Saturdays Selections That I will personally be playing

Ling 200 Bronze Prince
New 210 Cambourne (nb)
New 245 Vittachi
Aint 250 Rock On Ruby (NAP)
Aint 325 Chapturgeon (treble)
New 355 Cyflymder
Ling 5:15 Prince Of Sorrento
Ling 5:45 Prohibition
PS Killyglen for the national!!
Best Of Luck

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6 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips – Saturday 14th April”

  1. Well! So many experts and so many losers. You are all betting for the sake of betting and trying to be clever. You are all fools

  2. might as well give you the rest of my system tipp american cricketer/loose performer/ rising time…the big freeze/cullahill/lambro lad see how thay go if all win week off work if loose 2/10 monday lol

  3. got a system been doing ok 6/1 11/2 11/4 /6/1 2nd 3 winners last week to days tipps famouse name ,light heavy /ew strandfield lady be lucky

  4. God I HATE Aintree!!

    You taking the Mick Jonny Lol,I like a couple of them especially On His Own for a Place,But decided to stick to my guns,Junior,Shakalkaboom & Killyglen

    I reckon if I can just get one decent winner my Luck will turn

    As they say The Tide has just got to turn!!

  5. Some nice selections there Ray!
    Here are 5 for today.
    Chep 3.10 Lady Bridget
    Chep 3.45 Victors Serenade
    Ling 4.45 Bartolomeu
    Ling 5.15 Prince of Sorrento
    Newc 3.55 Beachwood Bay
    Three for Aintree.
    4.15 On His Own, E.W
    5.05 Dream Esteem, E.W

    5.35 Devon Drum
    Good Luck for today. Johnny D