Tipping Competition June




If you would like to get involved just enter your tip each day on here. Please make sure to follow the rules below:

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP


Congratulations to last months winners:

1st Ronaldoh +88.5pts
2nd Martin +42pts

1,224 thoughts on “Tipping Competition June”

  1. Was going for back up selection but they started backing it so going against AA (there backing this one as well) with old jump jock murphy to-be sure [GOODWOOD 3.10] THE RECTIFIER.
    N/R (newmarket 7.35 Mezzotint).

  2. 5 winners in the comp today, well done to Graham(12/1), Mark(6/1), Adam(5/1), Dave(7/2) and Charlie(11/8F). Backup winners from Greg(11/1) and Gino(6/4F). Last day of comp tomorrow and Graham’s opened up a healthy lead:

    Graham +24.75
    Jarold +9.11
    George +5.80
    Dave +4.50

    1st race tomorrow from Bangor, off at 1.40pm.

  3. Sorry GREG picking a channon winner and you having yours the wrong way round !!! unlucky or what !!! hope you backed both.

    1. Tell me about it Graham. I also had Jaadu as well, To be honest im having a really good Goodwood. I went through the card yesterday,laid out £34 and got back £786 31 this morning, Tomorrow im looking to pick up another nice win of £881 and change. 7 from 7 in the frame yesterday in a super heinz including 2 big winners and 4 big places and another 9/4 winner
      Today 6 from 7 including 3 big winners and 3 more big places but for the life of me i cant seem to get them the right way around on here

    1. Hi CH no just me and my pin,i used to subscribe to superform before they stopped now i just rely on my rather sizeable gut instinct,
      plus the jockey booking was interesting and A Atzeni and H Bentley are two i like (nice double today) when i backed it at 8.00 this morning with betvic it was 25/1!!.
      i usually wait till hugh put up his tips just in case he picks mine then i change it because price goes before i put selection on here.
      BTW sandra must be getting her white bits brown on holiday me think’s.
      all change tomorrow it seams according to e-mail today.
      all the best,graham.

  4. is this the last day of fun ??
    ## We will be launching our brand new NAP competition on Saturday, so I’ll send you more info on that tomorrow!##

  5. Haven’t a clue only one thing to do that’s go for[GOODWOOD 4.55] JAADU.
    N/R (Good 5.30 Penny Dreadful).

    1. Hi Graham, did you pick this because it was Channons or some other reason. I rang a well known phoneline for the 1st time this morning and they just gave Jaadu ew saying its 16s generally. When I looked it was 12s all over and for reasons unknown to me I didn’t back it. I wandered if you had rung that line and if you did, is it any good in the long run. Cheers Colin.

  6. Goodwood 5.30 Midlander

    Goodwood 2.05 Resonant

    Midlander completed a 4 timer at Ascot last Friday in a better class handicap than this, and his wins have come on good, good/firm and soft ground. He carries a penalty of 6lb for last week’s win but he is on the same rating today. So even taking account of the weight rise, he’s running in a lower class on the same rating as when winning a higher class last week

  7. 3 winners in the comp today, well done to Ziltoid(9/2), Charlie and Ian with different 7/4Fs. 3 backup winners as well from Garry(4/1), Dave(10/3) and Gino(5/4F). No change at the top:

    Graham +12.75
    Jarold +10.11
    George +6.80
    Dave +1.00
    Sandra +0.50

    1st race tomorrow comes from Stratford at 1.40pm.

  8. Took the wrong road yesterday,today trying to get back on the Straight ‘n’ Narra with [GOODWOOD 4.55] IMSHIVALLA.
    N/R (Redcar 5.15 Adiator).

  9. 3 winners from today’s picks, well done to Jarold(14/1), Adam and Ziltoid with different 9/2 winners. 6 backup winners from Sue(8/1jf), Emma(6/1), Bob & Dave with different 11/2 shots, Charlie(9/4jf) and Gino(8/13F). Jarold shoots up to 2nd just behind Graham:

    Graham +13.75
    Jarold +11.11
    George +7.80
    Dave +2.00
    Sandra +1.50
    Henry +1.00

    1st race from Redcar tomorrow, off at 1.50pm.

  10. Let’s hope i’m on the right road with [GOODWOOD 4.20] B FIFTY TWO.
    N/R (Goodwood 5.30 Dr Red Eye).

  11. Goodwood 4.20 Humidor

    If non runner
    Goodwood 3.45 Astronereus

    Humidor has won 3 times here at Goodwood and is running well at the moment. He was beaten by Double Up last time out, but he was giving him 2lbs that day. Today there is a turn around in the weights of 5lb in his favour. Back in 2011 he won a class 1 and is the only runner in today’s race to have done so

  12. 3 5/1 winners today, well done to Colin & Bob with the same pick, and Emma, and an 11/10F from Zack the only other one in the comp. A 9/4F backup winner from Greg the only one today. Not much change at the top:

    Graham +14.75
    George +8.80
    Dave +3.00
    Sandra +2.50
    Henry +2.00

    1st race tomorrow from Wolverhampton, off at 1.50pm, & the start of Glorious Goodwood.


    16:20h Good Ridge Ranger (IRE)

    14:35h Good Birchwood (IRE) (NR BACKUP)

    1. Glass houses,throwing stones!! 13 runs no wins beaten a total 41 lengths last two races.you might need some ointment the rash could be coming back !!!.

  14. Did i have a winner or was again in my [SOUTHWELL 6.40] IMAGINARY WORLD.
    N/R ( N/Abbot 4.20 Fashion Icon).

    1. Well done yesterday,but i’m still convinced you have a magic pin. No form and no wins in 24 outings, how could you pick that? I was wanting Oldjoesaid for a thousand notes but not to worry. The most upsetting part is I might have lost Sandra for ever. She will be all over you like a rash and I don’t know how I can win her back.

  15. Great call today from Graham, a 20/1 winner, well done. Another 7 winners in the comp, well done to Zack(15/2), Paul Hind(5/1), Ian(4/1), Sue(7/2jf), Sandra and Lee with the same 9/4F and Charlie(5/2). 4 backup winners from Lee(15/2), Colin(13/2), Jarold(9/4F) and Charlie(13/8F). Nice doubles from Lee & Charlie.

    Graham jumps to the top of the board:

    Graham +15.75
    George +9.80
    Dave +4.00
    Sandra +3.50
    Henry +3.00

    1st race tomorrow comes from Ayr at 2pm.

  16. Pretty quiet day yesterday, just 1 winner in the comp, well done to Joseph finding Heaven’s Guest @ 7/1. 1 7/1 backup winner as well from Bob.

    No change at the top of the leaderboard.

    Back later with today’s update.

  17. Uttoxeter 4.10 Champion Court

    If non runner
    Uttoxeter 4.45 Blackwell Synergy

    Champion Court seems to have it all going for him today, he’s in good form, has won on the going, at the distance and in class 1-3. In fact he’s a multiple class 1 winner and is the only runner today who has registered a win that high. He does have top weight as you might expect, but both his last two outings were won carrying this weight

  18. Been looking If the rain comes for a couple of softies in the later races and have been [PONTEFRACT 5.40] KNOCKAMANY BENDS.
    to find them with a N/R (car 5.30) Devious Spirit.

      1. Thank’s
        it happens now and then just make sure you don’t hold your breath in between !!!! nice one (again!!) yourself.

  19. Sorted 4 so having a lucky 15. Going for Rosina 5-15 York if abs See The Storm 4-25 Asc. other 2 are Alegandro 2-20 Yk and See the Sun 3-30 Yk.

  20. Apologies to Sandra, missed her off the list of winners yesterday, had a 7/2 winner.

    Another 7 winners from today’s tips, well done to Colin(12/1), SANDRA(5/1), Adam & Sue with different 4/1 winners, Greg(5/2), Charlie(11/8F) and Jarold(8/11F)(his 1st pick withdrawn so backup takes over).

    7 backup winners as well, Bob(12/1), Lee & George(7/1), Adam(5/2F), Charlie(9/4jf), Gino(7/4) and Garry(7/4F). Nice doubles for Adam and Charlie.

    Update leaderboard shows:

    George +11.80
    Dave +6.00
    Henry +5.00
    Sandra +2.25
    Garry +1.00
    Jarold +0.11

    6 meetings tomorrow get underway from Ascot at 1.30pm.


  22. Alwaystheoptimist[you have to be at this stage of the month] 4-55 Uttox if abs Moon Melody 3-50 Uttox

      1. Been looking for bigger prices which obviously have less chance. Still 17.30 behind George so not much chance, but you never know.

  23. HOW !! me um bin reading dem smoke signals from [YORK 8.00] NAVAJO CHIEF.
    N/R (chepstow 8.20 Agreement).

  24. York 8.00 Intiwin

    If non runner
    York 6.30 Mon Brav

    Intiwin has a win strike rate of 30% and a 70% win and place strike rate. he was awarded the race by the stewards last time out at Ayr; after being being hampered and carried right inside the final furlong. He was eventually only beaten a short head so he probably would have won on merit anyway had he not encountered interference. That was in a class 3 over today’s distance and ground conditions, so should go close again especially with his rider taking 3lbs of his allocated 9-5 weight

  25. Another new name to add to the comp today, welcome Mark.

    6 winners in the comp today, well done to Paul H(11/2), Greg & Jarold with the same 7/2 winner, Peter RJ(9/4F), Charlie(6/5F) and George(4/5F). 5 backup winners from Henry(5/1), Bob(7/2jf), Zack(9/4F), George(5/4F) nice double mate, and Gino(4/5F). No change at the top of the leaderboard:

    George +12.80
    Dave +7.00
    Henry +6.00
    Garry +2.00

    1st race tomorrow comes from Uttoxeter, 1 of 6 meetings, off at 1.40pm.

    1. James , what is the matter , don’t the women count any more , or is it just me ? and my nice little winner@ 7/2

      that’s all im saying today !!!!

      1. Oops, sorry Sandra, it’s on the list, just forgot to highlight it when listing the dya’s winners. Another slap on the wrist for me!

  26. Try and give it a go today with [WORCESTER 5.25] TOKYO JAVILEX.
    N/R (newbury 6.30 indigo).

  27. Well done to today’s winners, Garry(16/1), Jarold(10/1) and Alex(3/1F). Backup winners from Dave(10/1), Garry(5/1), Alex(4/1F), Lee(5/2jf) and Gino(13/8F). Mice doubles for Garry and Alex. Garry moves up to 4th on the leaderboard:

    George +12.00
    Dave +8.00
    Henry +7.00
    Garry +3.00

    1st race tomorrow comes from Wolverhampton at 2pm.

  28. Hi Guys


    In the next couple of weeks we will be changing the way we operate the tipping comp to improve the functionality and experience for you guys. We are introducing an automatic comp where you will simply register and login each day to select your NAP. Results will be done automatically and a league table will be generated and updated everyday to show the leaders and pts profit etc…

    This will allow us to run the tipping comp more smoothly and will save ‘James’ a ton of time updating results manually.

    I will keep this page up and running until the new comp is ready to launch.

    We will also be increasing the prize money too which is exciting!!

    I’ll let you know once it’s ready

    Many thanks


    1. now the website allows me to post,been trying all morning ,would have gone for [faery song 9.00 leicester]….try again tomorrow!!

  29. Busy comp today with a few new names to welcome onboard, and a couple of old friends back for more. 5 winners on the day, well done to Zack(8/1), Garry(7/1), George(11/2), Gino(9/4) and Peter RJ(11/8F). Backup winners from Bob(10/1), Victor(13/2) and Henry(3/1F). George moves back to the top:

    George +13.00
    Dave +9.00
    Henry +8.00

    1st race tomorrow comes from Catterick at 2pm.

  30. Seam to have strained something i did’nt know i had, trying new martial art of [MUSSELBURGH 3.45] VITTACHI.
    Nr who nicked the “F”shes not known as wind tunnel for nothing!!(Ffos Las 2.00) Artisandra.

  31. Chelmsford 7.10 Bertie Blu Boy

    If non runner
    Chelmsford 7.45 Golden Amber

    Bertie Blue Boy is on a 4 timer today and is in a rich vein of form at the moment, having registered 4 wins and a 3rd in his last 5 races. He has a near perfect record here at Chelmsford with his 4 races returning a record of 3 wins and a 3rd, including a pillar to post class 3 win last time out over today’s distance of 5 furlongs. He has won over 6 and 7 furlongs as well so allowing him to dictate the pace like last time would be playing into his hands.

  32. Just 1 winner today, well done to Dave with a 9/1 shot. 1 backup winner from Victor @ 6/1. Dave moves to the top of the leaderboard:

    Dave +10.00
    Henry +9.00
    George +7.50
    Graham +0.75

    1st race tomorrow from Ffos Las at 2pm.

  33. Ayr 3.05 Lexington Place

    If non runner
    Windsor 7.50 Iseemist

    Lexington was going for a 4 timer when beaten a neck and a nose into 3rd place last time out here at Ayr in a class 3, and was just starting his move when he was hampered and had to switch entering the final furlong. He has won on ground ranging from good to good/firm

  34. Had plenty of these [AYR 3.40] DRINKS FOR LOSERS.
    mined you need something to wash down me,
    NR (Ayr 4.10) Mash Potato.

  35. 2 winners today, well done to Joseph(17/2) and George(4/1). No backup winners. George closes up on Henry at the top:

    Henry +10.00
    George +8.50
    Graham +1.75
    Dave +1.00
    Lee +0.13

    1st race tomorrow from Ayr at 1.55pm.

  36. Time to fire a laizy haizy [N/ABBOT 2.20] MAIZY MISSILE.
    N/R (Redcar 4.45 Run Fat Lass Run).

  37. Stratford 3.15 Sporting Boy

    If non runner
    Stratford 4.20 Sukiuyaki

    Sporting Boy is in good form, having registered 3 wins and a 2nd from his last 5 races. He has a 42% win and place record and ticks the boxes for class, going and course. He has yet to win at this distance but in his last 2 races run at 20 and 21 furlongs respectively; he made all and stayed on gamely to win both when pressed after jumping the last

  38. Well done to Henry with today’s big winner @ 28/1, 2 more from Alex(8/1) and Martin(7/1). Henry with a 12/1 backup as well, great double, Ziltoid with an 11/2 backup the only other winner today. All change at the top:

    Henry +11.00
    George +4.50
    Graham +2.75
    Dave +2.00
    Lee +1.13
    Martin +0.50

    3 meetings tomorrow get underway at 1.45pm from Newton Abbot.


  40. Too many meetings.
    Chief Entertainer 6-10 Ling if abs Excessable 3-45 Newbury

  41. Mined you don’t spill your drink when your playing the trombone [MARKET RASEN 2.55] MANHATTEN SWING.
    N/R (m/rasen 3.30 Perfect Timing).

  42. 2 winners today, well done to Lee(15/8) and Greg(7/4F) and a 7/1 backup as well from Greg. Leaderboard closing up, but George still at the top:

    George +5.50
    Graham +3.75
    Dave +3.00
    Lee +2.13

    1st race tomorrow from Newbury at 1.25pm.

  43. A few close calls today, but only 1 winner. Well done to Lee with a 9/4F. Graham with a 12/1 backup winner the only other one on the day. Lee sneaks back into profit:

    George +6.50
    Graham +4.75
    Dave +4.00
    Bob +1.00
    Lee +0.25

    1st race tomorrow from Nottingham at 1.50pm.

  44. Quick off the mark and first that’s me,unlike [CHEPSTOW 3.35] BLUE CLUMBER.
    N/R (chep 4.05 dandys perier).

  45. No winners in the comp today, just 2 backup winners from Martin(2/1F) and George(8/13F), so everyone -1pt.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Chepstow at 2pm.

  46. Them clouds look ominous[UTTOXETER 3.50] LOOKSLIKERAINTED.
    N/R yep looks like (wor 7.30) Allotarain.

    1. All behind again today, and it would of been Tigers Tail !! fits don’t it, all behind !! o well suite yourself

  47. Just the 1 winner today, well done to Bob with a 6/1 shot. A 9/2 backup winner from George the only other one on the day. Bob moves onto the leaderboard in 4th:

    George +8.50
    Graham +6.75
    Dave +6.00
    Bob +3.00
    Sandra +1.75

    5 meetings get underway tomorrow from Lingfield at 1.40pm.

    1. Collin, why did you not tell me earlier , I got a lot to do today and missed it , of course I would have done it !!

  48. Not offen you can repeat the same losers at the same racecourse in the same month.!!
    JULY 3, 2015 AT 1:23 PM
    No doubt [BEVERLEY 8.45] LIZZY’S DREAM.###today 3.25.
    N/R is about (bev 8.15) Nickscreamcracker.###today 5.35.

  49. Best day’s tipping for a while, 5 winners in all, well done to Lee(11/2), Martin(5/1), Dave(3/1), Sandra(9/4) and Greg(1/5F). No backup winners today. A bit of movement at the top of the leaderboard behind George(no tip today):

    George +9.50
    Graham +7.75
    Dave +7.00
    Sandra +2.75

    Lee next best at 0pts.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Bath at 2pm.

  50. Found astrology not much help,now having a bash with demonology
    and the The Demon Of All Knowledge, [WETHERBY 5.25] OROBAS.
    N/R (wolver 6.40 rebel smile).

  51. Wetherby 4.20 Altharoos

    Windsor 8.30 L’Ingenue

    Altharoos is probably a touch better than this, having won a class 3 back in 2013 when trained by Michael Stoute. He was only 8 of 15 last time out but previously he was a decent 2nd in a class 3 beaten only 3.5 lengths

  52. 2 nice winners from today’s tips, well done to Dave(15/2) and Martin(7/2). Backup winners from Bob(16/1), Ziltoid(6/1), Greg(10/3jf) and Jarold(10/11F). Dave moves up to 3rd:

    George +10.50
    Graham +8.75
    Dave +4.00
    Sandra +0.50

    Still in Scotland for the 1st race tomorrow, off at 2pm from Ayr.

  53. Mr Gibb you will need a torch,And the lights all went out in [STRATFORD 5.40] MASSACHUSETTS.
    N/R (s/well 3.15 Transfer).

  54. Not much to report today, just a 4/1jf backup winner from George. New leaderboard:

    George +11.50
    Graham +9.75
    Sandra +1.50

    1st race tomorrow at 2pm from Perth, might be tempted to take a trip up.

  55. We’re on the road to nowhere,take the [ASCOT 2.10] B FIFTY TWO.
    don’t forget to catch the the ferry otherwise you’ll get wet crossing the irish sea.then get on the N/R (Ham 8.45) Mfiftythreedotcom.

  56. Graham what I meant to say was thanks for our comment ur consistent I don’t understand how my selection s weren’t included in comp as posted at1226 I backed both but was sick having taken 7/1 about 14/1 winner maybe James could explain b lucky

    1. George, my fault, don’t understand what happened to make me miss your post. Have amended yesterday’s leaderboard and definitely have your tips for today.

  57. Arab dawm325york if nr asteroneous 220york thanks for ur EMTs grah u r consistent I can’t fathom out why yesterday were included maybe kes can comment I posted at 1225 only consolation was I backed the m but took 7.1 about 14.1 winner b lucky

  58. Apologies to George, forgot to mention his backup winner from yesterday at 11/8F.

    On to today and just 1 winner, well done to Sandra with a nice 7/1 shot. Backup winners from Bob(8/1) and Alex(5/1). Sandra moves up to 3rd:

    Graham +10.75
    George +6.50
    Sandra +2.50
    Peter R J +1.00

    1st race tomorrow from York again, off at 1.45pm.

      1. Just checked postings again. Can’t believe I missed George’s post completely. Revised leaderboard:

        George +12.50
        Graham +10.75
        Sandra +2.50
        Peter R J +1.00

        Sincere apologies to George.

    3-25 NEWM
    IF A N/R
    5-40 ASC

  60. Got roped in to go to Leeds tomorrow. Women.what can you do?
    Musaddas 1-45 York if abs Famous Kid 2-20 York

  61. How much,what nothing.yes it’s a [4.00 YORK] FREE ZONE.
    N/R saying nothing (newmarket 2.10) bimbo.

  62. Glad the confusion with Graham’s winner yesterday has been cleared up.

    Just 1 winner today, well done to Lee with a well spotted 9/4F. An 11/8F backup winner from Ziltoid the only other on the day. No change at the top.

    1st race tomorrow comes from York, off at 1.45pm.

  63. Hi all,
    Been a while since I came by here. Some familiar names still having some great shouts I see!!
    I just wondered if any of you knew of the name Andrew Says? You will know what I mean if you are aware of him.
    Cheers, and good luck,

  64. Newmarket 6.00 Jan Van Hoof

    If non runner
    Carlisle 5.20 Amour De Nuit

    Richard fahey comes all the way down from yorkshire for just 1 race and its the final one on the card, A tip in itself me thinks. Jan Van Hoof’s figures form his 4 runs to date reads 2211, this race is 2 classes higher but he won nicely at Pontefract last time out.

  65. Ah well another thursday, put on a bit of lippy and posh frock and of to WI meeting at village hall for a rousing chorus of Jerusalem and perfecting the jam making (you never no when it could come in handy) as the WI motto says
    N/R (epsom 8.50 swiss cross).

  66. Steady pace 2-40 N/market

    Colin my friend , there was no mistake
    Grahams tip was withdrawn, although rather late
    so lets not complain, and don’t take the mick
    this time you got ,the wrong end of the stick !!!

    1. Don’t you start as well. When I checked the result of the Brighton race,all I saw was non runner no 12.It didn’t mention that Graham’s horse was a late withdrawal. Not to worry his winner had a good chance because it had won last year off a higher mark.

      1. Don’t get on your high horse about it !!! I got in touch with bet 365, they took 5 minutes to sort It out, I was about to say sorry to Graham, thought he just missed a nice 16/1, Be Happy xxx Sandra

  67. Welcome back to Dave, best way to return, a 13/2 winner and a 6/1 backup. Peter RJ on the scoreboard as well with a 10/1 shot. No other winners on the day, moves Peter RJ up to 3rd:

    Graham +12.75
    George +8.50
    Peter R J +3.00
    Bob +2.00

    In answer to Graham/Colin’s comments, not sure what you’re on about. Graham’s first pick yesterday, Suffolk Sky, was withdrawn at the start, so a non-runner, so his backup, Red Cape becomes his pick for the comp, and won at 16/1. I’ll take it back if you don’t agree with this.

    Racing gets underway tomorrow with the 1.55pm from Carlisle.

    1. Appologies, Ididn’t notice that Suffolk Sky had been withdrawn. That Graham has more jam than Hartleys.

  68. Feeling a bit down ? what you need is a Rum & Lucozade that’s [CATTERICK 5.00] JUST THE TONIC.
    N/R or should that be (bath 6.10) diatomic.

    1. I’ll leave the pleasure to you CH and hope that stick you got hold of is at the right end !!

  69. A new leader tonight, well done to Graham with a 16/1 winner, and to Bob with a 9/1 winner as well. The only other winner today was a 10/1 backup from Colin.

    Graham +13.75
    George +9.50
    Bob +3.00
    Greg +0.23

    5 meetings tomorrow get underway from Lingfield at 2.10pm.

  70. Is it a bird or a plane or our hero flashing across the [BRIGHTON 7.55] SUFFOLK SKY.
    N/R wearing nothing but his (Wolver 1.55) Red Cape.

  71. 2 nice winners today, well done to George(12/1) and Ronaldoh(7/2F). No backup winners today. George jumps to the top:

    George +10.50
    Greg +1.23
    Jarold +0.88

    1st race tomorrow comes from Wolverhampton at 1.55pm.

  72. MORETHANALEGEND 320 WOR IF NR GALILEE CHAPEL 405AYR James sorry about yesterday I thought commissioned would b Ferguson’s selection didn’t declare it but sadly won it with his runner thanks for all good work u do

  73. At Blackpool and all rush,grandkids off to pleasure beach so;
    Klaazia 3-20 Wor if abs Spirited Acclaim 8-25 Wind

  74. Well done to Graham(11/4F) and Jarold(11/8jf) with today’s 2 winners, Jarold got the double with a 4/9F backup winner. Couldn’t find George’s pick, so took his backup. Jarold closes up on Greg at the top:

    Greg +2.23
    Jarold +1.88
    Colin +0.50

    Back to Ayr for tomorrow’s 1st race, off at 2.05pm.

  75. I keep howling,must stop eating onion gravy with [AYR 3.05] WOLF HEART.
    N/R (ayr 2.30 heavenly river).

  76. 3 winners today, well done to Sandra & jarold with the same 7/2jf, and George with a 5/2F. 1 backup winner from Lee @ 7/2jf. Updated leaderboard:

    Greg +3.23
    Colin +1.50
    Sandra +0.50
    Jarold +0.50

    1st race tomorrow comes from Ayr at 1.30pm.

  77. Going for broke today. Kingswinford 5-45 Nott [trying it’s best]
    if abs Miss Marjurie 2-15 Hay.

  78. Is Bev 2.25 #10,that Car 9.05 #6,??? of course not,it was just something [CARLISLE 7.05] OLDJOESAID.
    N/R (bev 4.10 upward trend).

  79. Well done to Lee with today’s only winner @ 9/4. Backup winners from Jarold(16/1), George(8/1), Henry(5/1) and Ziltoid(10/3). 1st leaderboard for this month:

    Greg +4.23
    Colin +2.50
    Lee +0.25

    1st race tomorrow comes from Sandown at 1.25pm.

  80. Third Act 4-55 Newton Abb ifabs La rese 6-15 Bev. Should go the other way, but trying to build up steady.

  81. No doubt [BEVERLEY 8.45] LIZZY’S DREAM.
    N/R is about (bev 8.15) Nickscreamcracker.

  82. Just the 1 winner today, well done to Greg with an 8/11F. Colin had the only backup winner @ 13/8F.

    1st race tomorrow from Donny at 2pm.

  83. But I think your on a loser there.and here’s another one [LINGFIELD 3.10] Autumn Tonic.
    N/R (hay 3.20 Pass The Moon).

  84. Had a message back from Jason about the new tipping script – it won’t be ready until next month, they’re testing it at the moment. So you’re stuck with me for another month.

    Well done to Greg and Colin, both with 9/2 winners today. Martin with an 8/1 backup winner the only other one on the day.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Lingfield at 2.10pm.

  85. Well done sandra ,get up early tomorrow morning and join me along the [KEMPTON 9.15] TEMPLE ROAD.
    Where we can celebrate your win with a (thirsk 3.00) Sunrise Dance.

  86. Congrat’s Sandra, nearly caught ya!!
    Kempton 8.45 Barwick…..n/r 6.15 Seek The Fair Land.

    1. Thanks Martin, and to everyone who was chasing after me , took me back to my younger years, but then maybe I let them catch me !! , good luck to all of you for JULY , hope you all fine some nice price winners. Sandra xxx

  87. Well done to Sandra and Martin, 1st & 2nd in this month’s comp. Martin with the only winner today, 12/1, just failing to catch Sandra and just pipping Lee for 2nd. Paul Hind almost stole it with a 100/1 2nd.

    Sandra +10.38
    Martin +9.00

    I’ll email Jason the result shortly.

    Very sad to hear about Kauto Star having to be put down yesterday, one of the greats.

    New comp starts tomorrow with the 2pm from Thirsk.

    THIRSK 4-30
    IF A N/R
    KEMPT 8-45

    1. Well done Sandra, it was a low scoring month ,but you scored the most and that’s all that matters.

    1. For some reason won,t show try reply instead
      Chep 6.40 BOUNTY BAH-…..N/R 6.10 showmethewayavarilo.

  89. Need a 16/1 to catch Sandra. Looked at Compton Prince,The Holyman,Just Rubie,Lexington Blue and Northside Prince.
    Going for Northside Prince[20/1 as I post] 3-15 Hamilton if abs Juste Rubie 6-40 Chepstow

  90. Just 2 winners again today, well done to Greg(9/2) and Peter RJ(15/8). 1 day to go and Sandra still at the top:

    Sandra +11.38
    Lee +8.75

    1st race tomorrow comes from Hamilton at 2.15pm.

  91. Meant to say had a good tip for Our Time Will Come 9-15 Muss. It’s about 4/1 now but will probably shorten when owner gets his cash on nearer the off.

  92. It’s the 29th so have to look at some at fair prices. Looked at Harrisons Cave,Aleksandar and Cayuga.
    Going for Harrisons Cave 7-15 Muss if abs Aleksandar 6-15 Muss

    1. I`m up the top of the ladder if your looking for me Collin !!
      you did promise you would keep me company didn’t you !

      1. I hope you hold on to the lead Sandra as you have lead for most of the month. One or two[especially that Graham] will be tipping some big priced ones today and tomorrow.

  93. What shell i do with all these losers you keep picking?just [WINDSOR 6.00] PUTEMINTHEBOOT.
    N/R (windsor 7.00 Gotasinggotadance).

  94. Just 2 winners again today, well done to Lee(5/2)(3 in a row) and Jarold(11/8F). 2 days to go and things are getting tight at the top:

    Sandra +12.38
    Lee +9.75
    Alex +0.25

    Racing gets underway tomorrow with the 2.15pm at Wolverhampton.

  95. Too many seconds this month. Yesterday 14/1 and led till last 30yds.
    Speed Master 3-35 Uttox if abs Worldor 4-10 Uttox

  96. Need to pull something out of the [WINDSOR 2.20] CELESTIAL FIRE.
    N/R (uttox 2.30 jimmy crackle).

  97. Well done to Peter RJ(8/1) and Lee(4/1) with today’s 2 winners, and Lee again with today’s only backup winner at 5/2. Lee closes in on top spot a bit:

    Sandra +13.38
    Lee +7.25
    Alex +1.25

    1st race tomorrow from Uttoxeter at 2pm.

  98. It’s spotti botti time again[NEWCASTLE 3.10] SIR ROBERT CHEVAL.
    N/R (Newcastle 3.45 Notarised).

  99. Newmarket 4.35 Master The World

    If non runner
    Chester 3.40 Doctor Bong

    Master The World Has won 2 races both at 1m, but one was a class 2. And although he hasn’t won at today’s distance, he has only tried it twice, once when 5th of 9 beaten 5.25 lengths on soft ground and once when 3rd of 5 beaten 3.75 lengths on good/soft ground, both times staying on at one pace. Both his wins were on good ground so before deciding that he can’t win beyond 1m, I think he’s worth one more chance today on the faster ground. David Elsworth has booked the services of Richard Hughes, which suggests that a good run is expected

  100. Just 1 winner today, well done to Lee with a 7/2 shot, that moves him into 2nd. Only the top 3 still showing a profit:

    Sandra +14.38
    Lee +3.25
    Alex +2.25

    Busy day tomorrow gets underway at 1.25pm from Newcastle.

  101. To CH can’t remember the Great Jake Thackery singing that.!!!
    To Joseph calm down and [WOLVERHAMPTON 2.50] EASYDOSEIT.
    N/R To Sandra (Wolver 5.05 Sixties Queen).don’t get mal de mer!!

  102. Victoriously 5-40 Wolves [needs a miracle but Ryan Clark should be watched]. If abs Midnight Destiny 1-50 Wolves.

  103. To Graham. Was your widow of Brid by any chance the same woman I used to hear about years ago. I was told,
    There was a woman from Brid
    Who wouldn’t **** for a quid
    There came an Italion
    With b***s like a stallion
    Who said he would **** her for nowt, and he did.
    It sounds like the same woman as she was well known. Maybe you can confirm.

    1. get a grip you stupid boy!!! stop wasting your time and find a good winner (that’s if you can) theres a comp to be won

  104. Just 2 winners again today, well done to Sandra(8/1) and Alex(15/2). Sandra moves clear at the top and Alex moves into 2nd:

    Sandra +15.38
    Alex +3.25
    Martin +1.00

    6 meetings tomorrow get underway at Wolverhampton at 1.50pm.

  105. Newcastle 6.15 Buccaneers Vault

    If non runner
    Nottingham 4.05 Patrick

    Buccaneers Vault won his opening maiden and since then has been running in much better company than he meets here. Today represents his lowest rating since that win, which is a full 10 points lower than his high of 85. His trainer Michael Dodds has a decent record in 3-y-o handicaps here at Newcastle

  106. Why do i think i’m going to get wet ,because i can [NOTTINGHAM 4.05] SEE THE STORM.
    N/R (newbury 8.30 bitter lake).

    1. Was going to go for Henpecked 6-10 Hamilton but others would think we were just describing ourselves, so i’ll look for something else.

  107. Just 2 winners today, well done to Ziltoid(6/1) and Lee(9/4F). No backup winners. Not much change at the top:

    Sandra +7.38
    Martin +2.00
    Lee +0.75
    Ziltoid +0.00
    Colin +0.00

    5 meetings again tomorrow, starting off at Newmarket at 2pm.

  108. Bath 9.10 Light Breaks

    If non runner
    Kempton 7.50 Qanan

    All of light breaks 5 runs so far has resulted in him either being prominent then weakening or being slow away. Mark Prescott tries the blinkers on him today and he has a decent record when running them in first time blinkers, as well as consistently showing a profit with his runners in 3-y-o handicaps.

  109. She was a widow in Bridlington, she was, was the widow of Brid,Small and bonny at forty-two,With eyes of very unsettling blue,And what she thought she ought to do She did, she did, she did;She sold up house and bought a wig, a wig, did the widow of Brid,And unrepenting, undeterred,She thundered off to cause a stir in poor old bloody Scarborough.She did, she did, she did!!!!

    1. All this waffle,suppose i better pick [CARLISLE 3.00] ANOTHER FOR JOE.
      N/R (kemp 8.50 castorienta).

    2. All this waffle,better pick [CARLISLE 3.00] ANOTHER FOR JOE.
      N/R (kempton 8.50 castorienta.

  110. No time today, going to Brid on an old biddie’s trip at 9-30 so Albonny 9-20 Kemp if abs Miss Tenacious 2-50 Worcest

  111. Graham and Paul Hind with 2 big 2nd placed tips, unlucky guys. Only winner on the day was from Jarold with a 1/5F. No change at the top.

    5 meetings tomorrow get underway at 2pm from Carlisle.

  112. Well done to Greg with an 11/2 winner, the only one in the comp. Backup winners from Jarold(5/2F) and Lee(7/4). No change at the top:

    Sandra +9.38
    Martin +4.00
    Colin +2.00

    1st race tomorrow from Brighton at 2pm.

  113. Never pick your nose with your toes when lying naked in the snow,thats what [WETHERBY 7.15] OLDJOESAID.
    N/R (wetherby 7.45 my destination).

  114. Another blank day, the only winner a 15/2 backup from Ziltoid. Everyone -1pt.

    1st of 4 meetings tomorrow is Chepstow, 1st race off at 2pm.

    1. You must be desparate when you have to rely on Hugh for your selections. Mine just blew the start at Ponte. Hard lines[usual story] yesterday. Had them two with a 5/2 in a lucky 15.Last one 7/4 fav lost by a neck. Would have been two grand. That’s life. Got my health so I consider myself rich.

      1. YOU & Hugh just cost me , why o why do I do it !!!!
        but I did back the 12/1 outsider of 3 , its a joke in it , good luck Sandra .

  115. Got that Sandra woman in my sights, so rather than rush past her with an outsider,
    I will creep up on her with a few fancied ones.
    Therefore it’s Dawaa in the 2-10 at Ponte. If abs Vulcanite 5-20 Worcester

  116. More chill than comp yesterday,today having a go with another wun and [PONTEFRACT 5.10] GOLDEN SPUN.
    N/R (pont 4.10 riptide).

  117. Pontefract 3.40 Red Galileo

    If non runner
    Hexham 3.30 Green Wizard

    Red Galileo has only won 1 race in his live (an all weather novice event at Kempton), but he has taken on some high class animals. Back in 2014 he was 5th in the derby beaten only 9.5 lengths by Australia and previously to that he was 7.75 lengths behind snow sky (who pulvarised a very strong field at royal ascot yesterday). And more recently in April this year he was 7.5 lengths behind Arab Spring (another of this week’s royal ascot winners). There’s certainly nothing of Australia’s or Snow Sky’s quality here today.

  118. Sorry no update yesterday, had a few computer problems, hopefully fixed now.

    Friday – 2 winners, well done to Martin(8/1) and Jarold(1/3F). Colin with the only backup winner @ 9/2.

    Today – 1 winner from Colin @ 5/1, and a backup at 9/2, nice double, well done. 1 other backup winner from Greg @ 7/4F.

    Colin moves up to 3rd:

    Sandra +11.38
    Martin +6.00
    Colin +4.00
    Lee +1.50
    Alex +0.75

    1st race tomorrow from Pontefract at 2.10pm.

  119. Not around tomorrow morning so hoplng david can sprinkle some magic [ASCOT 5.00] BLAINE.
    N/R (ascot 5.35 ofcoursewecan).

  120. Plenty of fancies today but can’t pick them all so, Tiggy Wiggy 3-40 Ascot if abs Bahamian Sunrise 5-55 Redcar. Hugh Taylor has been very quiet this week, so I have gone big on a lucky 15. Fingers crossed.

  121. Just 1 winner again today, Ronaldoh back with a 10/1 shot, just edging out Paul Hind’s pick @ 14/1. 1 backup winner as well from Alex @ 5/2F. That leaves 3 at the top showing a profit:

    Sandra +13.38
    Lee +3.50
    Alex +2.75

    1st race tomorrow comes from Market Rasen at 2.10pm.

      1. Too much on ,car service and M O T , passed O K, all day a rush , just thought of horses now, but it gives you a chance to catch up !!!!

  122. Hayley nearly fell off yesterdays pick after clipping heels so hoping at least for safer run today!! [LINGFIELD 6.45] ROYAL PARTY.
    N/R (leicester 6.00 blue melody girl).

  123. Well done to Colin with today’s only winner @ 11/2. Martin & George with the same 25/1 backup winner. Colin moves into profit for the month:

    Sandra +14.38
    Lee +4.50
    Alex +3.75
    Colin +1.00

    1st race tomorrow from Ripon at 2.10pm.

  124. Will the wheelbarrow be laden after a win for [ASCOT 3.05] SHADEN.
    N/R (ascot 5.35 muffri’ha).

  125. 1st blank day for a while, certainly only one this month, so everyone -1pt.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Uttoxeter at 2.10pm.

  126. Ascot 3.40 Wind Fire

    If non runner
    Ascot 2.30 Night of Thunder

    Sole Power will be all the rage for this and rightly so, but he is now an 8 year old and at some point age catches up with all of us. So I’m going to take with wind fire, he has had 3 runs under today’s race conditions and his record reads 2 wins and a 3rd. He will probably need to improve to take this but being only a 4 year old he should still have improvement in him.

  127. it seams a popular time of the day here’s another one for the mix [ASCOT 5.00] HARDSTONE.
    N/R (ascot 3.40 lancelot du lac).

  128. Just 1 winner today, well done to Scott with a 2/7F(and a 5/1 2nd as backup for the F/C). 2 backup winners from Lee(9/4F) and Jarold(2/1F). No change at the top.

    1st race tomorrow comes from Stratford at 2.10pm, 5 meetings to go at, including
    Royal Ascot Day 1, good luck to anyone having a bet.

  129. Been having a great time this month with jockey H.Bentley 7 wins from 22 rides inc 33/1,25/1,14/1,and 2 10/1’s.time to put a stop to that [NOTTINGHAM 7.10] CAPELITA.
    N/R (windsor 8.50 fanny again).

  130. Taking a risk today with Siouxperhero 7-50 Windsor if abs Cara Court 3-30 Southwell

  131. Nottingham 6.40 Uptight

    If non runner
    Carlisle 5.15 Night Generation

    Uptight has a 50% win rate from his 4 races todate, including a course and distance in today’s class. In fact his 2 wins have both been in higher class. Last time out he was a beaten favourite, but that was his first outing of the season. And the horse who won that day, although beaten since that was in a £13000 York h;cap where he finished 6th of 18 runners beaten only 2 lengths. In fact there was only about 5 lengths separating the first 14 home in that York Race

  132. Just the 1 winner today, well done to Lee with a 7/2 shot. Greg with the only backup winner at 9/2. Lee moves up to 2nd place:

    Sandra +17.38
    Lee +7.50
    Alex +6.75
    Martin +3.00
    Ziltoid +3.00
    Garry +2.50

    Tomorrow’s racing gets underway at 2.15pm from Carlisle, with 4 meetings to go at.

  133. Stubbins 3-05 Donny if abs Miss Inga Sock 5-40 Salisbury. I looked at Noble Master in 5-40 but I have vowed to catch that darling Sandra and I’ve decided that nice and steady is the best policy.

  134. Not sure i twig how you get it let alone fancy it in my tea or coffee [DONC 4.50] MILKWOOD.
    N/R (donc 4.15 adam’s ale).

  135. Just 2 winners from today’s picks, well done to Colin(4/1F) and Sandra(6/4F). 3 backup winners from Jarold(14/1), Dave(11/2) and Lee(9/2F). Sandra stays clear at the top:

    Sandra +18.38
    Alex +7.75
    Lee +4.00
    Martin +4.00
    Ziltoid +4.00
    Garry +3.50

    2 meeting to go for tomorrow, 1st race from Salisbury at 1.45pm.

  136. Red Baron 3-25 Muss if abs Where’s Malachy 3-00 Hex. Was going the other way, but Where’s Melachy looks risky.