• 1.Muss 220 Arganil 3/1 WIN
  • 2.Tow 240 Cecily Parsley 2/1 WIN
  • 3.Plum 300 Sawago 5/1 WIN
  • 4.Tow 340 Verteux 15/2 (E/W)
  • 5.Plum 435 Ugo 11/8 WIN
  • 6.Muss 455 Chapellerie 20/1 (Place/ E/W)

For those who are interested you can back these selections at level stakes and continue until you lose, the most you will ever lose is your starting stake

Example 1 205 Kemp Nazreef £10 @ 11/1 = £110
240 Kemp Soorah £10 @ 3/1 LOST (Stop for the day)
£110 - £ 10 =£100 for the day

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23 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips – Sunday 8th April”

  1. Hi Gal

    Yeah luck was not with us today, I had a lot of hope for Arganil & really thought Chapellerie would at least place @ a decent price but it was not to be,But the trick is not to get dis heartened I may get a 16/1 shot in tomorrow!!

    Cecily Parsley done the job well but not at a great price,But a winner is a winner!!

    Bring on tomorrow!!!

  2. Unlucky with a couple today I feel Ray! Arganil who reared in the stalls and tossed the pilot off! Chapellerie who fel out of the stalls and never recovered! Cecily Parsley won well with a good ride from Tom O’Brien.

  3. Cheers Guys

    (Grand National Day is just a fun day for me,So no serious picks from myself)

    Im a Racing enthusiast, I dont claim to be anything else to be honest, Ive a passion for this wonderful Sport and enjoy everything about it and love everyday of it


    Here’s a bit about me

    Im 33 an ex Pest Control Technician from London who has started to make a living from my betting from August last year

    To make a success in your betting its the old cliche Im afraid, Lots of Hard Work & plenty of Research,The winners are there It’s just finding them!!

    What you will find with my selections,Not all of them will win but the ones that do are normally a decent price,We can all tip 11/10,5/4 &4/6 favs,Blimey my Dog can do that Lol,It takes a little more than that to find the bigger winners

    So the search can be long…..

    But I actually enjoy the search!!


  4. Good START RAY AND I WILL be betting small potatoes just to get in profit
    after being skint for easter.
    Have to got anything for Grand National 14th APRIL AND THE SCOOP 6
    PRIZES.Are you a casual plyer and punter or a professional trainer,
    writer or enthusiast .We dont know anything about your job!!

  5. Your Comments1st time i have had any tips ..and sorry to say i read my e.mails late saturday and missed some good winners …today i wish you all good luck …i think i will do a lucky 15 on the short priced ones and a small e.w…on the ew one… thanks ray…

  6. Scooter

    Depends on your style of betting mate, Yesterday our first one dropped in @ 11/1 therefore its advised to stop for the day!! But all depends on your style,you dont have to but in order to stay in profit its advised

    However using level stakes you can play right through the six until you hit a losing selection,If the first selection loses its up to you,you can stop or carry on and then stopping at you next losing selection,See top of page for yesterdays example

    Hope that helps buddy


  7. Verteux has been taken out of the 340 Towcaster!! Another bloody non runner (Not Impressed)

    Due to Verteux being a non runner i will turn my attention to Marju King currently trading @ 12/1 E/W (Advised)

  8. Hi Steve,I back all my selections on Friday afternoons in order to get the bigger prices on Betfair, But I only do this for Saturdays racing

    Hi Willy,
    Its entirely up to you Willy depending on how much your willing to bet,Sometimes I ignore the first loss and start again,But everyone is different in there approach,so it would be entirely up to you if you wanted to carry on or not

    Hi Paul
    In order to get the bigger prices you will need an account with Betfair, The prices are normally bigger,
    and can sometimes be massive the night before a race

    Hi Dave
    Yes pretty much mate, As I mentioned everyone has there own style,You don’t have to stop at the first if it loses It just depends on the individual

    Hope that helps guys

    Best Of Luck


  9. If i understand this correctly then if the first horse loses the other 5 could all win but you would not have any money on them

  10. Hi Ray good luck tomorrow your 2 e/w shots are currently 10-1 for Verteux and 33-1 for Chapellerie on 365!

  11. Great start Ray!

    One question. You say you stop at first loss. How would you have got the 25/1 on Mehdi yesterday without betting before you knew the outcome of the previous races?

    To get the early prices surely you must have to place all of the selections the night before?