Tipping Competition April




If you would like to get involved just enter your tip each day on here. Please make sure to follow the rules below:

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP


Congratulations to last months winners:

Alex +57.50
Bob +26.50

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1,274 thoughts on “Tipping Competition April”

  1. Ascot 3.40 Wind Fire

    If non runner
    Ascot 2.30 Night of Thunder

    Sole Power will be all the rage for this and rightly so, but he is now an 8 year old and at some point age catches up with all of us. So I’m going to take with wind fire, he has had 3 runs under today’s race conditions and his record reads 2 wins and a 3rd. He will probably need to improve to take this but being only a 4 year old he should still have improvement in him.

  2. Leicester 2.50 Gabrial’s Wawa

    If non runner
    Lingfield 5.10 Strait of Magellan

    Gabrial’s Wawa was a beaten favourite last time out over 5f, a strange decision running at that distance when his wins had come at distances from 6f to 9f; especially as he had never run at that distance before. He also has never won on turf before, but all his turf runs have been in higher class than this and for a horse thats done all his winning on the all weather, has only ever encountered good, good/soft and soft conditions on turf

  3. Wind 7 25 Outback Traveller
    nr backup Wind 8 55 Priors Brook.

    What a great month Ronaldoh had the best tipping
    i have seen in 50 years.Martin done very well would
    have won it in a normal month. Great tipping guys
    keep up the good work.

  4. Apologies to all those who treid to post earlier today and couldn’t get on the site. Not sure what the problem was. There were no winners from those who managed a post, so the result of this month’s comp shows:

    Ronaldoh +88.50
    Martin +42.00
    Ian H +10.00
    Garry +2.75
    Henry +1.75

    Well done to Ronaldoh and Martin, some great tipping all month.

    I’ll email the result to Jason shortly.

  5. Well done Ronaldoh and Martin for their tips this month
    3-35 LING
    EL CHE
    IF A N/R
    LEIC 2-15

    1. Sandra, tried to get on earlier as well, but the whole site was down. Not sure what the problem was. I’ll see if Jason can shed some light when I email result of the comp.

  6. Nottingham 2.45 Hurry Home Poppa

    If non runner
    Nottingham 5.15 Lone Star Boy

    Hurry Home Poppa is running well at the moment, he was a beaten favourite last time out, over 2m. but he did lead at the 14f marker (now I maybe reeading too much of that) but that’s the distance he is running over today and also the distance both his wins todate were registered at. The first of which was here in September 2014 in same class and ground conditions of today

  7. Just the 1 winner today, and it’s that man again, well done to Ronaldoh with a 9/1 winner. No backup winners. So, with 1 day to go, Ronaldoh has a big lead:

    Ronaldoh +89.50
    Martin +43.00
    Ian H +11.00
    Garry +3.75
    Henry +2.75
    Greg +0.83

    Racing gets underway at 2.15pm tomorrow from Nottingham.

  8. York 1.45 Louis The Pious

    If non runner
    York 5.15 Dr Red Eye

    Louis the Pious was a beaten favourite on soft ground last time out, but that was his first run of the season and in fact he has never won on ground worse than good/soft. He seems equally at home over 6 and 7 furlongs and is quite consistent. He’s set to carry top weight of 10 stone today but his jockey knocks that down to 9-7 with her 3lb claim, should be there or thereabouts

  9. 2 nice winners in the comp today, well done to Bob(8/1) and Peter RJ(9/2). A 16/1 backup winner from Victor the only other one today. 2 days to go and Ronaldoh still well clear at the top:

    Ronaldoh +80.50
    Martin +44.00
    Ian H +12.00
    Garry +4.75
    Henry +3.75
    Greg +1.83

    1st race tomorrow from Haydock at 1.25pm.

  10. Not much to update today, just a 5/6F winner from Jarold and a 4/1F backup winner from Martin, so no change at the top.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Newmarket at 2pm.

  11. Worcester 5.10 jigsaw financial

    If non runner
    Worcester 5.45 direct flo

    I’m going to take a chance with jigsaw financial. He’s never won a race higher than class 5, but they’ve all been at today’s distance of 20f on ground ranging from good/soft to good/firm. Last time out he was well beaten at his favored 20f but that was on soft ground and every time he has tried ground worse than good/soft he has been well beaten. And although he has tried class 4 before without winning, today is the first time he has encountered it over his winning distance of 20f

  12. Tonight’s update starts with an apology to Greg, should have had a 10/1 winner yesterday with his backup as 1st pick was a N/R. Thanks to Peter RJ for pointing it out. I’ve amended yesterday’s results to show this.

    Today’s picks had just 1 winner, a massive 33/1 shot from Martin, well done. Updated leaderboard now looks like:

    Ronaldoh +82.50
    Martin +46.00
    Ian H +14.00
    Garry +6.75
    Henry +5.75
    Greg +3.83
    Graham +1.50

    1st race tomorrow from Haydock off at 1.50pm.

    Haven’t seen anyone volunteering to take over this role after the end of the month?

  13. My picks need something up the backside,why not a [NEWTON ABBOT 8.30] MAIZY MISSILE.
    N/R (thir 4.40 bond mystery).

  14. Carmel 4.25 special portrait

    If non runner
    Thirst 5.15 bearskin

    Special portrait unseated his rider on his last 2 runs, but is usually thereabouts when putting in a clear round. He also is the only runner today to have won beyond 3 miles

  15. Well done to Peter RJ(10/1) and Ronaldoh(5/1) with today’s winners. 3 backup winners from Bob(10/1), Garry(7/1) and Dave(8/15F). Ronaldoh extends his lead at the top, looking like a record score:

    Ronaldoh +83.50
    Ian H +15.00
    Martin +13.00
    Garry +7.75
    Henry +6.75
    Graham +2.50

    1st race tomorrow from Thirsk at 2pm.

      1. Thanks for pointing that out Peter, I’ve checked my sheet and got Greg’s backup mixed up with Bob’s. I’ll post a revised leaderboard once I’ve updated today’s results.

  16. Redcar 3.20 Rocket ronnie

    If non runner
    Huntingdon 7.20 regulation

    Rocket Ronnie was a beaten favorite on the all weather last time out at Wolverhampton, but I’m going to forgive him that. His 2 runs on the all weather haven’t been great so maybe he’s not an all weather horse. More tellingly, his 4 career wins to date, have all been at northern tracks, with 3 of them being on good to firm ground. They’ve all been in class 5 and 6, and all at 8f. Now he hasn’t won since 2013, but he’s on an OR69 today which is just 1 above his highest winning rating back in 2013 of 68

  17. Peter RJ back with a bang, the only winner on the day, a 6/1 shot, well done. A few close up 2nd’s and 3rd’s, good tipping from those just missing out. No change at the top, unsurprisingly.

    1st race tomorrow from Lingfield off at 2.10pm.

  18. 2-40 Leic Selfrespect 3-20red Tower Power ifnr Tuesday 2-40 ling Picansort ifnr 3-40 York Express

  19. Who’s the guy in the green sombrero,that’s [LEICESTER 5.25] MEXICAN MICK.
    N/R (Leic 3.50 little palaver).

  20. Disappointing day, just the 2 backup winners, a whopping 40/1 shot from Dave and an 11/1 winner from Henry.

    Early start to racing tomorrow, 1st race from Windsor at 12.45pm.

  21. Giving the horses a swerve,going for cows now,come on [FONTWELL 5.35] DAIZY.
    N/R (kelso 3.10 where’s malachy).

  22. Fontwell 4.00 Ballybough Gorta

    If non runner
    Uttoxeter 2.00 Maldivian Reef

    If ballybough gorta is ever going to win again, I doubt that he’ll get a better chance than today! He is now at the lowest rating he has been for nearly 3 years, he has won over distances ranging from 17f through to 26f on soft, good and good/firm going. The majority of those were in class 3 so today’s race conditions shouldn’t be a problem.

  23. Ronaldoh continues to bang in the winners:

    Friday 16/1
    Today 13/2

    The only other winner on Friday was Gino(4/1). Backup winners on Friday from Martin(14/1), Alex(8/1) and Dave(3/1). No other winners today.

    Ronaldoh +80.50
    Ian H +18.00
    Martin +16.00
    Garry +10.75
    Henry +9.75
    Graham +5.50

    1st race tomorrow from Uttoxeter at 2pm.

  24. A reminder to some {catt 1.50 #4} back to reality.
    today will it be me with [HAYDOCK 2.00] ILE DE RE.
    N/R (hay 4.20 childesplay).

  25. Still i’m more than happy being here in my own [PONTEFRECT 6.30] IMAGINARY WORLD.
    N/R (muss 7.40 pavers star).

  26. 2 winners in the comp today, well done to Martin(8/1) and Henry(6/1). 2 backup winners as well from Ziltoid(5/2F) and Jarold(4/5F). Not much change on the leaderboard, Martin & Henry moving up a few places:

    Ronaldoh +58.00
    Ian H +20.00
    Martin +18.00
    Garry +12.75
    Henry +11.75
    Graham +7.50

    6 meetings tomorrow, 1st race from Haydock off at 2pm.

  27. 4 nice winners today, well done to Garry(12/1), Henry(10/1), Alex(8/1) and Lee(7/2F). No backup winners today. Garry moves up to 3rd and Henry back into profit:

    Ronaldoh +59.00
    Ian H +21.00
    Garry +13.75
    Martin +10.00
    Graham +8.50
    Henry +5.75
    Jarold +0.08

    1st race tomorrow from Ayr at 1.50pm.

  28. Kempton 9.10 Satchville Flyer

    If non runner
    Southwell 7.50 Follow The Tracks

    Satchville Flyer was a beaten favourite last time out at Chelmsford. I don’t really understand the reason for running in that race as it was at 5f where as all his previous runs had been between 6f and 10f, which included 2 class 6 wins at 6f, both wins coming at Chelmsford. That last run was in a class 5 but despite the shorter distance and slight up in class, he was only beaten 1 length into second. Previous to that over 6f here at Kempton he was just touched off by a short head. So today once again over his winning distance of 6f he should be had hard to beat

  29. The top 2 move further clear after posting 2 out of today’s 3 winners. Ronaldoh(9/2), Ian H(2/1F) and newcomer James Sarson, welcome, a good start with a 5/6F. Garry with a 14/1 backup winner, the only one on the day.

    Ronaldoh +60.00
    Ian H +22.00
    Martin +11.00
    Graham +9.50
    Garry +1.75
    Jarold +1.08
    Greg +0.83

    1st race tomorrow from Lingfield, off at 2pm.

  30. High Secret was only beaten a head last week over today’s course and distance, We know it is fit and Luke Morris should win today.

  31. Chepstow 5.45 Lac Sacre

    If non runner
    Newcastle 4.20 La Bacouetteuse

    Lac Sacre was a beaten favourite last time out, but that may have been down to the distance. That last race was over 19f, where as all his 4 wins in the UK have come at 16f, three of which have been on today’s declared soft ground. In fact even his 2 wins in France was only at 17f.

  32. Now what is it,laughable,whimsical,comical,no it’s [NEWCASTLE 4.20] HARMONICAL.
    N/R (newc 5.20 grey destiny).

  33. Well done to Ian H with a big 25/1 winner today, 3 other winners from Ronaldoh(10/1), Paul H(9/1) and Jarold(4/6F). 1 backup winner from George with the same 10/1 winner as Ronaldoh, unlucky mate. Ian H jumps up to 2nd behind Ronaldoh:

    Ronaldoh +55.50
    Ian H +20.00
    Martin +12.00
    Graham +10.50
    Garry +2.75
    Jarold +2.08
    Greg +1.83
    Bob +0.50

    Tomorrow’s racing gets underway at 2pm from Nottingham.

  34. Just like my picks “an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions”[WINDSOR 8.05] GOODWOOD MIRAGE.
    N/R (wind 6.35 Q ten girl).

  35. Towcester 3.10 Moonlight Maggie

    If non runner
    Southwell 5.35 Dr Red Eye

    Moonlight Maggie was a beaten favourite last time out at Southwell in a class 4, but maybe that class is beyond her. She has only won once before at today’s distance in a class 5. In fact the only 4 times she has troubled the judge in her career has been in class 5 at distances between 16f and 19f, which is what she encounters here today

  36. Just 2 winners today, well done to Bob(Dodgy)(8/1) and Jarold(10/11F). 1 backup winner from Lee(9/4). Bob moves into profit, but nobody cutting into Ronaldoh’s lead:

    Ronaldoh +45.50
    Martin +13.00
    Graham +11.50
    Garry +3.75
    Greg +2.83
    Bob +1.50
    Jarold +1.41

    5 meetings tomorrow get underway at 2.10pm from Towcester.

  37. Ripon 3.15 Secret Hint

    If non runner
    Stratford 3.25 Carrigmorna King

    Secret Hint was beaten 1.5 lengths by Ridge Ranger last time out at Wetherby, but I’m going to forgive him that cause he didn’t get a clear run and that race was over 5f where as both his wins have come over the 6f he encounters today. Also the race previous to that he was successful in a class 2 at Newmarket.

  38. Never pick your nose with your toes ,is what [RIPON 4.50] OLDJOESAID.
    N/R (stratford 2.55 weston-super-mare).

  39. Well done to Greg & Jarold, the only winners in the comp today with the same 11/2 shot, moving them both into profit. 2 backup winners from Alex(8/1) and Victor(9/2). Updated leaderboard looks like:

    Ronaldoh +46.50
    Martin +14.00
    Graham +12.50
    Garry +4.75
    Greg +3.83
    Jarold +0.50

    1st race tomorrow comes from Market Rasen, off at 2pm.

  40. Well done to Jarold with the only winner in the comp today, a nice 9/1 tip. 2 backup winners from Greg(9/1) and Gino(8/1). No change at the top.

    1st race tomorrow from Newbury off at 1.25pm.

  41. Chilworth Icon 2-55 Newbury if abs Another for Joe 6-55 Hamilton.
    Good old Hugh Taylor.He decided to pay for me[courtesy of Paddy Power] a few days holiday, so i’m off in the morning.I am retiring for the month as I can’t catch Ronaldoh, so catch you all next month.

  42. Who would have guest it ? only gone a found myself In the Court of the Crimson King with his highness [YORK 4.20] KING CRIMSON.
    N/R (newb 5.00 hector’s chance).

  43. Newmarket 3.35 Chain Of Events

    If non runner
    York 2.40 Totalize

    Chain of Events my just have his ideal winning conditions here today. He has won seven races, all of which have been with an OR80 or below, in class 3 or below and at today’s distance of 10f during the months of May and June. He has also won on ground conditions of good,good/firm and soft

  44. Just the 2 winners today, well done to Lee & George, both with 4/1 shots. 1 backup winner as well from Bob with a winning 9/2F. No change at the top.

    1st race from Newbury off at 1.50pm.

  45. Fontwell 6.15 Cygnet

    If non runner
    York 2.10 Demora

    Cygnet was a beaten favourite last time out, but I’m hoping that was down to the distance. He has won at that distance before but that was way back in 2011, his general recent form other 20f isn’t very encouraging so it could just be that its just too short for him these days. his wins since that 2011 success have all come at 22f and 24f, in classes 2, 3 and 5 on good ground and good/firm ground.

  46. Ouch!! me old pin rather hot today thank’s to a [YORK 2.10] BURNING THREAD.
    N/R (salis 5.00 exceeding power).

  47. Well done to Ronaldoh with a massive 40/1 winner today, and Bob with a 9/2 shot, the only 2 on the day. Gino with a 14/1 backup winner, the only one. Ronaldoh shoots to the top of the board:

    Ronaldoh +49.50
    Martin +17.00
    Graham +15.50
    Garry +7.75
    Henry +1.75
    Greg +0.33

    Racing gets underway tomorrow at 1.50pm from Salisbury.

  48. A couple of winners today, well done to Joseph(7/1) and Ronaldoh(3/1). Just 1 backup winner from Martin with a 9/1 shot, unlucky. Ronaldoh moves up to 3rd behind Martin & Graham:

    Martin +18.00
    Graham +16.50
    Ronaldoh +9.50
    Garry +8.75
    Henry +2.75
    Greg +1.33

    The 1st day of the Dante meeting at York kicks things off tomorrow, 1st race at 2.10pm.

  49. Hark at miss bossy boots below,and i thought it was either their silly mary or [CHELMSFORD 9.05] OUR PHYLLI VERA.
    N/R (s/well 6.55 the geegeez geegee).

  50. I`M IN CHARGE 2-35 wincanton
    I select my horse as I toil and toil
    But sad to say ,I`ve gone off the boil
    I need some help and inspiration
    maybe divine intervention

  51. Just 1 winner for the comp today, well done to Garry with a 9/1 shot. 6 backup winners from Gino & Ian H with the same 11/1 winner and Greg with a different 11/1 winner, Ziltoid(7/1), Colin(5/1) and Lee(5/2F) the others. Garry moves up to 3rd:

    Martin +19.00
    Graham +17.50
    Garry +9.75
    Ronaldoh +6.50
    Henry +3.75
    Greg +2.33
    Ian H +1.00

    5 meetings again tomorrow, kicking off with the 1.55pm from Beverley.

  52. Windsor 8.20 Stolen Story

    If non runner
    Musselburgh 4.50 Go Dan Go

    I like to know that the horses I pick have won at the distance they are racing over and therefore will definitely stay rather than is bred for it and so should or might stay. Of today’s field only 2 have won at the distance (Fit The Bill and Stolen Story), but fit the bill’s best form has been on the all weather. That leaves Stolen Story who won over the course and distance last time out staying on well inside the last furlong

  53. Danglydontask 5-45 Wolves. if abs Grand Liaison 2-40 Donc.
    Don’t back ’em Sandra, rushing to meet an old friend at 11-30.
    Very speculative today.

    1. Don’t go away, I wont have anybody to wind up. It’s that Graham that gets up my wick. He keeps finding big priced winners. Don’t know where he got Childsplay from[ I think he likes that jockey,Marquand.] Only joking Graham.

  54. Better day today with 5 winners, well done to Colin & Ronaldoh with different 6/1 winners, Martin(11/2) and Henry & Garry with the same 11/4 winner. 2 backup winners from Garry(3/1)(nice wee double) and Victor(8/1). Martin moves back to the top:

    Martin +20.00
    Graham +18.50
    Ronaldoh +7.50
    Henry +4.75
    Greg +3.33
    Ian H +2.00
    Colin +1.00
    Garry +0.75

    Busy day tomorrow with 5 meetings kicking off at Wolverhampton at 1.50pm.

  55. Now here’s a thought all kangaroo’s rise in [PLUMPTON 4.00] MERCERS COURT..
    N/R (lud 4.15 sir valentino).

  56. 2 nice winners today, well done to Graham(20/1) and Greg(8/1). Backup winners from Henry(7/1) and Ziltoid(9/2). Graham takes over at the top:

    Graham +19.50
    Martin +14.50
    Greg +4.33
    Ian H +3.00
    Henry +2.00
    Ronaldoh +1.50

    Just 2 meetings to go at tomorrow, 1st race from Plumpton at 2pm.

    1. A couple of things CH would love to take the “jinx” off you BUT I already have a sandra in my sister-in-law, and the thought of two is the stuff of a steven king novel,
      know nothing about childesplay ?!! either you get yourself a boxset of teletubbies or try and remember all those years ago your days as the king of the hopscotch grid for chidesplay.

  57. Ascot 2.00 Grumeti

    If non runner
    Nottingham 5.45 Rough Courte

    Alan King has good record in flat handicaps around this time of year and this fellow has a touch of class. He has a 32% win strike rate and a near 50% place strike rate in the races he hasn’t won. He has won races upto class 1 including this race back in 2012 on ground ranging from good to soft.

  58. Let’s face in all honesty finding winners should be [ASCOT 4.55] CHILDESPLAY.
    N/R (ascot 3.45 bronze angel).

      1. Graham, can you take Sandra away from me. She’s a jinx. She knows I don’t own a lucky pin.I know nothing about childsplay.

  59. 4 winners in the comp today, well done to Garry(6/1) & a 9/1 backup winner to boot, Ronaldoh(11/2), Martin(4/1) and Lee(7/2F). Garry’s was the only backup winner. Martin moves clear at the top:

    Martin +15.50
    Ian H +4.00
    Henry +3.00
    Ronaldoh +2.50
    Victor +1.00

    1st race tomorrow from Haydock at 1.45pm.

  60. He talks a good race if nothing else does carl [NOTTINGHAM 5.15] LLEWELLYN.
    N/R (ches 4.20 showboating).

    1. I backed ’em both. One tipped up in stalls and got withdrawn, the other stood still when the stalls opened then ran on to finish third.

  61. Well done to Greg, with the only winner today, a 10/3F. 3 backup winners from Dave(11/2), Lee(5/1) and Jarold(EvsF). No change at the top.

    Busy day tomorrow with 6 meetings, kicking off with the 1.20pm at Market Rasen.

    1. Hi George, sorry I didn’t reply to your earlier post. Everything’s fine with me, just some changes in my day job so won’t have the time to keep score.

  62. Twelve strings 400wor if NR Henri death boistron 535wor Graham I feel for u I do hope the consolation is that u back ur second choices?

    1. Have a little bit e/w on both each day,even all the many losers,would feel a bit of a plonker if picking big price winner and not having a bit on.

  63. Buy them ?!!!
    Sandra i have to confess can’t blame anyone else but myself, anyhow now i’m sure you agree it’s time for a bit of sauce [WORCESTER 4.00] LOOKS LIKE POWER.
    N/R (worc 5.35 going nowhere fast).

  64. 3 nice winners today, well done to Martin & Ian H with the same 11/1 winner and Henry with a 10/1 shot. Graham unlucky, a 25/1 backup winner. All change at the top:

    Martin +12.50
    Ian H +6.00
    Henry +5.00
    Victor +3.00
    Graham +1.50

    1st race tomorrow from Worcester at 1.50pm.

    1. Sorry Colin, you can be shore if I bet on it , it will loose ,your tip yesterday I missed it won 3/1, the day before I bet on it , it lost, that say`s it all,

        1. Graham, I am so really sorry for you, tell me honestly do you pick them yourself, or do you buy them , 25/1 winners take some sorting
          whatever, your very good and I enjoy the banter, Sandra xx

  65. Well done to today’s winners, Martin(11/2), Scott(welcome back), Colin & Bob all with 3/1 winners. No backup winners today. Martin closes up to Victor & Graham at the top:

    Victor +4.00
    Graham +2.50
    Martin +1.50

    1st race tomorrow from Kelso off at 1.50pm.

  66. Catterick 7.30 Dr Red Eye

    If non runner
    Sedgefield 4.40 Urban Gayle

    6 of this fellows wins have been in class 4 or lower and on ground ranging from good to good/firm, between the months April to july and he loves going left handed

  67. Tonight will i be able to get “Brahms and Liszt” thank’s to a [BRIGHTON 4.20 ] SPECIAL MISS.
    N/R (fake 2.00 carrowbeg).

  68. Just 2 backup winners again today, Greg(11/4jf) and Jarold(11/10F). Top 2 the same:

    Victor +5.00
    Graham +3.50

    1st race tomorrow from Fakenham off at 2pm.

  69. So when would you like a winner ? if possible [WARWICK 2.20 ] TODAY PLEASE.
    N/R (bev 3.20 mysterial).

  70. Just 2 backup winners to update today, from Martin(4/1) and Paul H(5/2).

    Early start for the Bank Holiday racing from Beverley, 1st race off at 12.30pm.

  71. Obviously it’s not going to be a procession for [NEWMARKET 3.00] ACCESSION.
    N/R (newk 3.40 redstart).

  72. 2 winners from today’s tips, well done to Victor(8/1) and Graham(13/2). 1 backup winner from Dave(9/2jf). Victor moves to the top:

    Victor +7.00
    Graham +5.50
    Ronaldoh +2.00

    1st race tomorrow from Salisbury, off at 1.35pm.

  73. Slow start to the new comp with just Ronaldoh with a 3/1 winner on the day. Welcome back to Colin.

    George, Jason has emailed me to confirm he will send your prize money to the injured jockeys fund, as you requested.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Goodwood, off at 1.40pm.

  74. Fontwell 6.50 Titch Strider

    If non runner
    Chepstow 3.15 Tarooq

    Half of this field have never won a race before and of those that have, Titch Strider is the only one to have done over todays distance. His win was on good/soft ground, but he was second on good ground last time out and also has a third place on good/firm ground which suggest some vesatility with the going.

  75. 5:45 Ling – Sir Geoffery

    If N/R

    7:20 Font – Cypress Grove

    Well done to last months winners – good luck to all

  76. 2-55 muss Tom Sawyer ifnr 4-10 ling Journey ( well done George and a nice touch and thanks to james for running comp)

  77. Well done to this month’s comp winners:

    1st George +25.5
    2nd Dave +15.5

    2 winners in the comp today, well done to Ian H(8/1)(his backup taken as 1st pick was from Punchestown) and Jarold(9/4F). Unluckt for Dave with the only backup winner, and a 16/1 shot to boot.

    New comp starts tomorrow with a clean sheet for everyone. It’s also going to be my last month doing the stats, it’s been fun(most of the time).

  78. Well done to the 2 winners this month
    My horse for tomorrow is
    4-00 MUSS
    IF A N/R
    7-20 FONT

  79. A bit late with today’s update, sorry. 3 winners from today’s tips, well done to Alex(8/1), Dave & Henry with the same 3/1 winner. 2 backup winners from Martin(5/1) and Alex(4/1)(nice double). George still clear at the top:

    George +26.50
    Dave +16.50
    Greg +12.79
    Alex +10.00
    Ian H +3.00

    1st race tomorrow from Lingfield at 1.35pm.

  80. Having a dose of nostalgia today,remembering back in the 70’s bunking off school to go to cheltenham hunters meeting [CHELT 5.55] BARRICK’S HILL.
    N/R (chelt 6.30 rosies peacock).

  81. Well done to George and Ronaldoh, both finding 20/1 winners today. Backup winners from Ziltoid(14/1) and Alex(4/1). George shoots to the top of the board:

    George +27.50
    Greg +13.79
    Dave +13.50
    Ian H +4.00
    Alex +2.00
    Garry +1.00
    Gino +0.75

    5 meetings again tomorrow, 1st race from Wolverhampton off at 1.45pm.

  82. Don’t care what people say,i’m still happy in my [WOLVERHAMPTON 3.35] IMAGINARY WORLD.
    N/R (newc 6.15 invincible ridge).

  83. Sorry guys I completely messed up my back up selection in my original post. The correct post should read as follows

    Nottingham 3.45 Our Kylie

    If non runner
    Brighton 4.30 Claude Greenwood

    This is essentially a maiden and won’t take much winning. Our Kylie is the only winner in the race having on over course and distance and ground conditions last time out and is only 2lb higher today

  84. Nottingham 3.45 Our Kylie

    If non runner
    Brighton 4.30 Bertie Blu Boy

    This is essentially a maiden and won’t take much winning. Our Kylie is the only winner in the race having on over course and distance and ground conditions last time out and is only 2lb higher today

  85. 3 winners on the board today, well done to Gino(9/1), Joseph(9/2) and Lee(5/4F). Greg finding a 14/1 backup winner as well. Gino’s turn to move into + figures:

    Greg +14.79
    Dave +14.50
    George +7.50
    Ian H +5.00
    Alex +3.00
    Garry +2.00
    Gino +1.75

    5 meetings again tomorrow, kicking off at 1.55pm from Brighton.

  86. 5 nice winners from today’s tips, well done to Graham & Garry with different 16/1 shots, George(8/1), Dave(6/1) and Bob(3/1). No backup winners. Greg just hangs on to top spot:

    Greg +15.79
    Dave +15.50
    George +8.50
    Ian H +6.00
    Alex +4.00
    Garry +3.00
    Graham +1.00

    Busy day tomorrow again with 5 meetings, 1st race comes from Southwell at 1.30pm.

      1. Not the only one !!
        a bit unlucky this month 7 seconds 20/1, 2×16/1, 14/1,9/1,7/1. 6/1plus back up winner 20/1 close but no cigar!! lucky i don’t smoke.(only when i stand to close to the fire).xx

      2. Not the only one !!
        a bit unlucky this month 7 seconds 20/1, 2×16/1, 14/1,9/1,7/1. 6/1plus back up winner 20/1 close but no cigar!! lucky i don’t smoke.(only when i stand to close to the fire).xx

    4-20 CHELM
    IF A N/R
    4-40 WETH

  88. Just 1 winner to update today, well done to George with a 14/1 shot. Ian H chipping in with an 8/1 backup winner. George moves into + numbers:

    Greg +16.79
    Dave +9.50
    Ian H +7.00
    Alex +5.00
    George +0.50

    Just 2 meetings on tomorrow, 1st race from Wetherby at 2pm.