Jim has been in and about the Irish Racing scene in one form or another for the past 20 or so years. He has a network of contacts and spies all willing to pass on snippets of information.

For the past 5 years or so Jim has been providing these tips to a select group of clients with amazing results.

As this past month has shown, Jim isn't about betting the short priced favourites and consistently backs big priced winners.  In your trial he bagged a fantastic 3 from 3 at huge prices and regularly achieved one or more winners each day from his 3-4 selections.

His selections are  so good his clients are willing to pay a joining fee of £500 plus over £50 a month and its not hard to see why  -

Over the past month Jim has treated all those following him on the blog to a 88/1 treble plus a number of EW Doubles, the pick of which returned 9/1 and 14/1 respectively. Jim has secured us wins at  9/1, 8/1, 13/2, 6/1, 5/1 (prices as advised) and many many more at decent prices. Despite the winners, Jim has also bagged quite a few decent priced placed selections at 16/1, 14/1, 12/1, 8/1 (all when advised)

Jim doesn't hide behind short priced favourites and even at the time of this email, Jim has treated members to a 5/1 winner and a 10/1 and 20/1 placed efforts (the other selection was a non runner) - £1 ew Lucky 15 produced a win of £158! Dont take Jims word for it, heres a quote from the Forum!


Mal says:

September 17, 2013 at 10:43 am

Excellent Jim, I had a £1EW LF which returned £158.Well done & thanks.


fordy. says:
September 17, 2013 at 12:16 am

well done jim yet again i placed a 2pd ew lucky 15 on ur 4 selections today and came back with 361.62 what a day. thanks again jim.

As a special offer exclusive to Bet Info 24 members, Jim has agreed to provide his Tips for an unbeatable £20.00 a month or join for 12 months for £180.00 

That's effectively a discount of 3 months TOTALLY FREE!!!




This offer is only available for a limited number of members given the price sensitivity of the information given to Jim by connections.

Jim was reluctant to agree to this offer in the first place as when Jim tips it, it usually gets backed. An observant Betinfo24 member saw this in action just the other day:


tony says:

September 15, 2013 at 3:02 pm

horse backed from 22 into 11-2 fav that's the sort of information you want, keep it up jim.



Strictly once 150 members have been signed up, the stable door bolts closed for good. Anyone trying to subscribe after the quota has been allocated will receive their subscription back and an email telling them they've been unsuccessful.

Sign up Now  and start getting high quality Irish Tips today!
Remember, Jims current clients happily pay him £500 just to join the Service and in excess of £50.00 a month for this information.

All selections will be posted by approximately 3 hour before the 1st selected race each day - Jim is always getting whispers and reports from many contacts and hence cannot post them the night before or before 9.00am.

Jim also gets late information and when he does he'll post this as well. In time Jim will roll out a SMS Service(which presently is enjoyed by only a handful of loyal clients)  so remember to include your mobile number when signing up.

Jim wont hold this offer open for long so get on whilst you can.

Sign up for £20.00 a month and you'll get:

  • 3-4 tips per day


  • Late information

  • Staking Plan advice

  • Jim's NAP (when applicable)


Not only has Jim given us an exclusive deal, he has also making this additional once in a life time offer. All those that sign up to the receive the Service for 12 months will receive this special never to be repeated offer!

Jim will guarantee you 200 winners in 12 months - If he doesn't achieve that for you, he will give you the next 12 months COMPLELETY FREE!!!

This is a WIN / WIN offer for a limited time ONLY!

So to recap - All members will receive:

  • 3-4 high quality Irish racing TIPS

  •   Price Sensitive late information

  • Staking plan advice

  • Best Bet (when applicable)

And those signing up to the Annual Subscription offer (discounted by 3 months- Pay for 9 months get 3 months free) also receive:




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199 thoughts on “The Irish Angle”

  1. FREE BET:

    4.05 Listowel – Knockea 2pts EW

    Early information – Just spoke to a guy who is often behind betting coups. His words “I’ll be devastated if this finishes outside the frame today”

    8/1 generally available.

    Good luck

  2. Good morning Guys!

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!

    I have literally just spoken to Jason and he tells me we’re ready to rock and roll.

    Stand by for an email.

    See you on the other side!!!!


  3. UPDATE:

    Just spoken to Jason at length about the service and the offer etc and I hope you’ll all receive something before the end of the week.

    We continued in good form yesterday with a 5/1 winner so I am hopeful you’ll all be on board as soon as possible to resume our assault on the Bookies.


  4. Good afternoon guys

    No more tips – The Free trial ended yesterday with 1 5/1 winner and 2 placed efforts at 10/1 and 20/1. The other selection was a non runner.

    Jason will be sending out an email shortly with full details of how you can get involved.

    The offer will be exclusive to Bet Info Members.

    I am so pleased members got on board yesterday and its heartening to see those fantastic returns.

    thank you for all the positive feedback – it means a lot!

    I hope to see you all on the other side.

    Good luck today!


  5. well done jim yet again i placed a 2pd ew lucky 15 on ur 4 selections today and came back with 361.62 what a day. thanks again jim.

  6. Hi Jim well done on yet another successful day (this is beginning to become a bit of a habit now) and although i only got in on about 2 weeks of the free trial I have seen enough to convince me sir that you are the real deal cant wait to get the details of signing up too your service well done again and thanks for the FREE trial much appreicated.

  7. Well well well!

    What a fantastic day for the Service

    Hail Storm WON at 5/1 advised (9/2 sp)

    Little King Robin SECOND at 10/1 advised (8/1sp)

    Onwiththeparty was a NON RUNNER

    Outsider Bet

    Battling Boru THIRD at 20/1 advised (14/1sp)

    What a Sign off for the FREE TRIAL.

    I hope you guys were on these and are counting your cash!

    Go get your Money!!

    I’ll see you on the other side!


  8. Guys

    I have spoken to Jason and he will be sending out an email over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled. I dont want to spoil the surprise, but I really hope you are all going to be pleased with what he and I have come up with.

    It really will be exclusive to Bet Info 24 members and I’m even throwing in an extra bonus on top!

    Today, I’ve got 3 to keep you interested and a 20/1 long shot!!

    4.15 – 2pt ew Hail Shower 5/1

    5.45 – 1.5pts ew Little King Robin 10/1

    6.45 – 2pts ew Onwiththeparty 10/1

    Long shot but better than bare form would have you believe:
    6.15 – 1pt ew Battling Boru 20/1


  9. Jim, great service. Just as a matter of interest will there be any selections today. Just to save time waiting for any or to keep switching the computer on, as I am wanting to go out.

    Also will there still be some, up until the paid service is up and running?

    Please let me know, as it will save me time. Thanks for your efforts.

  10. Another good day at the Office!

    A great win with Avenue Gabriel doing the business at 4/1 and then we had a good EW Second in the Irish St Leger.

    We then finished off the day with a good winner in our only bet at Listowel with Curly Bill doing the business.

    An email should be with you soon from Jason about the Service.

    I am going to be offering a fantastic deal exclusively for Bet Info 24 members. Jason has twisting my arm about giving you guys a deal and I hope what he sends you guys meets with your liking.


  11. Cheers, Jim

    But I’m no where near with the prices, I get

    2.45…..10/1….11/1 boyles
    3.15 ..9/1

  12. Todays Selections are:


    2.15 – 4pts ew Avenue Gabriel 4/1

    2.45 – 2pts ew Arbitrageur 16/1

    3.15 – 2pts ew Fort Knox 9/1


    3.35 – 4pts win Curly bill 7/4


    Ahzeemah – 2pts EW

  13. Brilliant winner Jim, but could I have one request, could you put the price that is freely available on the horses when you post please.

  14. Fantastic start with a 9/1 winner! Very disappointed with Hot Snap! He was “according to connections” nailed on!!

    Still a 9/1 winner is a winner and we live to fight tomorrow.


  15. 14th September

    Im at the Curragh today and here’s a few to get stuck in to.

    3.00 – 2pts ew My Good Brother 9/1

    3.35 – 4pts win Hot Snap 7/4

    4.05 – 1pt ew Whitethorne Scent 12/1

    5.10 – 1.5pts ew Zalty 10/1

    Val – 4 selections just for Val – Stick them in a lucky 15 EW – Good luck!

    Lets hope we have a good day


  16. 14th September

    Im at the Curragh today and here’s a few to get stuck in to.

    3.00 – 2pts ew My Good Brother 9/1

    3.35 – 4pts win Hot Snap 7/4

    4.05 – 1pt ew Whitethorne Scent 12/1

    5.10 – 1.5pts ew Zalty 10/1

    Val – 4 selections just for Val – Stick them in a lucky 15 EW – Good luck!


  17. Guys

    whipsers a plenty today, but the main calls are

    4.40 – 2pts ew Snap Click 10/1

    6.45 – 2pts win City Line 4/1

    7.15 2pt ew Action Master 9/1 (was 14/1 – already being backed by connections!)

    That ends the selections for today unless i really do get a hot piece of info late on in which i will then post.


  18. No Irish racing yesterday but we’re back with Down Royal today.

    Got some spies working there for me today and will be updating this blog later – hopefully all selections uploaded by 2.30pm latest.

    Ken – I havent looked at the Card yet but I’ll be sure to do so Sunday morning mate and hopefully I can find us a few winners.


  19. Guys

    Spar Hill placed but that was about the only highlight after minella fiveo and indevan could only muster 2nd place

    Bet singles:

    5.30 – 1pt ew Limpopo Tom 9/1
    6.00 -5pt win Minella for Value 11/10
    6.30 – 1pts win Your Busy 4/1
    7.00 – 3pts win Fosters Cross 7/2

    EW Lucky 15 also advised

    Good luck

    Max win bet of the day:

  20. Last information for the day:

    4.25 Galway – 1.5pts ew Spa Hill 6/1

    4.55 Galway – 5pt win Minella Fiveo 7/4

    5.55 Galway – 1pt ew Georgie 16/1

    Good luck today

  21. Guys


    to beat the price as i suspect this will go odds on –

    5.25 Galway – Indevan – currently 11/10 – Likely to go off 4/5, 4/6 is my guess.

    5 pt win bet.

    There will be more to come – latest will be 3.00pm so please check back by 3pm for more info.

    Michael – thank you for your kind words. An email will be sent out to you and ALL betinfo members on an exclusive deal basis. Watch this space.


  22. Hi Jim well done on yet another sucessful day I dont. know how you do it but I can tell you this i will definately be intrested in subscribing to your service. How do you go about signing up to your service Jim

  23. Guys
    Thanks for the comments

    I approached Jason about offering something exclusively to Bet Info members.

    Something that represents huge value for money but returns regular returns like we’ve enjoyed over recent days and we did the other day with our 3 winners from 3 selections!

    I will be working on something over the next week or so.

    SMS could be a way to go for LATE NEWS as I get lots of info passed to me.

    I’ll work something out.

    Thank you again for your support.


  24. irish jim, thanks for you time to post your tips here. You said you might consider sending sms messages to members. How can you become a member in your tips?

    Have you set a website yet?


  25. Hi Jim managed a small wager as advised although I did not bet the Patent,more fool me.however, thank you for the tips and I look forward to some more.

    Cheers Ticketyboo 20:30 09/09/2013

  26. Good evening guys!

    Another successful day for us with a 16/1 3rd and a 7/1 advised winner in the 7.15!

    Nice little return on the EW Patent as well.

    We are now on a real roll. Lots of Big priced winners/place selections.

    Hope you were on!

    My information is pretty reliable and its paying dividends


  27. Stuart

    I accept entirely your comments.

    I will try and ensure all selections are delivered by 2.00pm

    There will be the odd time i get a juicy piece of late info which i will add here, but in the future I may be able to send out text messages to signed up members

    Im sorry you missed the 6pm winner. (a max win bet as well)

    We’ve been really close with some of our bigger priced runners and I cant believe Carvelas just got pipped by a head at 12/1 – if you saw the race, he slipped and lost momentum and was fighting back when the line came. Really would have been a great day!


  28. Galway:

    4.45 – 1pt ew Truly Genius 16/1

    6.45 – 2pts ew Prospectorus 9/1

    7.15 – 2pts win Bint Nayef 7/1

    1pt ew patent advised

    Good luck!

  29. Hi Jim,

    Find this quite a good service that shows some promise. Just one little constructive thought. Is it possible for you to let us know one way or another whether anything else will be posted after your initial selections. For instance I got your first 3 selections yesterday and thought that was it. I went out and so missed the 6pm winner. Maybe say something like ‘There may be another or more selections today’. Also if no further selections materialise, then come on and say ‘No further selections today’. It would save people waiting in front of their computer most of the day, particularly if they have other things to do or have to go out.

    I know you said a few days ago that there was maybe another selection (waiting for valet). I waited a long time for it, but it never came, so maybe a quick mail to say there is no further selection in that situation, would help enormously. Or also maybe give an approximate time it will come on.

    That aside I have no complaints and as said it shows very good promise.

  30. Hi

    Just waiting on some info so cant post yet.

    Sorry I cant be more specifc. I get whispers and winks all the time and its sifting through them that takes the time.

    Im looking at a 14/1 at the moment which could run a big race but i am just waiting on a phone call from the head lad as to its condition.

    I’ll be back asap with todays selections


  31. Keith

    Ha! It was a slip – Meant of course to put win bet and at 12/1 we almost nabbed it only beaten a length!

    Hope you got the EW Double and the maximum win bet on the 6pm?

    Good day profit today



    5.00 – 2pts ew Confident Cub 11/1

    5.30 – 4pts ew Atlantic Sea 14/1

    6.00 – 5pts win Vasanta Navaratri 5/2

  33. Hi guys

    I’ll post some figs over the next few days.

    Blank day yesterday which is the first for a few days.

    Dundalk today.

    3.55 Carvelas 14/1 2pts EW

    4.30 Valley Queen 3pt win

    EW Double advised

  34. Jim, will there be any tips for Dundalk this afternoon? Can you let us know, one way or the other as I am wanting to go out. If there are not going to be any, I will depart immediately and not return till tonight. If there are going to be some, I will wait a bit longer or make a quick return later on.

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  35. Jimbo dude could you post the results of your trial so far so we can make an informed decision on whether to join your service.
    Regards Barryx


    Valet of the horse given me this:

    3.45 Shell House – skinny odds I appreciate, but hands and heels ride last time and connections are bullish that she wont get beat today

    5pt win

    Good luck

  37. Hi Mike

    Thank you for your post. I will be running a tipping Service exclusively for Bet Info Clients. Exclusive bets for a small select group to protect the price – I have some great coups lined up with connections.

    We’ll send the Bookie bandy with our winners.

    More information will be sent out once the month is up. Right now, I’m happy to give these out for free.

    Good luck

  38. Great day in store today and here’s a few to get stuck into. We were desperately unlucky yesterday beaten by a head bob into 2nd (8/1) which would have been a fantastic profit on the day.


    4.15 – 4pts win Masai 11/10

    4.45 – 2pts ew Calibrate 11/1

    6.15 – 2.5pts win Belle De Crecy 9/2

    6.50 – 4pts win Trading Leather 7/1

    I suggest you back these as singles, but I wouldn’t discourage an EW lucky 15 (for Val)


  39. Hi Mike

    I will be running a tipping service exclusively for Bet Info Clients. I am going to provide these free bets for the month and then offer a very special offer to join me.

    I have some fantastic bets lined up at some really great prices.


  40. Sorry for not posting till now. A bit of rain about and needed to check in with a few people first.

    Good luck.

    There might be more – I’m waiting on a call from a valet


  41. 5th September


    4.25 – 3pts win Hoppsan 5/2
    4.55 – 3pts win Martys Magic 7/2
    7.25 – 4pts win Tisamystery 5/2

    win patent advised

  42. Why can’t Jim’s bets be emailed to people (who asked to follow them), that way we would know IF or WHEN there are selections available, and not have to re-try MANY times per day.

    Just a suggestion!!!!

  43. Dear BetInfo24,

    I know you are doing a great job and if I sounded upset or being negative I apologise.

    Thank you for providing us with this service

  44. Something’s wrong with this blog. My post and others as I can see from their comments, have been posted much earlier than Jim’s comment but somehow they are shown much later. Jim’s selections were not on this blog when I posted mine and it was for surely way after Jim’s first selection.

    Fix it guys

    1. Hi George, sorry for any inconvenience caused today, we have been updating the blog and it does clearly state this on the blog page and in the email. Hopefully it will be in good working order very soon.

  45. Just received the normal betinfo24 email informing me about your tips. Can you please let us, the new ones here, where and what time approximately you give your tips?


  46. Laytown:

    4.55 – 3pts ew Captain May 4/1
    6.00 – 3pts ew Saratoga Baby 4/1
    7.00 – 4pts win Usa 5/2

    2pt ew patent advised

  47. Good contact of mine given these:

    5.15 Roscommon – Quininne 2pt 6/1EW
    7.15 Roscommon – Schlem 2pt 12/1 EW

    2pt ew double pays approx 66/1

    Good luck

  48. A good winner yesterday and a great day at the Curragh in store – I’ll be off there shortly, but my sources have given me two decent shouts.

    4.15 3pt win Tapestry 7/4
    4.45 2pt ew Anderiego 18/1

    2pt ew double

    I may have one more for you later but good luck

  49. Nice maximum winner today with ravello again comfortably winning 11/4 backed into 11/8

    hope you were on!


  50. Computer glitch – please ignore last post!

    I was deleting my notes and it cut and pasted here

    The LATE NEWS is

    4.50 Killarney – Bleading Hearts 3pt win


  51. Good winner yesterday with Shanpallas winning at 8/1 advised into 6/1


  52. Late news from Killarney

    6.50 – 2pts EW Shanpallas 8/1
    7.20 – 2pts win Go All The Way 6/1

    EW Double suggested – 2 pts

  53. Burn and Turn very unlucky not to win yesterday only failing to get his head in front in the final 50 yards.

    3 initial bets for you today and win double

    4.45 Killarney – Dream Notion 3pt win
    6.20 Killarney – Steps to Freedom 3pt win
    2 pt win double

    7.20 Killarney – blazing beacon 16/1 1pt ew

    Possibly more to follow.


  54. LATE INFO – word on this one looks good. Connections bullish

    Killarney 7.00 – 2pts ew Burn And Turn 8/1

    You could do a small CSF on the selection with the favourite Sizing Machine 2/1

  55. 29th August

    7.00 Killarney Sizing Machine 5pt win 2/1 with most bookmakers

    More to follow

    Small profit yesterday with MAAL finishing second. Frustratingly denied a clear run in the closing stages which cost him the race and a decent pay day.


  56. LAY OF THE DAY ..first bet of this kind on site ..8 to 1 Winner ..12 legnths ,,Bloody joke …makes me angry ,,,runs a site like its his personal fun ..

  57. Jim,

    What is the proffit/loss so far. It would help to have that daily or at least weekly. It doesnt look like it is going very well so far. Thanks fro the trial though I will follow closely.

  58. Bank Holiday Bets:


    Two huge EW selections for you – go for the ew double as well – 2pt ew on:


    Huge lucky 15 ew on the above for a Bank Holiday bonanza bet! 😉

  59. A good winner for us yesterday with Katys Girl winning at 8/1

    Early Selection for you today

    5pt win
    5.55 Curragh – Shalaman

  60. Final selections of the day – I’ve had some really positive information for the following:


    5.00 – 5pts win Lilly The Lioness 2/1
    7.00 – 2 pts ew Eirland 11/2


    6.20 – 2.5 pts win Seismic 4/1

  61. 23rd August

    1 winner yesterday and very unlucky 2nd.

    Todays early bird selection is:

    7.10 Tipperary Quinnie 4/1 3pts win.

  62. 21st August

    2 selections today

    5.45 Bellewstown Antiquus 5pt win
    7.50 Bellewstown Ted Veale 5pt win

    Suggested win double


  63. Further news coming in and the suggestion is for 2pts EW on the following and a small EW double.

    5.20 Sligo Jennys Lane 8/1
    6.50 Sligo Las Encinas 6/1

    ~Put the 5.50 in for a small EW PATENT


  64. Keith – agreed – who’d be a punter a Roscommon eh?

    We got on the board finally with Thefiddlerofduneen coming placed in the 7.10 at Roscommon.



  65. Jim
    If you look at the Irish results tonight it’s a bloody minefield mate if Irish racing isn’t fixed I am a scotch man

    Sorry guys! No bet day suddenly becomes a Betting Day
    Strong word for the following:

    All at Rosscommon
    5.10 Intensifed – 4pt win bet
    7.10 Sweet My Lord – 5pt win bet
    8.10 Thefiddlerofdundeen – 1pt EW.

    I couldnt put you off a small ew Patent and perhaps a win double on the 5.10 and 7.10.


  67. Been through the Rosscommon card and there’s no selections today.


    I speak to a lot of the Yards and my selections are based on a little inside info and cross referencing a few form lines. Its proven really profitable, not that you’d know it since I started posting here.

    It will come good as the 2 previous selections I emailed Jason prior to getting the gig on here came in.

    I will get us back to winning ways for sure

  68. Jim dude are your picks form based or selected from inside info do you favour certain race tracks above others?
    good luck barryx

  69. Not a great start to the trial with both selections running below par.

    I was wary about the ground and it proved to be right.

    Todays selection:

    7.20 Tramore Rathmoyle House 12/1 1pt EW

    I may have another selection or two and will update the page later if so.


  70. Joe

    I suggest the total 3 points but if you personally want to do it like that, then do it. Just make sure you continue to do it so the results P/L are accurate.

    Thats what you get from a conservative Irish man!!

    good luck to you

  71. Hi there!
    I’m Jim and I’ve been involved in the Irish Racing scene for a while now. I approached Jason about giving me an opporunity to give my selections for free to see how they go down.

    Yesterday I gave Foot Perfect in the 5.50 Leopardstown at 12/1 as an EW selection and it came a good third. (10/1sp) to return a profit.

    The day before I tipped up Calibrate which won the 8.25 at Gowran Park, backed in from 5/2 to 5/4.

    I have a 1-5 point system. 5 being the maximum strength down to 1. Please adhere to my points system and use this wnen betting.

    So if 1 point is £5.00 then a 3pt win bet would be £15.00.

    3pt EW will be £7.50 ew (total £15.00)

    Given the Weather is a factor today, I will tread more carefully than usual and with only 1 meeting today, my selections for you today are: If I could be sure of the weather these bets warrant a 3pt ew bet, but I strongly advise the following:

    7.20 Tramore – Silk Hall 6/1 1pt ew

    7.50 Tramore – Gudnis Gracious Me 7/1 1pt ew

    I also recommend a 1pt ew double.

    Fingers crossed we get off to a good start tonight

  72. Hi The Irish Angle! Every little help is a help but this is much more– for a MONTH, good Lord!

    Cheers and thanks!