did. As I said yesterday I should have gone for Stanlow but I didn’t and it cost me 7points.Today’s tip is Lujeanie[1-00 Ling]

    1. Paul mate a 100/1 selection? Really? Last couple of months you have been on top for what I have seen. This Lee is leading the contest so far but if you hit todays horse you will be up there again lol Im playing a tenner on this just in case.

      1. I meant This month Lee not This Lee sorry about that. I dont want Lee to think I am disrespecting him or anything. 🙂

  53. Just in case I can’t get my selection in tomorrow morning (first race is 11.55 at Kempton), I am posting it now –
    Lingfield 2.35 Chookie Royale

  54. Late update tonight as have been out this evening.
    2 winners today – Peter (The Young Master himself) and John G (who is Like a Diamond with his winners, rare…lol).
    Well done guys.

    No change at the top –

    Lee = 26.5 (all the best with the family mate, have got a 6mth old myself so know how they can tie up time)
    Greg = 8.04
    Keith = 4.5
    Colin = 2
    Barry = 0.5

    I’ll be back with an update tomorrow.
    Have a good Saturday.

  55. GOODWOOD MIRAGE 11.55 kemp
    Very good on the flat and if transfers that form should win easily ( we will see ! )
    Cost £380k !!!!

  56. Sorry guys I wasn’t able to post a tip today! My little boy is due in hospital on Wednesday for an operation so I was tied up with preparations.

  57. Should go for Slanlow[2-00] but throwing caution to the wind and going for Boom To Bust[6-30 Wolves]

      1. To Marcboy. Just send a tip in each day before the first race. Unfortunately your balance will start at -10

  58. Dean can i change my mind (and horse} for tomorrow although i really do fancy KC in the 3-15at Sedg, i really should stick with LASTKINGOFSCOTLAND ive backed it so many times it really owes me now and ive got to stick with it
    Thanks Greg

    1. Hi Greg,
      No problem with the change. Thanks for letting me know.
      However, he is the LastkingofScotland for a reason…haha

  59. Hi
    2nd today so 5 naps 3 wins 2 bloody 2nds !!!!
    Outsider but been running well on the AW surface another I will be backing win / place (10/1)
    Good luck everyone

  60. Today has hit everyone hard. There was only one winner and that was JamesC, with his first win in the comp and who is definitely Peter’s Friend now 🙂
    Welcome to the winners circle James.

    So no changes at the top –

    Lee = 27.5
    Greg = 9.04
    Keith = 5.5
    Colin = 3
    Barry = 1.5
    Raymond = 1

    Let’s hope we get more winners tomorrow.
    It’s a 12noon start at Lingfield tomorrow.

  61. Today my selection came 2nd damn 🙁 . Here it is mine for tomorrow:

    12.45 (sedgef) Riskier

  62. Sorry guys when I mentioned that mud lovers system the other day I left out some information.
    If you’ve been on the website looking for the system, it’s in the December 2011 archives. It’s well
    worth having a look cause although it’s a simple system it does throw up some nice priced winners.
    I”m relying on it for today’s tip once again cause I had to rush the selection and only made it with
    about a minute to spare, as I was running some errands for my mum.

  63. After yesterdays winner, I am focusing on Hcp Hdl races, so today’s selection is coming from Catterick 15.05 and will be WELSH BARD, with the current best trainer/jockey combo in the race.

    1. I do have a place bet on Redpender in the same race – so Welsh Bard, Redpender 1st and 2nd will be nice 🙂

      1. sorry Dean, had to go out , cost me 3 winners, that’s life with a wife, they do your head in,

        1. I’ve just seen this Peter and sorry you were dragged out. I let my wife go out on her own while I work from home 🙂

  64. Im posting my selection for Thursday early cause Im usually busy in mornig here it goes:
    12.50 (sow) Miako (USA)

  65. Hi
    MERLINS WISH 2.35 Catt
    Won last two races on heavy and soft so likes the going (hopefully)
    Good luck everyone

  66. Another good day especially as I finally joined the winners circle alongside Lee and Keith, both with their 3rd in a row, and Johnz with his 2nd winner in the comp. Well done guys.
    The only change at the top is the increase in Lee’s profit –

    Lee = 28.5
    Greg = 10.04
    Keith = 6.5
    Colin = 4
    Barry = 2.5
    Raymond = 2
    Johnz = 0.25
    (I am back in profit with 1.25 but as I don’t count, I have not put myself on the leaderboard, just happy to win).

    The first race is currently 12.35 at Catterick tomorrow but there is a precautionary inspection at 7.30am.
    Happy tipping.

  67. Fancy a few today but can only pick one so it’s Sir Pitt in 1-10 at Donny. Try to keep building and hope Lee and Greg come back to the field.

  68. Hi
    ECHO BRAVA 7.10 kemp
    Running well won only race at this distance 1m 4 f up 5 lb but carrying next to bottom weight up in
    Class as well but decent price and need to catch runaway LEE !!! So worth a punt good chance of a
    place so will be backing win / place
    Good luck everyone

    FRANCO IS MY NAME 15/2 2-00 LING



  70. The winners of today are – Lee (with his second great return in a row), Keith (even though his horse had no i’s), Greg (with his 4th in a row), Barry (with the same selection as Greg) and another from Consistent Colin.

    So the leaderboard remains with Lee at the top and Greg in second, but changes slightly below them –

    Lee = 25
    Greg = 11.04
    Colin = 5
    Barry = 3.5
    Raymond = 3
    Keith = 2.5

    The rest of us need some biggies.
    Racing starts at 12.10 from Doncaster tomorrow so get your selections in early.

  71. Leicester 2.25

    how do you know your horse is ticklish

    run him on the All Feather !!!

  72. Hi guys
    I actually have various systems that I use, however t
    yesterdays winner didn’t come from any of them. It actually came from a free system that’s available on the make your betting pay website. Its specialises in tipping when the ground is heavy and today’s tip is also from it

    Leicester 12.45 Hint of Mint

    1. Hi mate I have been to that site and I cannot find the system you speak about. Could you tell me where I can find it I would like to check it out?


    2. Well done Lee,I’ll take back all I said Yesterday and all the best for the future. Colin

  73. SLNKY MCVELVET 1.35 south
    Won well last time out but up in weight but taking a chance on it beating the fav

  74. Some great results today – a 20/1, a 7/1 and a 3/1 from Lee, Greg and Keith respectively.
    Will Lee let us know more about his secret system? A shame for Greg that his selection was backed in from 25/1 but this was his 3rd winner in a row in the comp.
    This means it’s all change on the leaderboard –

    Lee = 15
    Greg = 9.54
    Raymond = 4
    Colin = 2.5
    Barry = 2
    Peter = 0.25

    Well done guys.

    Palerider, thanks for the earlier message and early selection for tomorrow. I have already added it to my spreadsheet.
    Have a good evening all.

    1. Hi Guys, i’m not being nasty,honest, and maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself and only time will tell, but if Lee keeps coming with the same sort of tips I would expect him to be level on 21st January. Nobody but Lee could have found that today. I only hope he had a few quid on it. I’m not being critical or jealous. Only a bit of banter.

      1. Hey Colin,
        The banter is cool as long as it is meant that way.
        You should have been involved in November – the guru Paul Hindmarsh had about 7 or 8 winners above 10/1 so it is possible to continue finding big winners.
        I had 18 winners in November and still lost to Paul. I haven’t had the same form since though.
        Bear in mind if Lee has taken 7 days to get something this good – averagely thinking, that should give him at least 4 per month. I hope he keeps this up and I hope others get the same luck to make it interesting.
        You have already had 2 good priced winners and I am sure we will see more from you.
        All the best mate

  75. Dean
    Im posting my selection for tomorrow early cause I am not sure I will be around tomorrow:

    1.15 (leicester) Belle De Fontenay (FR)

    1. Hi Allan,
      I have just noticed that you have chosen your selection from Thurles.
      Unfortunately, as stated above, this comp is for UK racing only so I cannot accept your choice today as it is in Ireland.

  76. Poor racing today.Looked at Dodina [4-10] but i’m trying to play safe so i’m tipping Jayeff Herring [5-10 at Wolves]

    1. Now i can afford fish and chips Colin because i had Outlaw Torn @ 25/1 this morning

      1. Well done Greg. I had a free bet with 365 and had 20 quid on it but I only got 7/1. 365 give a free bet to your original stake if you can find the winner at 4/1 or over in 2 selected races. I found the last one on Saturday at 6/1[20 quid on it] and found both winners yesterday which gave me a free bet on Outlaw Torn. My next free bet went on Dodina but it’s still running.All the best for 2014.Colin.

  77. Dean,

    I scored a 5/1 winner today and there has been 5 days in the month 4 of which I didnt play 1 I lost should I not be on -4 + 5 =1 point proffit at the moment and therefor on the list there with Jarold Henry and John?


    1. Hi Palerider,
      My sincere apologies. You had a great result and you are correct, I have missed your 1pt profit due to an error on my spreadsheet.
      This has been corrected and I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again for you or anyone else.

      Thanks for letting me know.

      1. LOL No worries mate. Thanks for doing such a great job so far. And I lost today so I guess I am back to 0 points again anyways lol. I will try to do better tomorrow.

  78. I am making another early selection for tomorrow.
    Wolverhampton (to be safe) 16.40 Jaeger Train

    Happy Monday

  79. Congratulations to 6 winners today – Colin Holder, Johnz, John G, Palerider, Greg and Ralph.
    There is no change at the top but there is movement below, and a quick mention to all other positive profiters so far this month –

    Raymond = 5
    Colin Holder = 3.5
    Barry = 3
    Greg = 2.54
    Peter RJ = 1.25
    Jarold/Henry/John G = 1
    Ralph = 0.75

    Well done.
    Taunton has already been abandoned tomorrow and Southwell has a 7am inspection for jumps racing. So at the moment racing starts at 12.25 from Southwell unless it is abandoned also and the only option left is Wolverhampton, which starts at 14.10.

  80. My tip today is IMJIM RIVER 12-40 Southwell. I think Yasir has a better chance but it is only 6/4

  81. 3-10 SOUTH

    1. Hi Greg, you are on a winner. !00 quid on it should win you a bag of fish and chips.

      1. Not where i live Colin,salt and pepper ,splash of vinegar maybe
        To be honest i had no idea that it would be going off at such a short price
        I thought it may well go off at 4/6 or 8/13 but not at those odds
        Alright i suppose if your names Bill Gates

  82. 3-10 SOUTH

  83. Congratulations to Greg, Peter RJ and Henry for their winners today. There is still no change in the top 2 despite the big prices won on today but the fight for non-prized 3rd place is looking interesting.

    Raymond = 6
    Barry = 4
    Greg = 2.5
    Peter RJ = 2.25
    Jarold/Henry = 2

    Keep them good tips coming guys.
    There are 2 scheduled meetings tomorrow with the first race being the 12.40 at SOUTHWELL, but be aware that Plumpton has an inspection at 11am and may be abandoned.

  84. Going for WAR ON 1-40 Newcastle.Don’t usually bet until 5mins before the off so it’s difficult picking early. I always follow the money, it’s the only way to make racing pay.

      1. Hi Raymond,
        I would like to say no because technically it’s a returned stake but in the past someone asked Keith and I believe he said that it does cost a point unfortunately.

        Keith, can you verify when you read this please? Thanks

          1. Thanks Keith. Someone has selected a runner at Wincanton last night and it has been abandoned this morning – is that also minus a point?


  85. I am posting my friendly selection for tomorrow now as I won’t be able to post in the morning.
    Lingfield 15.45 Scottish Glen

    I’ll collect all the data tomorrow afternoon.

    Good luck.

  86. looking further down i see that i start on -2 but not to worry i’ll soon rub that off.Oh, i did that today. I’ll start building from tomorrow.Cheers all competitors.

    1. Hi Colin,
      It is only fair on everyone that it’s the same across the board – no selections or late selections are considered a bet lost.
      You had a great result today and with that effectively start on evens anyway.

      I look forward to seeing what other winners you bring to the table.

      Good luck and thanks for joining the comp.

  87. Why is my selection not posted? It says awaiting moderation. What do I have to do to be able to enter the competition?

    1. Hi Palerider,
      Your first post will always show as awaiting moderation as you are new to the site and need to be ‘verified’ by the site manager Jason.
      Now this post has gone through, you can post your selection going forward.
      Sorry this has happened for your first entry into the comp.

  88. I have only noticed the tipping competition last night, so I started today. Do I have to start on -2.

  89. Now all selections have run, I can update everyone with today’s results.
    Firstly, well done to all the winners today – Jarold with his NR replacement, Peter RJ & Caroline with the same selection and Colin Holder & Mik Gray with their first selections in the comp.
    Even with those winners, there is still no change in the top 2 but 3rd place has changed.
    The leaderboard is as follows –

    Raymond = 7
    Barry = 5
    Jarold = 3
    Below this we have 3 competitors on evens. There’s plenty of time for anyone to move up to the top.

    Please be aware that the first race is an early one tomorrow – LINGFIELD 11.50 – so please have your selections in on time or they won’t count.

    Have a good evening all.

    1. Hi Gill,
      Unfortunately, your entry was too late and is considered a no selection for today. Please try to post before the start of the first race each day.

    1. Hi Neil,
      Unfortunately, your entry was too late and is considered a no selection for today. Please try to post before the start of the first race each day.

    1. Hi Lucy,
      I saw that you had posted a selection earlier and you can only make one selection a day.
      Unfortunately, as your first selection ran, I will need to take this as your selection for today.

      Please only post one selection unless you state you are replacing a previous selection with a new one.


  90. Guys,
    Thanks for the comments and support. It is appreciated. I can’t imagine a better bunch of people to do this for and, even just after 2 days in, I can see why Keith loves doing it.
    I may even offer to take it from him so he can join in.
    It puts my 2 passions together – horse racing and creating spreadsheets…haha

    My non-comp selection for today – Southwell 12.30 Bonnie Fairy

    Keep the good tips coming guys.

    1. Hi Dean
      No problem mate if you would like to run the comp I’ve plenty on my plate at the moment

  91. Congratulations to Ralph for the only winner in the comp today. My selection won too but doesn’t count for the comp.
    Unlucky to Lee with a 3rd place 100/1 selection.

    The top two in the leaderboard remain the same, with the addition of Ralph into 3rd place –

    Raymond = 8
    Barry = 6
    Ralph = 1

    1. Hi Dean
      Loving the effort you are putting into this. We all appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

    2. good on you dean ,my vote went to PAUL though ,keep him out the game , but let`s have all his lovely tips ,love you both Sandra.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I thought it strange considering you were unlucky yesterday.
      Today will be considered a no selection day, with -1 towards your total, but doesn’t hold you back from posting for the rest of the comp throughout the month.
      Please try to post a selection if and when you can before the start of the first race each day.

    1. Hi David,
      No need to register. Just post your selection with the venue and time of the race each day before the start of the first race and I’ll record it for the comp.
      Good luck.
      As you have not yet posted for the month, I will need to include you as no selections for days 1 & 2 and therefore this will start you on -2 (-1 per day).

    1. Hi Laszlo,
      Thanks for your post but today it won’t count because you need to post before the start of the first race each day.
      As you did not post a selection yesterday and late today, you will be on -1 per day.

    1. Hi Phillip,
      Thanks for your post but today it won’t count because you need to post before the start of the first race each day.
      As you did not post a selection yesterday and late today, you will be on -1 per day.

    1. Hi Jarold,
      I saw your post in the December link so this is not considered as a late entry but thanks for posting it in here too.

  92. It’s a bit of a no hoper this time guys but I’m following a system and as you no when following a system you roll with it even if you may not agree with the selection. So here goes

    Huntingdon 12.10 Jolly Valentine

  93. My selection for today is – Wolverhampton 18.20 Powerful Pierre
    I’ll be back with an update on today’s results later.

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