Tipping Competition


If you would like to get involved just enter your tip each day on here. Please make sure to follow the rules below:

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP

Congratulations to last months winners:

Paul Hind +23
Dave +10.25

1,546 thoughts on “Tipping Competition March”

  1. Thought about taking on alex but only a fool would do that still today is the right day if any but no [KEMPTON 8.15 ] OCEAN LEGEND.
    N/R (kemp 8.45 jay bee blue).

  2. Thank’s for kind words ,but back to reality today.
    Kempton 8.45 Hipz………..n/r 8.15 Burnhope.

  3. 6-45 kemp ton Silverheels ifnr 3-30 Chelmsford Upavon Great tipping Alex well done

  4. Alex wins the comp, and seals it with the only winner for today, an 8/1 shot. Bob juts pips Graham for 2nd, and Graham had the only backup winner with a 66/1 whopper, unlucky mate. Final standings:

    Alex +57.50
    Bob +26.50

    I’ll email Jason the result a bit later, well done guys.

    Onwards and upwards, as the saying goes. New comp starts tomorrow with the 1st race from Wincanton at 1.50pm.

  5. Well done to the winner and runner up. Heres to a new month.
    2-10 TOW
    IF A N/R
    4-00 CHEL

  6. Blackwell Synergy 2-45 Hunt if abs How’s The Family 5-05 Southwell.
    Not for backing Sandra.
    Giving it a miss next month as going cruising next Tuesday, so good luck for next month everybody and see you all on May Day.

    1. Colin , the family is fine thank you, you have yourself a nice holiday , you more than deserve it, and always remember its only a bit of fun, SANDRA

      1. Graham would you have won the comp with your first choice, if not your a silly billy, your second would definitely have won you it, Sandra xx

  7. Huntingdon 3.15 That’s The Deal

    If non runner
    Southwell 4.00 Apollo Eleven

    I know this fellow is now eleven years old and that he is 8lb out of the handicap, but he is the only one here to have won in a higher class, having won 2 class 3 races and all his wins have been on good, good/soft and soft. So in this small field of only 4 runners I think he’s worth a go

  8. Just the 1 winner today, well done to Ronaldoh with a 4/1 shot. Just 1 backup winner as well from Gino with an 11/4F. Not much change at the top:

    Alex +49.50
    Bob +27.50
    Graham +27.00
    Colin +14.08
    Jose +11.66
    Dave +4.25
    Ian +2.33

    Last chance to spoil Alex’s party tomorrow, 1st race from Exeter at 2pm.

    1. Don’t Panic it’s a one month wonder.put it this way when was the last time you can remember trainer Paul Burgoyne (west leake/teen ager) have two winners in a year let alone in the same month !!plus borrowing a rusty pin helps.back to normal next month.

  9. Don’t need two left feet if i’m going to take the [KEMPTON 4.55] RIGHT STEP..
    N/R (warw 2.55 smart story).

  10. Kempton 2.45 Red Tortue

    If non runner
    Warwick 2.55 Bally Braes

    Only 2 of these runners have won under rules, and the likely favourite (Herbert Park) is taking a big hike in distance of around 5 furlongs. Red Tortue’s 3 races under rules on the other hand has resulted in form figures of F1P, but that win was over today’s distance and his pulled up last time out was in a class 1. A big step up from the class 4 that he won and is racing in today

  11. 2 winners today, well done to Alex(again)(17/2) and Joseph(15/8F). 1 backup winner from Ziltoid(15/8F) as well. Alex moves further clear at the top:

    Alex +50.50
    Bob +28.50
    Graham +28.00
    Colin +15.08
    Jose +12.66
    Dave +5.25
    Ian +3.33
    George +0.50
    Ziltoid +0.38

    All jumps cards tomorrow, kicking off at 2.10pm from Kempton.

    1. Alex should be barred from all future competitions so that ordinary people are given a chance. Joking apart, his tipping this month has been out of this world and like me i suppose you would like Alex to tell us how he has done it. Has he studied form, are they hunches, borrowed Graham’s pin or just pure luck. Give us a reply Alex, please.

  12. Let me down at cheltenham when hampered but staying loyal with the [ASCOT 3.05] BARON ALCO.
    N/R (donc 5.30 frosty berry).

    what about carlo ? ground not soft enough still 4th 20/1 not bad e/w .newbury spring mile on soft ? !!.

  13. dance of fire 4.30 doncaster
    rock a doodle do 5.30 doncaster
    next time go with your gut feeling eddy!

  14. Just the 4 backup winners today so everyone -1pt. Backup winners from Graham & Ziltoid(12/1), Garry(13/2) and Lee(3/1).

    Back to Donny tomorrow for 1st race, off at 1.45pm. Remember to put your clocks forward.

  15. 3 winners from today’s tips, well done to Victor(15/2), George(7/2F) and Jarold(6/5F). 2 big backup winners from Dave(16/1) and Colin(7/1). Not much change at the top:

    Alex +43.00
    Bob +30.50
    Graham +30.00
    Colin +17.08
    Jose +14.66
    Dave +7.25
    Ian +5.33
    George +2.50
    Ziltoid +2.38

    1st race tomorrow from Doncaster at 1.25pm.

  16. Not around tomorrow morning
    so even after today I will stay with [DONCASTER 3.10] BUCKSTAY.
    N/R (donc 3.45 gabrial).hope it’s the right gabrial !!!

    If it turns soft what about carlo would have been the plck.

    4-40 LING
    IF A N/R
    3-10 NEWC

  18. The jockey on board is ment to be according to the experts the next best thing since the last one so see how he gets on tomorrow on (buckstay) and today with [LINGFIELD 3.00 ] TILSTARR.
    N/R (ling 2.00 gold leaf).

  19. Alex moves further ahead with another nice winner(7/1), 2 more winners on the day from Martin(11/4) and Sandra(9/4). Backup winners from Bob(10/1), Garry & Jarold(2/1F) and Gino(5/4F), well done to all.

    Alex +44.00
    Bob +31.50
    Graham +31.00
    Colin +18.08
    Jose +15.66
    Dave +8.25
    Ian +6.33
    Ziltoid +3.38

    1st race tomorrow starts 2pm on the Polytrack from Lingfield.

    1. Alex, you must have the midas touch. This horse was slowly away when I posted it on Monday.I can’t seem to get going this month and I am now resorting to outsiders.

  20. Not a winner in sight so it seams,hoping for better luck with [ WOLVERHAMPTON 1.50 ] LIZZY’S DREAM.
    N/R (wolver 4.30 kyllachykov).

  21. Another big priced winner, 16/1, from Alex takes him to the top. 3/1 winner for Bob & Lee the only other one today, no backup winners. New leaderboard:

    Alex +37.00
    Bob +32.50
    Graham +32.00
    Colin +19.08
    Jose +16.66
    Dave +9.25
    Ian +7.33
    Ziltoid +4.38

    1st race tomorrow from Wolverhampton off at 1.50pm.

  22. Before mine runs tonight, I have to congratulate Bob, Graham and Alex. They are like magicians pullings rabbits out of a hat. Alex nearly had another 14/1 on Saturday. It was 4 lengths clear on the run in and somehow got caught. I don’t know where you are getting them from lads, but whatever your stategy, it seems to be working. I know I’ll have to drop lucky to catch you three.

      1. Touch of the meatloafs, course/horse right time wrong ,2 out of three ain’t bad .thank’s.

  23. Do you think we can every pick a winner again ? [NEWTON ABBOT 3.40] OFCOURSEWECAN.
    N/R (s/well 3.50 frognal).

  24. Only 1 winner today from Bob with an 11/4F, a 9/4 backup winner from Dave as well. That moves Bob a bit closer to Graham:

    Graham +33.00
    Bob +29.50
    Alex +21.00
    Colin +20.08
    Jose +17.66
    Dave +10.25
    Ian +8.33
    Ziltoid +5.38
    George +1.00

    1st race tomorrow at 2.10pm from Newton Abbot.

  25. As they say in Bucharest [SOUTHWELL 5.25] CALIN DU BRIZAIS.
    N/R (s/well 4.55 dance for livvy).

  26. Another 5 winners from today’s tiips, well done to Ziltoid(14/1), Greg(13/2), Dave(9/2), Joseph(2/1) and Jose(1/3F). 3 backup winners from Henry(8/1), Graham(9/2) and Dave(13/8F). Ziltoid moves into the top half of the leaderboard:

    Graham +34.00
    Bob +26.75
    Alex +22.00
    Colin +21.08
    Jose +18.66
    Dave +11.25
    Ian +9.33
    Ziltoid +6.38
    George +2.00

    Back over the jumps at Southwell for the 1st race tomorrow, off at 2.10pm.

  27. No need to go mad on a monday,just relax and [TOWCESTER 4.00] EASYDOESIT.
    N/R (wolver 4.40 hickster).

  28. 5 winners from today’s tips, well done to Graham(6/1), Ian & Joseph(10/3) and Jose & Jarold(1/10F). 4 backup winners from Jarold(6/1), Ziltoid(9/2), Victor(2/1F) and Bob(11/8F). Graham moves a bit clearer at the top:

    Graham +35.00
    Bob +27.75
    Alex +23.00
    Colin +22.08
    Jose +18.33
    Ian +10.33
    Dave +6.75
    George +3.00
    Ronaldoh +0.50

    Racing starts a little later tomorrow with the 1st at 2.05pm from Wolverhampton.

  29. Nearest i get to church on sunday is hearing the chime of the [WINCANTON 2.50] PAGHAM BELLE.
    N/R (m/r 2.30 noir girl).

  30. Just 3 winners from today’s tips, well done to Dave(9/2), Joseph(3/1) and Jose(2/5F). Backup winners from Ian H(12/1) and Jose(2/9F). No change at the top.

    1st race tomorrow from Wincanton at 1.50pm.

  31. Fontwell 3.40 Hi Note

    If non runner
    Stratford 2.40 Saint Helena

    Hi Note is the only course and distance winner in the race, in fact the only other runner to have won beyond 24 furlongs and class 4 is Va’vite but he has an absence of 495 days to overcome

  32. Townend hasn’t come from Ireland just for the day out and I seem to remember him riding some winners at Ffos Las for Rebecca Curtis and I think Scorpianzer might be his best, but as I tip for fun I am not taking short prices therefore I am going for
    King’s Grey 4-00 Kelso if abs Loughalder 3-15 Stratford.

    1. What sort of a dickhead would back the 1st one and none of the others.No prizes for getting it right.

  33. Having struck lucky last week ,trying to ring out again with [NEWBURY 2,35] BRIERY BELLE.
    N/R (new 3.10 master neo).

  34. 3 winners from today’s tips, well done to Alex(14/1), Dave(11/4) and Jose(10/11F). Backup winners from Jarold(8/1) and Lee(11/4) as well. Alex moves up into a close 3rd behind Graham and Bob:

    Graham +30.00
    Bob +29.75
    Alex +25.00
    Colin +24.08
    Jose +17.83
    Ian +8.00
    George +5.00
    Dave +3.25
    Ronaldoh +2.50

    1st race comes from Newbury tomorrow at 1.25pm.

  35. in all probability she won’t ,but there is always a chance that [WOLVERHAMPTON 8.15 ] JESSY MAE.
    N/R (newb 2.40 on trend).

  36. Just the 2 winners today, well done to Garry(17/2) and Colin(5/1). 1 backup winner from Bob with an 11/8F. Colin closes in a bit on Graham and Bob:

    Graham +31.00
    Bob +30.75
    Colin +25.08
    Jose +16.92
    Alex +11.00
    Ian +9.00
    George +6.00
    Ronaldoh +3.50
    Dave +0.50

    1st race tomorrow on the polytrack at Lingfield, off at 1.50pm.

  37. Disclosure 4-25 Wolves if abs Waldorf Salad 3-40 Chep.
    Tanit River 3-05 looks past the post, but price is short and I looked at Daring Indian 2-10 Wolves, but Hugh Taylor is tipping it so i’ll not bother with that. It will also be a shorter price than it should be due to Hugh Taylor.

  38. Hoping to bash her angel below .probably a load of bollinger [WOLVERHAMPTON 4.25 ] ARGAKI.
    N/R (wolver 3.50 champagne ransom).

  39. Well done to today’s winners, Alex & George(16/1), Ian(10/1) and Colin(9/2). Backup winners from Martin(9/2) and Gino(5/4F). Graham & Bob still clear at the top:

    Graham +32.00
    Bob +31.75
    Colin +20.08
    Jose +17.92
    Alex +12.00
    Ian +10.00
    George +7.00
    Ronaldoh +4.50
    Dave +1.50

    Racing gets underway at Chepstow tomorrow at 2pm.

  40. Emma Soda 3-05 Warwick if abs Dark Dune 2-10 Haydock
    Emma Soda has won 2 races, 1 in March ’13 and 1 in March ’14.Theoretically it must be due today.

  41. no time this morning for any babble,staying up late tonight for a bit of [KEMPTON 9.15 WAABEL.
    N/R (kemp 5.45 danzski).

  42. Just the 2 winners today, well done to Gino(8/1) and Bob(2/1). Backup winners from Ziltoid(13/2), Jose(15/8F) and Jarold(2/5F). Bob closes in on Graham at the top:

    Graham +33.00
    Bob +32.75
    Jose +16.67
    Colin +15.58
    Ronaldoh +5.50
    Dave +2.50

    Over to Warwick for the 1st race tomorrow, 2pm start again.

  43. If this goes in today there will be a new leader at the top of the board. I won’t be wasting any money on it but i’ve just got a teeny weeny hunch.
    Mimi Luke 4-20 Southwell ib asb College Doll 2-00 Southwell.

  44. Wetherby 4.05 Wolf Shield

    If non runner
    Exeter 3.55 Leo Luna

    Interesting 3 horse race we have in the 4.05 at Wetherby. On the face of it, Carole’s Destrier and Creepy should be too good for Wolf Shield as they have won races in classes 1 & 2 (Carole’s Destrier) and class 1 & 3 (Creepy, where as the highest class Wolf Shield has won in is class 3. However the furthest the former 2 have won at is 24 furlongs, in fact Carole’s Destrier hasn’t even raced beyond 24 furlongs before. Wolf Shield on the other hand has won at the distance and is the only one that ticks all 3 boxes of class, distance and ground. And so priced at around 16/1 outsider of 3 I think he’s well worth a go.

  45. Hoping he waltzes away and tango and win [SOUTHWELL 4.40] FOXTROT JUBILEE.
    N/R (exeter 5.05 exmoor challenge).

  46. Graham jumps back to the top with a 14/1 winner today, another 4 winners from Martin(11/2), Ziltoid(15/8F), Peter RJ(13/8F) and Jarold(1/2F), well done to all. Backup winners from Alex(7/2), Lee(3/1), Jarold(15/8F) and Gino(13/8F). New leaderboard:

    Graham +34.00
    Bob +30.75
    Jose +17.67
    Colin +16.58
    Ronaldoh +6.50
    Dave +3.50
    Ian +1.00

    1st race tomorrow on the sand at Southwell, off at 2pm.

    1. Hi George – you have to start posting meetings and times with your selections or I am going to ignore them.

  47. Whatsupjack 3-40 Southwell if abs Sir Geoffrey 3-00 Chelmsford.
    These are serious Sandra.

    1. your having me on, yesterday you had a 4/1 that turned into a 10/1 because you said don’t do it, I thought you were my friend !!!

      1. I am i’ve got a good one for you on Wed.I’ll e-mail you when I know it’s running.

  48. Having picked the wrong one of the trainer when they have 2 runners in a race the last two days (though did back both at 25/1,&33/1)which is the main thing so not a bad weekend after all !! today one horse/trainer hoping not to pull a clanger [ SOUTHWELL 3.40] PAGHAM BELLE.
    n/r (chelm 3.00 sir geoffrey).

    1. Well found Graham, somebody else knew about it cos it was nibbled in the live market.

  49. 6 winners today, well done to Bob(10/1), Colin(10/1), George(7/1), Garry(5/1), Dave(11/4) and Jose(4/6F). 2 backup winners from Lee(7/1) and Jarold(4/6F). Bob moves clear at the top:

    Bob +31.75
    Graham +20.00
    Jose +18.67
    Colin +17.58
    Ronaldoh +7.50
    Dave +4.50
    Ian +2.00

    A bit more to go at tomorrow with the 1st race from Southwell at 2pm.

    1. Well done Colin, I left it alone like you asked and you got a lovely winner, your on the way to another £20,you lucky chap!!! Sandra xx

        1. you make a request on the Betinfo 24 contact form , give your sort code and a/c No , it will be put into your bank by Jason, as I did Oct.

  50. With a bottle of gin, i’m off for a walk up the welsh mountain called [CARLISLE 4.40] SNOWED IN.
    N/R (car 3.05 tikkandemickey).

  51. 4 winners from today’s tips, well done to Alex(6/1), Ronaldoh(9/2), Alan(7/2) and Ian(3/1). Backup winners from Victor(6/1), Dave(9/4F), Lee(15/8F) and Ian getting the double with an 11/10F. No change at the top:

    Bob +21.75
    Graham +21.00
    Jose +18.00
    Ronaldoh +8.50
    Colin +7.58
    Ian +3.00
    Dave +1.75

    With Ffos Las abandoned there’s only Carlisle to go for, 1st race starts at 2.30pm.

  52. Staying up late tonight hoping for a double-you-eye-hen for [WOLVERHAMPTON 9.15] JAY BEE BLUE.
    N/R (wolver 6.15 lizzy’s dream).

  53. 5 winners today, well done to Ian(8/1), Bob(3/1), Ziltoid(5/2F), Jose & Alan(2/1F). Just the 1 backup winner from Colin @ 6/1. Bob takes over at the top:

    Bob +22.75
    Graham +22.00
    Jose +19.00
    Colin +8.58
    Ronaldoh +4.00
    Dave +2.75

    Ian next best back to 0.00.

    1st race tomorrow from Uttoxeter at 1.35pm.

  54. Final day to to have a play so going with a double jj [CHELTENHAM 4.40] McKINLEY.
    N/R dangling me rod for a hat-trick with codd ( chel 4.00 vital plot).and not to end up looking like a burke !!

  55. 3 winners today, well done to Dave(7/1), Ziltoid(7/1) and Jarold(6/4F). Backup winners from Graham(9/1) and Lee(4/1) as well. Dave moves into the top 6:

    Graham +23.00
    Bob +19.75
    Jose +17.00
    Colin +9.58
    Ronaldoh +5.00
    Dave +3.75

    Last day of Cheltenham tomorrow, 1st race at 1.30pm.

  56. Having had a brought down and nearly brought down yesterday hoping today my jock’s don’t follow fallers around the track !![CHELTENHAM 4.00] CHAMPION COURT.
    N/R going fishing again with jj (chel 4.40 the package).

  57. Had to wait till the last race of the day for today’s biggest winner, but well worth the wait, well done to Bob with Desert Strike @ 12/1, Martin(7/2) and Ian(3/1) the other winners today. A 7/2 backup winner from Victor as well. Bob moves up to 2nd:

    Graham +24.00
    Bob +20.75
    Jose +18.00
    Colin +10.58
    Ronaldoh +6.00

    Another 1.30pm start from Cheltenham for the 1st race tomorrow.

    1. Hope Desert Strike doesn’t win at Kempton as I am waiting for it. I think it runs better at Lingfield.

        1. Didn’t see it this morning [missed Kempton somehow] or I would definitely have posted it. It’s parents aren’t married. That’s what I think about it.

  58. Hoping my knowledge of knob’s, i mean nobleman is of use today [CHELTENHAM 4.40] BARON ALCO.
    N/R (chel 2.40 ttebbob).

  59. 4 winners from today, well done to Graham(8/1), Henry(11/2), Colin(5/1) & Jarold(4/5F). Backup winner from Jarold as well(4/6F). Graham moves to the top:

    Graham +25.00
    Jose +19.00
    Colin +11.58
    Bob +8.75
    Ronaldoh +7.00
    Lee +1.00

    1.30pm start again tomorrow from Cheltenham.

  60. Doing a bit of fishing today.hoping to land a tasty j j jock to go with my chips !![CHELTENHAM 4.40 ] CAUSE OF CAUSES.
    N/R (chel 2.40 monbeg dude).

    1. Well done today Graham, but keep looking over your shoulder because with 4 winners on the trot I have got you in my sights. It looks as if Sandra is shouting for you but my knwledge of racing will prevail in the long run. Don’t take things too serious though cos i’m only trying to wind you up,especially now your pin is working again. I think Sandra would be better tipping dustbins.

  61. A couple of winners today, well done to Dave(3/1F) and Colin(5/4F). Backup winners from Gino(11/4) and Jose(11/4jf). Not much change to the leaderboard:

    Jose +20.00
    Graham +17.00
    Bob +9.75
    Ronaldoh +8.00
    Colin +6.58
    Lee +2.00

    Well the waiting’s over, racing gets under way tomorrow at 1.30pm from Cheltenham. Best of luck to anyone having a bet, big or small. Here’s to plenty of winners for all.

  62. Sorry didn’t post the time of my back up selection, so here’s the whole post again

    Taunton 3.20 Dormouse

    If non runner
    Taunton 4.50 Green Du Ciel

  63. Oh i do like to be beside the seaside, with bucket & spade packed,were off to [TAUNTON 5.20] WESTON SUPER MARE.
    N/R on board the (plum 5.00 epsom flyer).

  64. Early start in the morning for cheltenham so posting now.
    Str 3.40 Al Destoor.

    if n/r Taun 4.20 Midnight Sequal.

  65. A 16/1 winner today from Ronaldoh moves him well up the leaderboard, another 3 winners from Lee(3/1), Colin(2/1) and Jarold(7/4). George & Martin with same 2/1 backup winner. PaulH with a huge EW double with a 50/1 3rd & 50/1 2nd backup, great tipping. Leaderboard now shows:

    Jose +21.00
    Graham +18.00
    Bob +10.75
    Ronaldoh +9.00
    Colin +5.33
    Lee +3.00

    Racing gets underway from Plumpton tomorrow at 2pm.

  66. Market Rasen 4.40 Iconic Rose

    If non runner
    Warwick 4.20 Fredo

    Not much running today as you might expect on the eve of Cheltenham. Iconic Rose is one of only 2 runners in this race who’s won at the distance. With none of the others having even won beyond 22 furlongs. Of the 2 that have won at the distance , Upbeat Cobbler’s form figures from his last 3 runs of 5UP are hardly inspiring.

  67. not expecting much as i did’nt even get a card let alone a [MARKET RASEN 5.10] VALENTINE’S GIFT.
    N/R (warwick 2.10 kleitomachos).

  68. Sergeant pink 3-40 M/r
    Well done Colin only winner Saturday but tips me a loser when I had already bet the winner @9/2 love you Sandra xx

  69. Well done to Colin, the only winner on the day, with a 10/3F pick. Backup winners from Garry(3/1), Jarold(9/4F) and Jose(2/1jf). Colin moves back into profit:

    Jose +22.00
    Graham +19.00
    Bob +11.75
    Colin +3.33
    Gino +0.25

    1st race tomorrow at 2pm from Market Rasen.

      1. .Busy trying your silly card trick on some idiot. Did it 3 times and they still didn’t suss it. Didn’t have time to put time up but done it now. Had a tip for Kudu Country today. Had 50 on at 9 to 1. Now about 7 to 2 so fingers crossed

      2. Where are you and Peter’s tips. I can’t see them. Better last minute than not at all.

  70. Wolverhampton 2.15 Chookie Royale

    If non runner
    Chepstow 3.35 Quite By Chance

    Chookie Royale is very consistent and last time out won a class 2 at chelmsford by a comfortable 2 lengths. He represents the Dalgliesh/Eaves partnershiup, won this last year and has an excellent chance of a repeat today

  71. one for the ladies or both for sunday dinner [SANDOWN 2.00] ROBBIE RABBIT.
    N/R (sand 3.10 hint of mint).

  72. Just the 1 winner today, well done to Lee with a 5/2F. 2 backup winners from George(4/1) and Victor(12/5).

    Jose +23.00
    Graham +20.00
    Bob +12.75
    Gino +1.25
    Lee +1.00

    1st race tomorrow at 1.25pm from Sandown.

  73. you sure you don’t want more ,no i’ll have [WOLVERHAMPTON 7.15] JUST FIVE.
    N/R (wolver 6.45 apollo eleven).

  74. 5:00 Leic – Joker Chocker

    Has Run up to class 2 – Down from High of 134 to 114 today
    Won last time out at Leicester.

    If N/R 2:30 Ayr Definite Soldier ( Jockey Booking)

  75. Leicester 3.15 Thoresby

    If non runner
    Wolverhampton 6.45 Gold Chain

    Thoresby hasn’t run over fences for a while, but he as won 3 times over hurdles all at class 4. Today all but 2 of his opponents are maidens.

  76. Well done to Graham, back with a bang, with a 25/1 winner. Alex(5/1), Lee(5/2) and Ketchy(4/9F) the other winners today, well done all. Ian H & Paul H with big priced 2nd’s, unlucky guys. 3 backup winners from Martin(9/2), Dave(5/2) & Ian(2/1F). Graham shoots up into 2nd place:

    Jose +24.00
    Graham +21.00
    Bob +13.75
    Gino +2.25
    Colin +1.00
    Alex +1.00

    Racing gets underway at 2pm from Ayr tomorrow.

  77. Southwell 2.45 Media Hype

    If non runner
    Southwell 5.25 Moon Arc

    La Estrella is in this race going for the all weather winning record, and although she has an impressive overall win strike rate of just under 45%; the majority of those wins have been around the class 6 mark and she is now a 12 year old. Media Hype on the other hand does not possess as an impressive win strike rate, but he did win a Class 1 on the all weather at Kempton back in 2012. Nothing else in the field can compare to that, and although this is his first time racing on the Southwell all weather; if he takes to the fibresand his current price of 11/4 could prove very good value for money come 2.50 this afternoon

  78. hoping the rest will mooove out of the way [carlisle 2.00] cowslip.
    n/r (s/well 5.25 abba zabba).

      1. Thank’s it’s about time to , hope iit’s not a week too early !! hope all is well as you’ve not posted pick’s lately. xx

  79. Just the 2 winners today, well done to Bob and Dave with different 11/4 favs. Ziltoid with a 3/1 backup winner as well. Not a lot of change at the top:

    Jose +25.00
    Bob +14.75
    Gino +3.25
    Colin +2.00

    1st race tomorrow comes from Carlisle at 2pm.

    1. Sorry!!! ALEX ask me if i could put selection for him today and i put it under my name,the names above are ALEX selections……….sorry!!!

  80. not going to crowe about this selection [KEMPTON 7.45] FANTASY GLADIATOR.
    N/R (kemp 8.45 quinta feira).

  81. Haven’t heard anything about winning for Feb. Not to worry I don’t want anything anyway, I only do it for fun.Last month’s 2nd and 3rd can have the prizes for their efforts.

  82. Just the 1 winner today, well done to Bob with a 14/1 winner(and a 10/3 backup winner to boot). Backup winners from Lee(5/1), Jose(15/8F) and Ziltoid(7/4F) as well. Bob moves up to 2nd:

    Jose +26.00
    Bob +12.00
    Gino +4.25
    Colin +3.00
    Greg +0.25

    1st race tomorrow from Catterick at 2.10pm.

  83. the boozer having first run for new trainer so i stick with mr boycott [SOUTHWELL 4.10] SIR GEOFFREY.
    N/R (newc 4.20 indepub).

  84. Coolking 3-30 Ex if abs Vinny Gambini 3-50 Newcastle.
    People might think they know a bit about racing, but they ain’t much chance against someone who has a son called Max.[If that was the case]. Anyway Jose,well done, but hold on to your lead as best you can because,believe me, some people will come up with some beauties at Cheltenham next week.

  85. Exeter 5.00 Arrayan

    If non runner
    Newcastle 2.20 Knight Valiant

    Arrayan raced in the 3 higher classes but this appears to be his class, distance and ground The 4 races he has won have all been at class 4 and 5 over distances of 16 and 17 furlongs and soft or heavy ground. He’s won a race very year since 2011 except for 2012 and they have all been in the early part of the year. In fact all his winning have been in January and February, but we are only just in March so hopefully its still early enough for him.

  86. usualy if post close to race time most nr’s are declared, but still fun having NB.

  87. A big winner from Jose today @ 28/1, well done. 2 more winners from Gino(9/4F) and Alan(6/5F), well done guys. 3 backup winners from Victor(10/1), Henry(9/2) and Colin(5/2). Not hard to work out who’s top of the tree tonight:

    Jose +27.00
    Gino +5.25
    Colin +4.00
    Greg +1.25
    Henry +0.38
    Jarold +0.38
    Alan +0.20

    Back on the Fibresand at Southwell tomorrow for the 1st race, off at 2.10pm.

  88. Tarabela 2-50 Southwell if abs Bathcounty 2-00 Fake
    Last mention, Got a spare ticket for Wetherby Fri 27th March. Anybody interested.

  89. 5 winners to start off the new month, well done to Colin(5/1), Gino(3/1), Greg(9/4), Henry & Jarold(11/8). 3 backup winners from Dave(5/1), Victor(9/4) and Bob(12/5). First leaderboard this month:

    Colin +5.00
    Gino +3.00
    Greg +2.25
    Henry +1.38
    Jarold +1.38

    1st race tomorrow from Fakenham at 2pm.

  90. well done CH nice one,
    i dont know why i threw it ,i suppose i better [SEDGEFIELD 3.40] RETRIEVE THE STICK.
    N/R (hunt 2.30 brass monkey).

  91. Just the 2 winners today, well done to Bob(7/1) and Lee(5/2). Colin with a 9/2 backup winner as well.

    Final standings for this month’s comp:

    1st Colin +39.76
    2nd Alex +17.75

    Well done guys, I’ll email Jason the result a bit later.

    New comp starts tomorrow from Huntingdon at 2pm.

  92. Wings Of Smoke 4-20 Donc if abs Vengeur De Guye 2-25 Kelso.
    Still got spare ticket for Wetherby fri 27th Mar if anybody is interested.

  93. Getting it over early today.good luck,and well done, CH hope i don’t do another evo campo today !! with [LINGFIELD 1.50] SONIC RAINBOW.
    N/R (ling 2.20 dandy’s perier).

  94. Great tipping today from Colin, Garry & Dave, well done guys. Colin & Garry with Billy Red @ 20/1 and Dave with Kadalkin @ 16/1. Peter RJ(11/4) and Jose(5/4F) tipping winners as well. Bob & Colin with 11/4 & 11/10F backups as well. Last day of comp tomorrow with leaderboard looking like this:

    Colin +40.76
    Alex +18.75
    Henry +16.75
    Garry +15.50
    George +14.44
    Peter R J +11.38
    Martin +10.75
    Victor +8.60
    Paul Hind +2.50
    Joseph +2.50

    1st race tomorrow at 1.25pm from Doncaster.

  95. Running late after long nightshift so must settle for 1st two races.
    Don 2 10 Zermatt.
    Nb 2 00 Brook.(if n/r)

  96. eyes closed ,dart thrown,what it is to be in this state,seems to have landed on [DONCASTER 2.10] PETERGATE.
    N/R (ling 5.05 hong kong joe).

  97. I am going to take a chance with this at Newbury 3.35 – Baroque Man currently 40/1 although I haven’t tipped it on my website it is looking good to be in with a chance

  98. Newbury 4.40 Obistar

    If non runner
    Wolverhampton 7.45 Luv U Whatever

    Obistar won his last race by 5 lengths. That was run over a furlong further than today, but the horse he beat has since won 2 chases. And that last time out effort gives him an ATR speed rating 33 points superior to today’s field.

  99. Some nice winners today, well done to Alex(8/1), Joseph(15/2), Henry(13/2), Sandra(5/1), Ian(3/1) and Peter RJ(2/1). A few backup winners as well, PaulH & Greg with the same 16/1 winner, Jose(15/2) and Gino(6/1). Things are very tight at the top with just 2 days to go:

    Colin +20.76
    Alex +19.75
    Henry +17.75
    George +15.44
    Martin +11.75
    Victor +9.60
    Peter R J +8.63
    Paul Hind +3.50
    Joseph +3.50

    1st race tomorrow at 2pm from Newbury.

  100. Afraid i’m not too adventurous in posting Out Now 4-25 Ludlow if abs Vodca Wells 5-00 Ludlow.
    The type of horses I have been posting are Dragon’s Den 3-30 Taun,Back Burner 4-15 South,Princess Tansy 5-35 Chelm andAlfie Spinner 3-20 Lud.
    I am going to ring Betfred now and have a £ lucky 15. If anyboby follows me,best of luck.

    1. Good winner for Alex today, but how could Out Now lose.10 yards from the line and just stopped. Lucky 15 won me 8-50

  101. If i knew i would tell ,but i don’t so i can’t,it’s a [SOUTHWELL 4.50] SECRET RECIPE.
    N/R (chelm 6.10 valentine’s gift).

  102. 3 winners today, and PaulH back with a bang, 10/1 & 11/2 backup. Martin(11/2) & Colin(11/8F) the others with winners, well done all. Another 2 backup winners from Garry(11/2) & Lee(4/1). PaulH back into profit and Martin up to 3rd:

    Colin +21.76
    George +16.44
    Martin +12.75
    Alex +11.75
    Henry +11.25
    Victor +10.60
    Peter R J +6.63
    Paul Hind +4.50

    1st race tomorrow at 1.50pm from Ludlow.

  103. Kempton 8.45 Misu Pete

    If non runner
    Banhor 2.55 Bobbits Way

    Misu Pete has been tipped up by 2 of my best systems and is the only selection today of what I regard as my main one. I’m also relying on him being able to repeat his improved last time out form when winning over course and distance, but he is essentially taking on maidens today. The 2 opponents who have won a race did so over 5 furlongs.

  104. While having another swig from my jug,i’ve only one thing to say to you clever sod’s who find winners [WINCANTON 4.10] BAHUMBUG.
    N/R (kemp 6.15 caerleon kate).

  105. 6 winners from todays tips, well done to Martin(12/1), Victor(6/1), Garry(4/1), Bob(9/4), Alan(11/8F) and George(5/4F). Unlucky for PaulH with a very close 20/1 2nd. 4 backup winners from Ian(5/1), Henry(7/2), George(7/5F, nice double) and Jarold(5/4F). Martin moves into profit and the top 7 on the leaderboard:

    Colin +20.38
    George +17.44
    Alex +12.75
    Henry +12.25
    Victor +11.60
    Peter R J +7.63
    Martin +7.25

    With Lingfield abandoned 1st race tomorrow is the 2.10pm from Wincanton.

  106. Not much takes my eye today. Going for The Happy Hammer 3-10 Ling if abs Magical Man 2-20 Leic.
    Got 2 tickets for Wetherby on Fri 27th March from Racing UK. If anyone’s interested in going with me, let me Know and I will get in touch.

  107. Be careful with that pepper ,i’m going to ah aahh aaahhh [ CATTERICK 2.00 ] IZBUSHKA.
    N/R (ling 3.40 lily edge).

  108. 2 doubles today the only winners, well done to George(8/1 & 8/11F) and Martin(9/4F & 11/4). George moves up to 2nd place:

    Colin +21.38
    George +16.19
    Alex +13.75
    Henry +13.25
    Peter R J +8.63
    Victor +5.60

    Racing gets underway tomorrow from Catterick at 2pm.

  109. Only one question today ,how much did CH pay lucy gardner !!! [wolverhampton 5.00 BOONGA ROGETA].
    N/R(ayr 2.20 arnis brack). good luck sandra!!.

      1. no wonder i been having a terrible time gardening lately with CH waving his massive wad about !! more like paxo than bisto i reckon. bad luck sandra !!

  110. Ayr 4.50 Little Glenshee

    If non runner
    Ayr 2.50 Island Confussion

    This represents a drop in class to the races Little Glenshee has been running in, having place form in class 1, 2, and 3 races. He’s running well finishing in the money in each of his last 6 races and he has winning form in this class