Fancy joining in our Monthly Tipping Competition? Keith has kindly offered to run the comp and I will donate a £20 free bet to the winner and £10 to the runner up each month!

Some great tipping last month! The winners of January were:

1st  Lee 20.25pts
2nd  Caroline 19.75pts

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP


755 thoughts on “Tipping Competition February”

  1. There was only one winner today – well done to Sandra.
    That being said means the top of the leaderboard was kept by Joseph, closely followed by Kaz, who had a great first month.

    1st = Joseph = 27.53
    2nd = Kaz = 25.08

    Jt 3rd was me and Palerider, who is just short of getting a prize on 25. So close – if only it was a normal length month…haha.

    Congratulations to the winners. It’s March 1st tomorrow so a new comp begins with the 13.10 at Lingfield.

    1-40 LINGFIELD


  3. My previous selection for today was a NR so I go with this one instead:
    2.10. Doncaster Easydoesit (IRE)

  4. I have put a double on two ‘late’ selections today (Midnight Chorister and Midnight Feast) so I am making one of these my choice for today –

    Lingfield 14.30 Midnight Chorister

  5. Well done to Woody for yesterday’s only winner and to Joseph and Johnz for today’s winners.
    It seems like everyone missed the 66/1 winner in the last race of today – who would ever have got on that one?

    So going into the last day, Joseph has increased his lead at the top –

    1st = Joseph = 28.53
    2nd = Kaz = 26.08

    First race from Lingfield at 13.30 tomorrow. Good luck all.

  6. I will post an update after tomorrow’s racing.

    An early selection for tomorrow as I’ll be at a funeral.

    Southwell 17.20 Repetition

  7. Things have just got even more interesting after today’s winners from Joseph and Lee (with pic). Well done to you two.

    It has suddenly become a 4 horse race – excuse the pun (it was intended :-))

    1st = Joseph = 28.15
    2nd = Kaz = 28.08
    Palerider = 28
    (Dean = 28)
    Ben = 17
    Ronaldoh = 5.75
    Peter RJ = 5
    Andrew/Lee (with pic) = 2.75
    JamesC = 1.5

    First race from Lingfield at 14.10 tomorrow.

  8. There are already some popular races today – Ling 15.30 has 4 different selections, Catt 15.50 has 4 different selections, 2 have chosen the same horse in 16.20 at Catt and there are 3 different selection in 16.30 at Ling.
    I won’t change the pattern so I am joining Johnz with –

    Leicester 16.40 Royal Riviera

  9. Well done to all the winners from yesterday and today.
    Ronaldoh and Ben both had 8/1 winners yesterday and there were 5 winners today – Ronaldoh in the first race (his 2nd in a row), Jarold in the last race (his 3rd in the comp) and then in the middle races were Sandra, Johng and Kaz (I just watched the replay and it came from nowhere – great selection).
    Also, if anyone gets time to watch the race talked about by Sandra and Graham (Exeter 16.50 on Friday 21st), then do so – I think Sandra may have helped her selection win by bribing a loose horse…haha 😉
    I’m gutted mine was a non-runner today – had it run and placed, it would have given me 6 out of 6 winning place bets today (but 5 out of 5 and a returned stake is not to be complained about).

    So, it’s all change again today, but couldn’t be any tighter with 4 days to go –

    1st = Kaz = 29.08
    2nd = Palerider = 29
    (Dean = 29)
    Joseph = 25.75
    Ben = 18
    Ronaldoh = 6.75
    Peter RJ = 6
    Andrew = 3.75
    JamesC = 2.5
    Lee (with pic) = Evs

    First race tomorrow is at 14.00 from Lingfield.

        1. Oh wow by 0.08 points. So close. I’m sure someone else will produce a big price
          winner in the next few days.

  10. I’ll put an update on later for yesterday and today.

    Tricky day for selections but going up against Paul, and although tempted by the price of Do More Business, I’m going for –

    Wolverhampton 18.00 Stanlow

    1. Hi just saw your reply many thank’s you can still see race on website no need to register or join,just click on results and last fridays date plus exeter scroll down to race and click watch.

      1. thanks very much will have a go when I have a minute, kids back to school now , best of luck Sandra xx

    1. well picked Ben , you were robbed on the S P ,I got 12/1 bet365 @ 1042hrs ,I was going to use it myself in the compo and changed my mind ,gut feeling, all the best Sandra xx

  11. As tempted as I am to follow Dean or Joseph, I am going to change my luck by going with the most ridiculously named out of my selections, hence:
    4.50 Font – Goochypoochyprader.

  12. Thanks for your comment Joseph and well done with your amazing selection today. Proves that there are some jockeys that are worth following.
    Most of my selections come from logic, others are a hunch or a fancy. I mainly focus on place betting (which I have an online blog for) so most of my selections come from those that qualify.

    Not sure I will be able to advise tomorrow so making another early selection based on a single ride from trainer and jockey again (same trainer as today’s selection by chance).

    Fontwell 4.20 Radetsky March

  13. A great day for tipping. 4 winners – a massive 28/1 from Joseph, which puts him in contention, Kaz has brought in another to continue a good month, Woody got his 2nd in a row and then there was me, at 12/1 – well done to all.

    So there is a change at the top –

    1st = Palerider = 31
    (Dean = 31)
    2nd = Joseph = 27.75
    Kaz = 22.58
    Ben = 11
    Peter RJ = 8
    Andrew = 5.75
    JamesC = 4.5
    Lee (with pic) = 2
    Colin = 0.8

    It’s still anyone’s chance.
    First race is from Towcester tomorrow at 14.00.

  14. Early selection for Saturday – Newcastle 17.00 Grove Silver (the only ride for both trainer and jockey tomorrow)

    1. well picked Dean, you amaze me sometimes with your ability to pick winners, and if you are wondering how I did it , one of my fav/jockey`s ,ONLY ride of the day, 28/1

      1. Great shouts from both of you! What a double that would have made!!! And I can’t find a winner anywhere at the moment – I will be watching your selections 😉

  15. Well done to Sandra and Woody for their wins today. Unfortunately, although at good odds, they haven’t got either of you into profit so there isn’t any change at the top of the leaderboard.

    1st = Palerider = 32
    2nd = Kaz = 20.58

    First race is from Chepstow at 13.20 tomorrow.

    1. Don’t know if you watch the race but you are one lucky girl !!
      not bitter in anyway but nodebateaboutit was 4th leg in my lucky (ha)31 this afternoon (other 3 won).
      if you haven’t seen race check out finish on racing uk website
      mite be on morning line today (saturday)
      hope you bought lottery tickets today we share winnings tomorrow ha!!!!
      similar thing happen to me in last year foxhunters race at cheltenham if you remember the race.

      1. Sorry Graham missed it , I see there was a 25l gap , so busy , school hols ect , and I always treat it as my bit of fun ,trying to beat the bookie, good luck, love Sandra xx

  16. I was not able to update last night as I could not connect to the website but there was only one winner yesterday – Henry – his first in the comp, on day 20 and at 20/1, so leaving a profit of +1 – well done Henry.

    Hopefully there’ll be more winners today so I’ll update later.

    Today’s selection – Lingfield 15.00 Hinton Admiral

  17. There weren’t any winners yesterday so there was no need to post an update.

    My selection today – Sedgefield 16.00 Arc Warrior

  18. Well done to Joseph and Peter RJ for being the only winners today.
    What is strange is that Joseph won today with the selection that Peter RJ had an unlucky 2nd with yesterday 🙂

    So no changes at the top, just more profit added for both Joseph and Peter RJ –

    1st = Palerider = 35
    2nd = Kaz = 23.58
    (Dean = 22)
    Ben = 15
    Peter RJ = 12
    Andrew = 9.75
    JamesC = 8.5
    Lee (with pic) = 6
    Colin = 4.8
    Graham = 3
    Joseph = 2.75
    Ronaldoh = 1
    Johnz = Evs

    First race is from Lingfield at 13.30 tomorrow.

  19. I should be going with Harris Hawk today, but I am going with logic over naming today and matching Lee’s choice to go up against our leader Palerider 🙂

    Taunton 16.15 The Happy Warrior

  20. A small profit from 1st picks today:

    4 winners, 28.6% and +0.5pts.

    2 winners from 2nd picks and -6.25pts.

  21. What a great couple of days of tipping.
    Let me start with the amazing 40/1 from Palerider yesterday. From 2 winners in the comp, 51pts profit has been made.
    In addition to Palerider winning yesterday were Peter RJ (2nd in a row), Andrew and Me (with the same selection).

    Onto today and just when I thought it was going to be a blank one, 2 big priced selections came in from 2 of the last 3 races.
    Colin won with 16/1 for his 3rd in the comp and Graham got his first winner, a whopping 20/1.
    Well done to all on both days.

    Things have just got interesting with only 11 days left of Feb –

    1st = Palerider = 36
    2nd = Kaz = 24.58
    (Dean = 23)
    Ben = 16
    Andrew = 10.75
    JamesC = 9.5
    Peter RJ = 8
    Lee (with pic) = 7
    Colin = 5.8
    Graham = 4
    Ronaldoh = 2
    Johnz = 1
    Kev = Evs

    (With all this profit, 147.63pts, taken from the total selections put up each day, if we bet on everyone’s advice, discounting the non-selections and late selections, we’d only be at a loss of -8.95pts – it could be a great month if a few more big prices come in).

    First race is at 13.45 from Wetherby tomorrow.

  22. My apologies for not posting an update yesterday. I was out all day then got some bad news about a death in the family.

    I’ll update tonight.

    Today’s selection – Wolverhampton 15.15 The Blue Dog

      1. I had been knocking on the door with a couple of big price horses before and today I finally hit a big winner. Only put a tenner on it but still great to win 400 pounds on a Sunday. This is the biggest winner I ever found on my own. I hit the grand national winner last year but that was a tip from someone else 🙂 I know none will have followed this tip since I wasnt even on the board but it is nice to at least put my name on the top list 🙂

  23. Not sure I’ll be able to get my selection in tomorrow so making it now –

    Market Rasen 14.20 Run Ructions Run

  24. Well done to Peter RJ today with the only winner.

    So not much changes after today, except Peter RJ produced more profit this month –

    1st = Kaz = 26.58
    (Dean = 22.5)
    2nd = Ben = 18
    JamesC = 11.5
    Andrew = 10.25
    Lee (with pic) = 9
    Peter RJ = 7
    Ronaldoh = 4
    Johnz = 3
    Kev = 2
    Joseph = 0.25

    First race is at Kempton tomorrow, 13.30.

  25. Three 2nds in four days 4/1 6/1 16/1[photo] just about sums up my luck lately. Bourne 3-15 Ascot today

  26. Things have just got interesting with another change at the top of the leaderboard due to another win from Kaz at 8/1, and Andrew at 9/2. Well done guys.

    1st = Kaz = 27.58
    (Dean = 23.5)
    2nd = Ben = 19
    JamesC = 12.5
    Andrew = 11.25
    Lee (with pic) = 10
    Ronaldoh = 5
    Johnz = 4
    Peter RJ/Kev = 3
    Joseph = 1.25

    It’s all still to play for, starting with the first race tomorrow at 13.20 from Wincanton, providing the 7.30am inspection gives the all clear.

  27. Just a quick update to the leaderboard from yesterday because I overlooked a big winner from Lee (with picture) from Wednesday because it was a dead heat at 14/1 – well done Lee, my apologies for missing a great priced selection.

    (Dean = 24.5)
    1st = Ben = 20
    2nd = Kaz = 19.58
    JamesC = 13.5
    Lee (with pic) = 11
    Andrew = 6.75
    Ronaldoh = 6
    Johnz = 5
    Peter RJ/Kev = 4
    Joseph = 2.25

  28. I know I am late but as my selection doesn’t count towards the competition I want to give it anyway.

    Wolverhampton 18.35 Magika

  29. Dean,
    Don’t mean to be churlish but I believe that I ALS had the winner on Wednesday with Shannon haven
    Dead heating at 14/1

    Fakenham 1.15 county zen

    1. My apologies Lee. I saw it on the day but overlooked it when checking the results yesterday.
      You are correct and this has put you back in contention.
      A great selection at a great price.

  30. Well done to all the winners from the past 2 days. It has made things very interesting as now we have many contenders this month.
    Yesterday’s winners were – Andrew, Kev and Joseph (2 in a row)
    Today’s winners were – Ronaldoh, Johnz, Lee (with picture) and, with his first in this months comp at a whopping 11/1, Palerider (after coming so close with some big priced 2nd’s).

    We don’t have any changes at the top of the leaderboard but we have a lot more people in profit than usual –

    (Dean = 24.5)
    1st = Ben = 20
    2nd = Kaz = 19.58
    JamesC = 13.5
    Andrew = 6.75
    Ronaldoh = 6
    Johnz = 5
    Peter RJ/Kev = 4
    Joseph = 2.25

    Get your selections in before 13.15 tomorrow, as that’s the first race from Fakenham.

  31. I had to work late last night so sorry for not posting an update. I have caught up so tonight will be a relaxed one and I will post an update after today’s racing.

    My selection today is –

    Leicester 15.40 Noble Legend

  32. 2:10 Leicester – Little Jimmy (course inspection at 0745hrs, so if Leicester is called off i’ll go for 2:25 Kelso – Rockawango)

  33. Some good winners today means there are 3 main contenders fighting for top spot.
    Well done to JamesC (2nd in a row) and Kaz (with the same selection), Joseph, Sandra and Paul.

    There is no change at the top but the points are close –

    (Dean = 26.5)
    1st = Ben = 22
    2nd = Kaz = 21.58
    JamesC = 15.5
    Peter RJ/Andrew = 6
    Ronaldoh = 3

    First race is from Lingfield at the same time of 13.30 tomorrow.

  34. Fancy Millers Reef and Gansey at Ayr but going for a value bet at Southwell, Yasir is my bet in the 3-40.

  35. Harrys Whim is a contender as my choice with the big odds, but I have chosen to oppose Woody instead 🙂

    Ayr 16.30 Railway Dillon

        1. Great result Paul. I had it down as a lay but it won well.
          You did confuse me when you removed your surname but I gathered from the high priced selections you were the same person (and that you put a selection up twice under both names a couple of days ago).

          Sandra, not sure who Richard is. No selections from him in Jan or Feb.

          1. Richard known on post as dickie was also a fair tipster ,so was SPOCK ,as are you. must be a bit b4 your time but I think Richard told PAUL at one time, he ( PAUL) was the master ,and when he get`s going watch out . xx Sandra

  36. Some juicy winners today. 11/2 from JamesC, 5/1 from Jarold and Ben and a big 16/1 from Andrew.
    Well done all.

    Ben is cementing his place at the top with another winner and the leaderboard is as follows –

    (Dean = 27.5)
    1st = Ben = 23
    2nd = Kaz = 13.58
    JamesC = 7.5
    Peter RJ/Andrew = 7
    Ronaldoh = 4

    Lingfield has been abandoned already but the first race is from Southwell at 13.30 tomorrow.

  37. George Fenton withdrawn at start, Dean. Don,t suppose you’ll let me swop to Lieutenant Dan

    1. Hey Colin,
      This is for Keith to confirm if it would have been a valid change or not.
      Unfortunately, it’s a minus point either way as GF was WD and LD was unplaced.

  38. Choice of 2 today – Blake Dean or Harris.

    I think there will be an upset in both races so I’m going with the outsider of the 2 –

    Catterick 14.50 HARRIS

  39. Tempted to get on the leaderboart with Lieutenant Dan[5-30] but I’ll stick with my brain and go for one stuck on ie George Fenton 3-00 Wolves.

  40. Well done to all the winners this weekend.
    Saturday – Dean, Kaz and Kev
    Sunday – Kaz (2 in a row), Peter RJ (big 16/1), Colin and Lee (without the pic).

    No changes in the leaderboard but Peter RJ has leapt into contention –

    (Dean = 28.5)
    1st = Ben = 18
    2nd = Kaz = 14.58
    Peter RJ = 8
    Ronaldoh = 5
    JamesC = 2
    Johnz/Kev = Evs

    Plumpton has the first race at 13.35 tomorrow, if it passes the 7.30am inspection.

        1. Thanks for changing your selection Woody. We don’t accept Irish racing – UK only.
          Your selection on Feb 2nd was also Irish and did not count. I did put a little note on for you afterwards just to let you know.

          Good luck today – may your selection imperially lead the race 🙂

  41. I’ll put an update for Saturday & Sunday on the site after Sundays racing.

    My selection for Sunday (unfortunately not Unowhatimeanharry or Harry Partridge…haha) is –
    Southwell 14.35 Hot Right Now

  42. I am making an early selection and hoping Newbury passes the inspection (although it’s not far from where I live and it’s pretty flooded around here).

    Newbury 14.25 Harry Topper (keeping with the naming association – should have kept to this and gone with Harry’s Farewell today…it’s only slightly different to my name, haha).

  43. Only a couple of winners today – another biggie from Ronaldoh at 7/1 and consistent Colin is back, a shortie but a good one despite not having time to research. Well done guys.

    It seems I was unlucky with the reverse forecast in the 13.30 but both the fave and my selection placed just like I said they would.

    There were no changes at the top of the leaderboard but Ronaldoh has just put himself in contention –

    (Dean = 26)
    1st = Ben = 20
    2nd = Kaz = 8.5
    Ronaldoh = 7
    JamesC = 4
    Johnz = 2

    First race is from Newbury at 13.20 tomorrow, pending a 7am inspection, as is Warwick.

    Have a good weekend all.

  44. I’m going for the upset in the first (and against Andrew, sorry mate) –
    Kempton 13.30 Santo Thomas
    (according to my research both should place anyway so maybe a reverse forecast :-))

  45. 2nd with a 20/1 yesterday 🙁 I will keep trying with the bigger odds:

    Monsieur Pontaven 8.00. Wolverhampton

  46. Sorry for the late update today and what an update it is.
    We had 3 winners – 2 very high and the other very short.
    Well done to me (with a 20/1 longshot – it’s all in the name…haha. Thanks for the comment Sandra) and Ben (with his 2nd in a row and 25pts in total from them both) and Jarold (just unlucky it was only a 2 horse race – but a win is a win).

    Another turnaround at the top of the leaderboard already –

    (Dean = 27pts)
    1st = Ben = 21
    2nd = Kaz = 9.5
    JamesC = 5
    Johnz = 3
    Ronaldoh = Evs

    Bangor and Newcastle have been abandoned for Friday, so the first race is scheduled for 13.30 at Kempton.

  47. Well done to the winners of today – Ben, Ronaldoh and Joseph with 9/1, 5/1 and 4/1 respectively.
    It’s made things tighter at the top.

    1st = Kaz = 10.5
    (Dean = 7)
    2nd = JamesC = 6
    Ben = 5
    Johnz = 4
    Ronaldoh = 1
    JohnG = 0.83

    There is a 7am inspection at Huntingdon tomorrow and if it stays on, the first race is at 13.10 there. If not, then Doncaster will have the first race at 13.20. Get those selections in by 13.10 just in case though.

  48. Hi guys I’m posting this again as my original post stating that I would send all future posts as Lee A
    went on as ‘waiting for modification’ and now seems to have disappeared off the site. With that in
    Mind I think I’ll leave things as they are for the time being

    Carlisle 4.00 bob’s world

  49. 350 (ludlow) Home for Tea 100/1
    If I win this by some kind of miracle you can kiss the competition goodbye he he.

  50. Some good winners today. Well done to Kaz (2nd win in the comp already), JamesC (2 in a row already), Johnz and Lee.

    The leaderboard is as follows –

    1st = Kaz = 11.5
    (Dean = 8)
    2nd = JamesC = 7
    Johnz = 5
    JohnG = 1.83
    Lee = 1

    First race tomorrow is from Carlisle at 13.20.

  51. I have tried posting in here the las two days but got message saying waiting for moderator approval, I now know what I done wrong I tried to put my name as leet instead of lee, as being as there was another lee it might get confusing!

    Shall wait till next month now as I will be minus points unless there is way for someone to find my posts?

    1. Hi Lee,
      Don’t give up yet. We are only 4 days in and at least a 5/1 return tomorrow gets you back on track. Most of the competitors will be unlucky to not have any winners so they will be the same as you.

      I will make sure I don’t confuse you with the other Lee so post a selection tomorrow.

  52. I am going with another in-form trainer and jockey partnership, despite it being a new runner and there being in-form horses in the same race, but it’s worth the risk –

    Southwell 14.40 Incurs Four Faults

  53. So the most popular race of the day was won by no one despite 5 selections from 6 people – and we all missed a 16/1 winner.

    Well done to the winners of today – Sandra and JamesC – making a little change in the early leaderboard –

    (Dean = 9)
    1st = Kaz = 8
    2nd = JamesC
    JohnG = 2.83

    First race tomorrow is from Southwell again at the slightly later time of 13.10.

  54. my horse is now a NR Im not sure if I am allowed to post another one but here it goes I hope it qualifies:

    440 wol Penbryn

  55. This is a message for WOODY, when making today’s selection –

    Please remember your selection must be from the UK racing. Your selection yesterday was at Punchestown which is Irish racing and did not count.


  56. I promised you an update tonight and here it is.
    2 winners on Saturday – JohnG and Greg – put them at the top of the leaderboard on day 1 – but it all changed on day 2.
    Well done to today’s winners, who were JohnG (with his 2nd in a row), Kaz (a nice 10/1) and Me (a slightly better 11/1).

    So I am at the top but as I am not a part of the comp, I don’t count towards the prizes (it’s just for fun for me) –

    (Dean = 10)
    1st = Kaz = 9
    2nd = JohnG = 3.83

    First race is at 12.45 from Southwell tomorrow.

  57. Bags Of Boodle 12.15 Vaal (SA)
    (Win and Each Way) 02/02/2014 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 15/4 Won
    Best Odds applied, price updated to SP.
    2 Tuscon Dream 12.50 Vaal (SA)
    (Win and Each Way) 02/02/2014 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 5/1 To Run
    3 Sky Rise

  58. Dangerous Age @ 9/4
    Star Up In The Sky @ 5/2
    Monetary Fund @ 9/2
    Funny Star @ 11/4
    Lucky 15, 15 bets *

  59. Volito @ 8/1
    Nave @ 14/1
    Hellbender @ 5/1
    Trebles, 1 bet * £0.80 02/02/2014 00:21:01 0.80 0.00

    Volito @ 8/1
    Nave @ 14/1
    Hellbender @ 5/1
    Doubles, 3 bets * £0.40 02/02/2014 00:21:01 1.20 0.00

    Hellbender @ 5/1
    £1.00 Single 02/02/2014 00:21:01 1.00 0.00

    Nave @ 14/1
    £1.00 Single 02/02/2014 00:21:01 1.00 0.00

    Volito @ 8/1
    £1.00 Single 02/02/2014 00:21:01 1.00 0.00

    Upepito @ 6/4
    Broughton @ 7/4
    Call Box @ 5/2
    Trebles, 1 bet * £2.00 02/02/2014 00:16:34 2.00 0.00

    Upepito @ 6/4
    Broughton @ 7/4
    Call Box @ 5/2

  60. Mister Dillon @ 5/1
    Medieval Chapel @ 6/1
    Adeupas D’ycy @ 5/1
    Ericht @ 2/1
    Lucky 15, 15 bets * £0.50

  61. Sorry for not posting an update yesterday. Could not get on my PC yesterday evening
    to start on Feb selections.
    Will hopefully get to do it later today.

    My selection today is Musselburgh 16.00 That’s Rhythm

  62. Cant believe it, a winner on the first day even though it was only 4/5 so its all down hill here on in i expect
    Well done to the winners for January and well done Dean for running it so well.
    My tip for tomorrow is
    2-50 KEMP LUTINE CHARLIE ive got to stick with it because it owes me bundles

  63. Hi no prob with you running feb tip comp didn’t get time to post today will start tomorrow Dean

  64. No worries guys! My post would have been on time but I was having problems with the website again.
    But the rules are clear and rules are rules. Well done caroline

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